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CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/p5-Math-Prime-Util

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wen
Date:           Fri Nov 30 08:24:50 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/math/p5-Math-Prime-Util: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.14

Upstream changes:
0.14  29 November 2012

    - Compilation and test issues:
          Fix compilation on NetBSD
          Try to fix compilation on Win32 + MSVC
          Speed up some testing, helps a lot with Cygwin on slow machines
          Speed up a lot of slow PP areas, especially used by test suite

    - XS AKS extended from half-word to full-word.

    - Add functions:
           jordan_totient          generalization of Euler Totient
           divisor_sum             run coderef for every divisor

    - Allow environment variables MPU_NO_XS and MPU_NO_GMP to turn off XS and
      GMP support respectively if they are defined and equal to 1.

    - Lehmer prime count for Pure Perl code, including use in nth_prime.
         prime count 10^9 using sieve:
            71.9s   PP sieve
             0.47s  XS sieve
         prime count 10^9 using Lehmer:
             0.70s  PP lehmer
             0.03s  XS lehmer

    - Moved bignum Zeta and R to separate file, only loaded when needed.
      Helpful to get the big rarely-used tables out of the main loading.

    - Quote arguments to Math::Big{Int,Float} in a few places it wasn't.
      Math::Big* coerces the input to a signed value if it isn't a string,
      which causes us all sorts of grief.

0.13  19 November 2012

    - Fix an issue with prime count, and make prime count available as a
      standalone program using primesieve.

0.12  17 November 2012

    - Add bin/ and bin/

    - Add functions:
           primorial               product of primes <= n
           pn_primorial            product of first n primes
           prime_set_config        set config options
           RiemannZeta             export and make accurate for small reals
           is_provable_prime       prove primes after BPSW
           is_aks_prime            prove prime via AKS

    - Add 'assume_rh' configuration option (default: false) which can be set
      to allow functions to assume the Riemann Hypothesis.

    - Use the Schoenfeld bound for Pi(x) (x large) if assume_rh is true.

    - valgrind testing

    - Use long doubles for math functions.

    - Some fixes and speedups for ranged primes().

    - In the PP code, use 2 MR bases for more numbers when possible.

    - Fixup of racing SQUFOF, and switch to use it in factor().

    - Complete rewrite of XS p-1 factor routine, includes second stage.

    - bug fix for prime_count on edge of cache.

    - prime_count will use Lehmer prime counting algorithm for largish
      sizes (above 4 million).  This is MUCH faster than sieving.

    - nth_prime now uses the fast Lehmer prime count below the lower limit,
      then sieves up from there.  This makes a big speed difference for inputs
      over 10^6 or so -- over 100x faster for 10^9 and up.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/math/p5-Math-Prime-Util/Makefile \

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