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CVS commit: pkgsrc/multimedia/gnome-mplayer

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Sat Jan  5 12:17:56 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/multimedia/gnome-mplayer: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update gnome-mplayer to 1.0.7.

    Hide media info when running as a plugin, caused problems with plugger 
testing grounds site
        Fix issue #647, config_volume not defined when --without-alsa option is 
used (code may need to be cleaned up)
        Fix issue #646, media is not positioned and sized correctly when 
remember preference is set
    Updated Czech translation
        Increase the channel parsing buffer, need to rewrite parseChannels
    Updated Polish translation
    Update Portuguese translation
    Refresh po files
    Add in support for the anamorphic aspect ratio (2.39:1)
        Some minor fixes to the dbus interface
        Add uk and ru translation patches
        Fix randomization of first file in playlist
        Add in y, g, and J hotkeys to match mplayer hotkeys
        Add stored DVD device to drop down if not detected by gio, workaround 
RedHat Bug #850402
    Change idledata->device to mplayer_dvd_device may fix problem with dvd 
device being forgotten
    Fix dconf configuration file
    Don't enable MPRIS in plugin mode
    Basic scrolling wheel patch from Issue #621
        Clean up Issue #629, warning by cppcheck
        Fix some German translations by Wolfgang Knauf
        Fix some compiler errors noticed by Wolfgang Knauf
        Clean up log message if volume is not updated yet
    Remove resize handle from fullscreen and plugin windows
    Change g_strcasecmp to g_ascii_strcasecmp to clean up complier warnings
    Handle the new error message from gmtk-media-player
    Allow musicbrainz to be searched by artist only
    Bump to require gmtk 1.0.7 or higher (due to gm_log changes)
    Change some log levels in get_cover_art
    Fix logic in shutdown and cancel volume update callback
    Fix a hang on startup when getting volume from pulseaudio (has something to 
due with GTK event queue and gtk_main not called
    Make cover art scaling consistent
    Move various global variables to file-local (static)
    Clean up the title bar name display
    Since we are using gm_log for messages, move the inits above the first 
    Fix a few issues identified by cppcheck
    Added make valgrind and make valgrind-suppress to src/Makefile
        valgrind-suppress requires this file in your home directory
    remove hardcoded size of langlist and codepagelist in langlist.h
    Add a tooltip to the "Default Audio/Subtitle Language" config options
    Include wait.h to define some macros so that code will compile on Ubuntu
    Fix compilation issue with nautilus plugin
    Replace printf()s with calls to new gm_log() function. If you run 
gnome-mplayer with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG="all" (or ="GMLIB")
        you will see a lot more messages than with the verbose option enabled
    Initialize a struct to 0 to remove "branch depends on uninitialized memory" 
    Finish screensaver rework:
       * try dbus org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver
       * then org.gnome.SessionManager
       * then org.gnome.ScreenSaver
       * then the xdg-screensaver utility
       * then the XScreenSaverSuspend() X11 call
       This removes the SM_INHIBIT and SS_INHIBIT configure options, and the 
use_xscrnsaver variable and config option
    First cut at screensaver rework: try all known methods and fall through to 
X11 XScreenSaverSuspend()
    Use mutex lock to prevent thread race
    Remove the force processing of events from an idle callback
    Force GTK to process its events when loading a playlist
    Don't set the title bar when the window is invisible
    Add some error checking to GIO cover art fetch
    Use GIO to fetch cover art instead of CURL if we have GIO support
    Put the filename in the title bar when it is a video and a local file
    Change set_media_info to set_title_bar, more accurately reflects the 
    If the metadata doesn't contain title and artist try and pull it from the 
    Fix title display when no metadata is present
    Potential fix for hang on load when fetching cover art
    Apply patch from Issue #619
    Fix a potential NULL pointer copy issue
    Fix some cover art loading issues
    Print GTK and GLIB versions in verbose mode
    Fix stop action on streaming playlist Issue #617
    Update media label on drag and drop, update title bar on stop/play
    Add some more known metadata and make some values more dynamic
    Implement org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.TrackList Tracks and CanEditTracks 
    Version bump to 1.0.7a1
    Implement MPRIS Rate, MinimumRate and MaximumRate, requires gmtk SVN r115 
or higher
    Cleanup some debug messages and send updated Metadata on cover art fetch
    Rework cover_art fetch process, should work much better now, also make art 
available over MPRIS
    Fix crash at end of media, due to invalid store iter
    Implement MPRIS Volume signal
    Implement MPRIS2 CanSeek, CanGoNext, CanGoPrevious, Seek, OpenUri, 
SetPosition, and more Metadata
    Implement some MPRIS2 metadata attributes
    Implement MPRIS2 events org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player, properties Volume, 
Get (PlaybackStatus), and signal (PlaybackStatus Changed)
    Implement MPRIS2 events Raise, Quit, Set (Fullscreen)
    Fix error spotted by clang
    Start work on MPRIS dbus interface
    Change controlid logic
    Do not run mencoder when being called by plugin
    Monitor sub visiblity better gnome-mplayer Issue #615, requires gmtk SVN 
r112 or higher to work correctly
    Add mouse events to capture over the media window, should fix Issue #611
    Fix Issue #613
    Fix a couple of keyboard shortcuts as they were in the wrong shift state 
    Fix usage of NULL pointer in nautilus property page
    Initialize a variable to NULL
    Globally initialize libCURL
    Don't update cover art when URL call fails
    Set the use-symbolic property on the GtkVolumeButton in GTK3
    Fix button sensitivity based on state
    More symbolic icon fixes
    Use the GTK3 symbolic icons when running in GTK3 mode

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/multimedia/gnome-mplayer/

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