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CVS commit: [pkgsrc-2012Q3] pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   tron
Date:           Tue Dec  4 14:04:43 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2 [pkgsrc-2012Q3]: MESSAGE Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Pullup ticket #3981 - requested by adam
mail/dovecot2: security update

Revisions pulled up:
- mail/dovecot2/MESSAGE                                         1.2
- mail/dovecot2/Makefile                                        1.29,1.32-1.33
- mail/dovecot2/PLIST                                           1.17-1.18
- mail/dovecot2/distinfo                                        1.26-1.28

   Module Name: pkgsrc
   Committed By:        ghen
   Date:                Mon Oct  1 07:10:15 UTC 2012

   Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2: MESSAGE Makefile PLIST distinfo

   Log Message:
   Update to Dovecot 2.1.10

   + imap: Implemented THREAD=ORDEREDSUBJECT extension.
   + Added "doveadm exec" command to easily execute commands from libexec_dir,
     e.g. "doveadm exec imap -u user@domain"
   + Added "doveadm copy" command.
   + doveadm copy/move: Added optional user parameter to specify the source
     username. This allows easily copying mails between different users.
   + Added namespace { disabled } setting to quickly enable/disable namespaces.
     This is especially useful when its value is returned by userdb.
   + Added mailbox_alias plugin. It allows creating mailbox aliases using
   + imapc storage: Added imapc_max_idle_time setting to force activity on
   + fts-solr: Expunging multiple messages is now faster.
   - director: In some conditions director may have disconnected from another
     director (without logging about it), thinking it was sending invalid data.
   - imap: Various fixes to listing mailboxes.
   - pop3-migration plugin: Avoid disconnection from POP3 server due to idling.
   - login processes crashed if there were a lot of local {} or remote {} 

   Module Name: pkgsrc
   Committed By:        tron
   Date:                Tue Dec  4 08:18:35 UTC 2012

   Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

   Log Message:
   Update "dovecot2" package to version 2.1.11. Changes since 2.1.10:
   - lmtp/lda: dovecot.index.cache file is no longer fully mapped to
     memory, allowing mail deliveries to work even if the file is huge.
   - auth: userdb passwd lookups are now done by auth worker processes
     instead of auth master process (as it was documented, but
     accidentally didn't work that way).
   - lmtp: lmtp_rcpt_check_quota=yes setting checks quota on RCPT TO.
   - lmtp: After successful proxying RCPT TO, the next one to a
     nonexistent user gave tempfail error instead of "user not found".
   - lmtp proxy: Fixed hanging if remote server was down.
   - imap: Fixed crash when SEARCH contained multiple KEYWORD parameters.
   - doveadm: Various fixes to handling doveadm-server connections.
   - -i <instance name> parameter for Dovecot tools didn't work correctly.
   - director was somewhat broken in v2.1.10. This version also includes
     various reliability enhancements.
   - auth: passdb imap was broken in v2.1.10.

   Module Name: pkgsrc
   Committed By:        adam
   Date:                Tue Dec  4 09:28:24 UTC 2012

   Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2: Makefile distinfo

   Log Message:
   Changes 2.1.12:
   The dovecot-config file installed by v2.1.11 was missing quotes, which
   broke building Pigeonhole. This release fixes that.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.28 -r1.28.2.1 pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.16.2.1 pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.25 -r1.25.2.1 pkgsrc/mail/dovecot2/distinfo

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