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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/salt

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   apb
Date:           Thu Dec  6 08:01:22 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/salt: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update salt from 0.9.5 to 0.10.5.
The new DESCR is taken from the "Introduction to Salt" at

Here's a copy of the introductory paragraphs from the release notes
for all the intervening versions:

Salt 0.9.6 Release Notes

Salt 0.9.6 is a release targeting a few bugs and changes. This is primarily
targeting an issue found in the names declaration in the state system. But a
few other bugs were also repaired, like missing support for grains in extmods.

Due to a conflict in distribution packaging msgpack will no longer be bundled
with Salt, and is required as a dependency.

Salt 0.9.7 Release Notes

Salt 0.9.7 is here! The latest iteration of Salt brings more features and many
fixes. This release is a great refinement over 0.9.6, adding many conveniences
under the hood, as well as some features that make working with Salt much

A few highlights include the new Job system, refinements to the requisite
system in states, the ``mod_init`` interface for states, external node
classification, search path to managed files in the file state, and refinements
and additions to dynamic module loading.

0.9.7 also introduces the long developed (and oft changed) unit test framework
and the initial unit tests.

Salt 0.9.8 Release Notes

Salt 0.9.8 is a big step forward, with many additions and enhancements, as
well as a number of precursors to advanced future developments.

This version of Salt adds much more power to the command line, making the
old hard timeout issues a thing of the past and adds keyword argument
support. These additions are also available in the salt client api, making
the available api tools much more powerful.

The new pillar system allows for data to be stored on the master and
assigned to minions in a granular way similar to the state system. It also
allows flexibility for users who want to keep data out of their state tree
similar to 'external lookup' functionality in other tools.

A new way to extend requisites was added, the "requisite in" statement.
This makes adding requires or watch statements to external state decs
much easier.

Additions to requisites making them much more powerful have been added as well
as improved error checking for sls files in the state system. A new provider
system has been added to allow for redirecting what modules run in the
background for individual states.

Support for OpenSUSE has been added and support for Solaris has begun
serious development. Windows support has been significantly enhanced as well.

The matcher and target systems have received a great deal of attention. The
default behavior of grain matching has changed slightly to reflect the rest
of salt and the compound matcher system has been refined.

A number of impressive features with keyword arguments have been added to both
the cli and to the state system. This makes states much more powerful and
flexible while maintaining the simple configuration everyone loves.

The new batch size capability allows for executions to be rolled through a
group of targeted minions a percentage or specific number at a time. This
was added to prevent the "thundering herd" problem when targeting large
numbers of minions for things like service restarts or file downloads.

Salt 0.9.9 Release Notes

0.9.9 is out and comes with some serious bug fixes and even more serious
features. This release is the last major feature release before 1.0.0 and
could be considered the 1.0.0 release candidate.

A few updates include more advanced kwargs support, the ability for salt
states to more safely configure a running salt minion, better job directory
management and the new state test interface.

Many new tests have been added as well, including the new minion swarm test
that allows for easier testing of Salt working with large groups of minions.
This means that if you have experienced stability issues with Salt before,
particularly in larger deployments, that these bugs have been tested for,
found, and killed.

Salt 0.10.0 Release Notes

0.10.0 has arrived! This release comes with MANY bug fixes, and new
capabilities which greatly enhance performance and reliability. This
release is primarily a bug fix release with many new tests and many repaired
bugs. This release also introduces a few new key features which were brought
in primarily to repair bugs and some limitations found in some of the
components of the original architecture.

Salt 0.10.2 Release Notes

0.10.2 is out! This release comes with enhancements to the pillar interface,
cleaner ways to access the salt-call capabilities in the API, minion data
caching and the event system has been added to salt minions.

There have also been updates to the zeromq functions, many more tests
(thanks to sponsors, the code sprint and many contributors) and a swath
of bug fixes.

Salt 0.10.3 Release Notes

The latest taste of Salt has come, this release has many fixes and feature
additions. Modifications have been made to make ZeroMQ connections more
reliable, the begining of the ACL system is in place, a new command line
parsing system has been added, dynamic module distribution has become more
environment aware, the new `master_finger` option and many more!

Salt 0.10.4 Release Notes

Salt 0.10.4 is a monumental release for the Salt team, with two new module
systems, many additions to allow granular access to Salt, improved platform
support and much more.

This release is also exciting because we have been able to shorten the release
cycle back to under a month. We are working hard to keep up the aggressive pace
and look forward to having releases happen more frequently!

This release also includes a serious security fix and all users are very
strongly recommended to upgrade. As usual, upgrade the master first, and then
the minion to ensure that the process is smooth.

Salt 0.10.5 Release Notes

Salt 0.10.5 is ready, and comes with some great new features. A few more
interfaces have been modularized, like the outputter system. The job cache
system has been made more powerful and can now store and retrieve jobs archived
in external databases. The returner system has been extended to allow minions
to easily retrieve data from a returner interface.

As usual, this is an exciting release, with many noteworthy additions!

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/sysutils/salt/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/sysutils/salt/patches/

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