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CVS commit: pkgsrc/multimedia/mediainfo

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   schmonz
Date:           Sat Feb 23 02:33:46 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/multimedia/mediainfo: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.7.62. From the changelog:

Version 0.7.62, 2012-02-22
+ ARIB STD B24/B37 caption detection (both Japanese and Brazilian versions)
+ LXF: support of AVC, VC-3, MPEG audio, AC-3, Dolby E, and AAC detection and 
+ AC-3: support of 22.05 kHz streams (out of specs but they exist)
+ MOV: AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) scan type detection
+ MOV: support of AVID metadata (interlacement information)
+ Time code dedicated tracks (MOV, MXF, GXF)
+ Time code track (MPEG-4/MOV, GXF, MXF)
+ Time code in SDTI (MXF)
+ Time code in System scheme 1 (MXF)
+ Time code in SMPTE RP 188 (aka SMPTE ST 12-2 aka ATC aka VANC) (GXF, LXF, MXF)
+ Time code in SMPTE RP 196 (aka HANC)
+ MPEG Video Time code
+ MPEG-TS: format_identifier, pointer_field, section_length (hidden by default)
+ CEA-608/708: caption detection duration is increased to 15 seconds (or 64 MB) 
in order to miss less caption content
+ Image files as a video stream: file name of the last file
x #727, MOV: crash with some malformed files (Time scale set to 0)
x #728, AAC: crash with some malformed streams
x #681, AVI: was not analyzing VBR streams without bit rate info in header
x #736: Division by 0 with 0-byte files
x Id3v2: crash with some malformed tags
x Bit rate display was "0 bps" if the real bit rate is more than 4 Gbps
x Division by 0 in case of 0 byte long file
x MPEG-4: wrong muxing mode information in case of A/53 captions in MPEG Video 
in MOV
x P2 Clip: wrong uppercase/lowercase in the file name of source files.
x MOV: PCM endianness was sometimes wrong
x MPEG-4: JPEG interlacement was sometimes wrong
x MPEG Video: wrong DAR information in case of DAR change between begin and end 
of the file

Version 0.7.61, 2012-10-22
+ MPEG-TS: SCTE 35 and KLV streams are better displayed (in Menu part)
+ MPEG-TS: Menu part contains the list of PID with unknown format
+ MPEG-TS: Menu part lists PID in the PMT order instead of increasing order
+ Display of both container and stream scan type and scan order
+ DV100: scan order
+ MXF: scan order
+ MPEG-TS: Maximum and minimum overal bit rate (only if parse speed is set to 1)
+ MPEG-TS, MPEG-S, MXF, AVI, WM: StreamOrder field added
+ MXF: better support of malformed VANC streams
+ MPEG Video: improved detection of the GOP (more frames are used), "Variable" 
+ MPEG-PS: FirstPacketOrder info added
+ SkipBinaryData option
x #3564456, Matroska: some (other) streams were wrongly detected sa VFR
x #3570092, Id3v2: support of old COM and ULT fields
x CEA-708: crash with some malformed streams
x MPEG-TS: crash when PCR is corrupted (same value at different offsets)
x QuickTIme: wrong channel count report in case of buggy chan atom. Now the 
stream description has priority over chan atom
x E-AC-3: duration was wrong in some cases
x Matroska: random wrong analysis in case of SimpleBlock mode
x #3574436, MOV: hang on files having buggy "alis" atom
x MPEG-TS: bit rate mode detection was sometimes too much strict about CBR
x DV: wrong detection in case of buggy audio header (if present and set to 0xFF)
x MPEG-4: crash in case of buggy aperture size atom
x MediaInfo_Const.h was missing in the DLL package for Mac
x MPEG-PS: detection of phantom streams
x WAV: detection of malformed >4GB WAV files was no more working
x DTS: computing bit rate from frame size instead of targeted transmission rate
x DTS: setting the bit rate to "unknown" for Master Audio instead of 
instantaneous bit rate
x DTS: Display of endianess and word size was not coherent

Version 0.7.60, 2012-09-02
+ MPEG-TS/PS: improved detection of buggy time stamps
+ DPX: color primaries and transfer characteristics
+ MPEG-TS: Added support of scrambled streams without 
transport_scrambling_control bit set (e.g. PlayReady)
+ MPEG-TS: Name of some scrambling algorithms
+ MPEG-TS: detection of CBR/VBR at container level
+ MPEG Video: better detection of variable GOP
+ MPEG-TS: average, minimum, maximum PCR distance (hidden by default and you 
must parse the whole file with --ParseSpeed=1 option)
x Matroska: some streams were wrongly detected sa VFR
x #3538378, XML output: invalid characters, now if there is an invalid 
character, data is transported in base64
x LXF: wrong video bit rate with some files
x AC-3/E-AC-3: hang up with some Little Endian streams
x AAC: wrong min and max bit rate in case of partial (default) parsing, 
disabling it
x AVC: crash or hang up with some malformed/scrambled streams
x Opus: wrong duration in case of non-48kHz stream
x MOV: 25 fps + drop frame time codes were not handled correctly

Version 0.7.59, 2012-08-08
+ License: Switched back to LGPLv2+Exceptions
+ #3555183, PCX support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3555182, PSD support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3555181, Matroska: ALAC detection, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3540425, OGG/MKV: Opus speech format support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
+ #3531808, AVI: detecting more inconsistencies in stream durations
+ GXF: crash with Time code tracks without frame rate info
+ MPEG-4: stream order (hidden by default), in order to provide the same 
numbers as mkvtoolnix 5.2+ Track ID
+ QuickTime: default channel map is "L R" for stereo streams (as it seems to be 
in QuickTime player)
+ MPEG-4: support of WMA (version 1, version 2, Pro, Lossless) in MPEG-4
+ FLV: handling of metadata with an underscore before the real metadata name
+ MXF: support of files with header missing TrackNumber in the descriptor (if 
it is present only in footer)
+ MXF: Language from DMS-1
+ ProRes: analysis of the ProRes raw stream (including scan order for 
interlaced content)
+ colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients: 
canonicalization of results
+ MPEG-4 Visual: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
+ ProRes: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
+ GIF: Display Aspect Ratio
x #3533984, different behavior depending of compilation options (so Linux 
version was missing some info)
x MPEG-4: audio/video delay was wrong in case of negative delay
x CEA-608: Memory leaks removed
x AVC: crash in case of analyzing some invalid SEI
x MPEG Audio: crash with some files having Lyrics 2 tags
x MPEG Audio: crash with some files having APE tags
x AVI: secondary genre comes after primary genres in the "Genre" field
x FLV: better handling of files containing more than 1 meta chunk
x MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: was aborting during full parsing in the case of very damaged 
x Vorbis: infinite loop if codebook_entries>=256
x Id3v2: crash with some unsynchronized frames, especially with UTF-16 comments
x Id3v2: Wrong mime type of covers
x MPEG-PS: crash in case of language info in descriptors
x Java binding: crash with MediaInfo::Inform() (Windows 32-bit only)
x MPEG-TS: false-positive in case of some MPEG-4 files with wrong extension
x FLV: crash in some specific cases (malformed files)
x 3548314, MVC: Scan type was wrong with MVC-only (without the underlying AVC 
stream) stream
x 3553588, MPLS: stream duration was wrong with standalone (without the 
referenced M2TS) files
x 3553588, MPLS: incoherent behavior with MPLS having more than one PlayListItem
x 3554154, MPEG-TS: crash with some corrupted streams
x MOV: all EIA/CEA-608 captions were not well detected
x Matroska: Trying to better detect VFR streams, frame rate was wrong in case 
of interlaced content

Version 0.7.58, 2012-05-28
+ AC-3: Little Endian streams support
+ LXF: AVC streams support
+ ISM: better support
+ File referencing other files (HLS, ISM...): menu in case there is more than 1 
stream per referenced file
+ MPEG-TS: option for keeping streams detected at the beginning then disabled 
in a an update of the PMT (activated by default)
+ MPEG-PS: program_map_section support for uncommon streams embedded in MPEG-PS
x Referenced files (MXF, HLS, MOV, P2, XDCAM...): issues with source name, 
track order, files size
x MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: regression, some files with AC-3/DTS/DVD subtitles were not 
well analyzed anymore
x MPEG-4 channel mapping: Lt and Rt (matrix-encoded) channel mapping were 
x GXF: handling of buggy files having non-PCM AES3 codec identifier but 
actually having PCM
x MPEG-4: better support of MPEG-4 files having corrupted metadata atom
x 3529510, EIA/CEA-708: was not detected if the stream was not present at the 
beginning, thanks to Pete Chapman

Version 0.7.57, 2012-05-02
+ #3513490, Vorbis comment (Flac, Ogg): more tags are supported
+ XML-based formats (P2, XDCAM, DCP, ISM, HLS...): support of UTF-16 encoding
+ MPEG-4: for buggy PCM, prioritizing the codec ID "in24" = 24-bit against the 
bit depth field
x #3516900, Vorbis comment (Flac, Ogg): trying to do better mapping of 
x MXF: wrong video frame count in some cases
x #3517374, GCC 4.7: compilation issues removal, thanks to SpepS
x MPEG-PS: some files were not well demuxed so analysis was sometimes wrong 
(especially macroblock parsing)

Version 0.7.56, 2012-04-08
+ Better support of machines lacking of std::stringstream
+ Better support of machines requesting explicit stdc++ library link option 
(e.g. some ARM embedded devices)
x #3515515, MPEG-4: crash with MPEG-4 container + H264/AVC video stream
x #3515393, MPEG Audio: infinite loop (freeze) with some files
x #3514677, Video: Well known 1.85:1 display aspect ratio was incorrectly 
displayed as 16:9
x #3513908, File interface: No output if filename contain a colon
x #3515893, MPEG-4: some specific files were not detected
x AVI: infinite loop (freeze) with some files (having index containing 0-sized 
x AVC: memory leaks
x libcurl support: libcurl config from MediaInfo is compatible with 
x #3515857, CLI only: --LogFile carriage return format was not the one of the OS

Version 0.7.55, 2012-04-05
+ AC-3: support of little endian streams
+ LXF: support of format version 0
+ HLS: support of .m3u8 index and sequence referencing a bunch of MPEG-TS files
+ MPEG-4: Added support of glbl atom and corresponding 4CC (ai12, ai15, ai1q, 
+ MPEG-4: Added detection of files with mx5p files wrongly filled with raw MPEG 
Video instead of MXF
+ MPEG-TS: Detection of 20-bit Dolby E even if the SMPTE 302 M header is set to 
x #3513490, Id3v2: mapping of "Encoded by" and "Encoding library" is conform to 
the specs now
x MXF: hang up with some clip-wrapped files
x MPEG-4: AVC-100 bit rate was not coherent depending of the container (MPEG-4 
or MXF)
x reVTMD output is disabled due to its non-free (point of view of FSF and DFSG) 

Version 0.7.54, 2012-03-13
+ #3480111, Matroska: parsing of WebM-style frame rate info
+ #3499859, ALAC: parsing of the alac atom, for real bit depth / sample rate
+ #3487601, DV: fields order (TFF/BFF)
+ MPEG-4: more video 4CCs binded to MPEG Video
+ H.263: raw stream parsing (width, height, aspect ratio), comparison with 
container data
+ Speed improvements
+ MPEG-PS: supporting parsing of some non-conform files
+ Full support of CEA-608 (separation of CC1-CC4, T1-T4)
+ #3494722, MPEG-4: trying to detect wrong duration in track header
+ MPEG-4 with embedded MXF track (XDCAM...): separation of video bitrate and 
padding bitrate
+ Compound streams (e.g. DV): separation of video bitrate and audio bitrate
+ Blu-ray: LPCM mono real bit rate is separated from the encoded (stereo) bit 
+ Support of https, sftp scp protocols (custom builds only)
+ AVI: vprp (OpenDML) display aspect ratio support
x #3480111, Matroska: some frame rates are incorrect in the file, trying to 
detect this kind of malformed file
x #3479494, AVC: segmentation fault
x #3440638, AAC: wrong detection for some malformed AAC streams
x #3440638, MPEG-4: wrong analysis of some files having track header after 
media information
x #3480111, MXF: Height was wrong for MXF with FrameLayout = Mixed fields
x #3468235, Blu-ray: displaying PGS in all cases (even if PES is not detected, 
they are too much rare)
x #3498846, MPEG-4: delay between audio and video was no more detected
x #3495573, MPEG-4: crash with some files having fragments
x MPEG-4: channel position in case of channel atom is configured with 
x MPEG-TS: crash with some buggy files (a PID indicated as PSI and PES at the 
same time)
x AES3: not detecting Dolby E stream if there is guard band before the Dolby E 
frame, in MPEG-TS
x DPX: some files with some invalid fields were not detected
x DTVCC Captions: crash with some buggy streams

Version 0.7.53, 2012-01-24
+ DV: option for ignoring transmitting flags (TF1/TF2/TF3) (DLL and CLI only)
+ Matroska: ProRes detection
+ MPEG-4: official DTS CodecIDs (dtsc/dtsh/dtsl/dtse) support, thanks to Lionel 
+ Matroska: stream order (hidden by default), in order to provide the same 
numbers as mkvtoolnix 5.2+ Track ID
+ #3471516, BLu-ray: wrong channel count for mono/3-channel/5-channel/7-channel 
PCM streams
+ AVI: ISMP (SMPTE Time code), Tdat tc_o/tc_a (Adobe Premier time code) support
+ reVTMD output
+ --Output is synonym of --Inform option
x QuickTime: crash and sometimes wrong info with some files having compressed 
x MPEG-4: commercial format typo error (EX422 instead of HD422)
x MXF: handling wrong MXF header having frame height instead of field height
x #3471053, Tags: Id3v1 tag was used instead of Id3v2 if the file is short
x #3463117, MPEG-TS: crash if Conditioal Access PID is same as the PES
x Custom output: better handling of cases with special character strings 
(\n...) in the file content
x #3440664: Audio only AVI file is missing duration
x #3453476: detection so incorrect duration information in tkhd atom
x Detailled XML output was producing duplicate xml-tags

Version 0.7.52, 2011-12-19
+ MXF with referenced files: if the referenced file is not available, trying to 
open local files
+ MPEG Video: GOP size for I-Frame only streams
+ MXF: support of CEA-608 in ancillary data for some other formats than MPEG 
Video, if there is no B-frame
+ LXF: support of SMPTE ST291/CDP/CEA-608/CEA-708 in ancillary data
+ WAV: better handling of files not having word alignment
x DV: crash (division by zero) in some cases
x DV: DVCPRO HD was sometimes not detected (low bitrate)
x MXF: Crash if AFD field has an invalid value
x MXF: Wrong endianess for some big endian PCM streams
x MXF: some MXF referencing files have wrong duration
x MXF: duration was wrong with some specific files
x DVD-Video: detection of 20-bit and 24-bit PCM
x XML output: it was sometimes containing some invalid characters
x MPEG-4: considering default char set as ISO-8859-1
x MXF: better handling of referencing files having the same ID for all tracks
x MXF: Handling of MXF files with wrong FooterPartition field
x MXF: Some captions (not starting at the beginning of the file) were not 
x WAV: duration was missing is some cases
x RMP3 support was broken

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