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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-testtools

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Sat Jan 19 11:03:18 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/py-testtools: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update py-testtools to 0.9.24.



* `` discover`` will now sort the tests it discovered. This is a
  workaround for Non-standard test suites
  are preserved, and their ``sort_tests()`` method called (if they have such an
  attribute). ``testtools.testsuite.sorted_tests(suite, True)`` can be used by
  such suites to do a local sort. (Robert Collins, #1091512)

* ``ThreadsafeForwardingResult`` now defines a stub ``progress`` method, which
  fixes ``testr run`` of streams containing progress markers (by discarding the
  progress data). (Robert Collins, #1019165)



* ``run.TestToolsTestRunner`` now accepts the verbosity, buffer and failfast
  arguments the upstream python TestProgram code wants to give it, making it
  possible to support them in a compatible fashion. (Robert Collins)


* ```` now supports the ``-f`` or ``--failfast`` parameter.
  Previously it was advertised in the help but ignored.
  (Robert Collins, #1090582)

* ``AnyMatch`` added, a new matcher that matches when any item in a collection
  matches the given matcher.  (Jonathan Lange)

* Spelling corrections to documentation.  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* ``TestProgram`` now has a sane default for its ``testRunner`` argument.
  (Vincent Ladeuil)

* The test suite passes on Python 3 again. (Robert Collins)



* ``content_from_file`` and ``content_from_stream`` now accept seek_offset and
  seek_whence parameters allowing them to be used to grab less than the full
  stream, or to be used with StringIO streams. (Robert Collins, #1088693)



* ``DirContains`` correctly exposed, after being accidentally hidden in the
  great matcher re-organization of 0.9.17.  (Jonathan Lange)


Three new matchers that'll rock your world.


* New, powerful matchers that match items in a dictionary:

  - ``MatchesDict``, match every key in a dictionary with a key in a
    dictionary of matchers.  For when the set of expected keys is equal to the
    set of observed keys.

  - ``ContainsDict``, every key in a dictionary of matchers must be
    found in a dictionary, and the values for those keys must match.  For when
    the set of expected keys is a subset of the set of observed keys.

  - ``ContainedByDict``, every key in a dictionary must be found in
    a dictionary of matchers.  For when the set of expected keys is a superset
    of the set of observed keys.

  The names are a little confusing, sorry.  We're still trying to figure out
  how to present the concept in the simplest way possible.


How embarrassing!  Three releases in two days.

We've worked out the kinks and have confirmation from our downstreams that
this is all good.  Should be the last release for a little while.  Please
ignore 0.9.18 and 0.9.17.


* Include the matcher tests in the release, allowing the tests to run and
  pass from the release tarball.  (Jonathan Lange)

* Fix cosmetic test failures in Python 3.3, introduced during release 0.9.17.
  (Jonathan Lange)


Due to an oversight, release 0.9.18 did not contain the new
``testtools.matchers`` package and was thus completely broken.  This release
corrects that, returning us all to normality.


This release brings better discover support and Python3.x improvements. There
are still some test failures on Python3.3 but they are cosmetic - the library
is as usable there as on any other Python 3 release.


* The ``testtools.matchers`` package has been split up.  No change to the
  public interface.  (Jonathan Lange)


* ``python -m discover . --list`` now works. (Robert Collins)

* Correctly handling of bytes vs text in JSON content type. (Martin [gz])


Some new matchers and a new content helper for JSON content.

This is the first release of testtools to drop support for Python 2.4 and 2.5.
If you need support for either of those versions, please use testtools 0.9.15.


* New content helper, ``json_content`` (Jonathan Lange)

* New matchers:

  * ``ContainsAll`` for asserting one thing is a subset of another
    (Raphaël Badin)

  * ``SameMembers`` for asserting two iterators have the same members.
    (Jonathan Lange)

* Reraising of exceptions in Python 3 is more reliable. (Martin [gz])

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