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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/fabric

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gls
Date:           Wed Nov 28 17:48:45 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/fabric: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update sysutils/fabric to 1.5.1.

pkgsrc changes:
Switch back to security/py-paramiko, now that security/py-ssh has been merged
back into paramiko.

upstream changes:

2012-11-15: released Fabric 1.5.1

[Bug] #776: Fixed serious-but-non-obvious bug in direct-tcpip driven gatewaying
(e.g. that triggered by -g or env.gateway.) Should work correctly now.

[Bug] #771: Sphinx autodoc helper unwrap_tasks didn't play nice with
@task(name=xxx) in some situations. This has been fixed.

2012-11-06: released Fabric 1.5.0
2012-11-06: released Fabric 1.4.4

        [Feature] #38: (also #698) Implement both SSH-level and
        ProxyCommand-based gatewaying for SSH traffic. (This is distinct from
        tunneling non-SSH traffic over the SSH connection, which is #78 and not
        implemented yet.)

        Thanks in no particular order to Erwin Bolwidt, Oskari Saarenmaa,
        Steven Noonan, Vladimir Lazarenko, Lincoln de Sousa, Valentino
        Volonghi, Olle Lundberg and Github user @acrish for providing the
        original patches to both Fabric and Paramiko.

        [Feature] #684: (also #569) Update how task wraps task functions to
        preserve additional metadata; this allows decorated functions to play
        nice with Sphinx autodoc. Thanks to Jaka Hudoklin for catch & patch.

        [Support] #103: (via #748) Long standing Sphinx autodoc issue requiring
        error-prone duplication of function signatures in our API docs has been
        fixed. Thanks to Alex Morega for the patch.

        [Bug] #767: Fix (and add test for) regression re: having linewise
        output automatically activate when parallelism is in effect. Thanks to
        Alexander Fortin and Dustin McQuay for the bug reports.

        [Bug] #736: Ensure context managers that build env vars play nice with
        contextlib.nested by deferring env var reference to entry time, not
        call time. Thanks to Matthew Tretter for catch & patch.

        [Feature] #763: Add --initial-password-prompt to allow prefilling the
        password cache at the start of a run. Great for sudo-powered parallel

        [Feature] #665: (and #629) Update upload_template to have a more useful
        return value, namely that of its internal put call. Thanks to Miquel
        Torres for the catch & Rodrigue Alcazar for the patch.

        [Feature] #578: Add name argument to task (docs) to allow overriding of
        the default "function name is task name" behavior. Thanks to Daniel
        Simmons for catch & patch.

        [Feature] #761: Allow advanced users to parameterize fabric.main.main()
        to force loading of specific fabfiles.

        [Bug] #749: Gracefully work around calls to fabric.version on systems
        lacking /bin/sh (which causes an OSError in subprocess.Popen calls.)

        [Feature] #723: Add the group= argument to sudo. Thanks to Antti
        Kaihola for the pull request.

        [Feature] #725: Updated local to allow override of which local shell is
        used. Thanks to Mustafa Khattab.

        [Bug] #704: Fix up a bunch of Python 2.x style print statements to be
        forwards compatible. Thanks to Francesco Del Degan for the patch.

        [Feature] #491: (also [Feature] #385:) IPv6 host string support. Thanks
        to Max Arnold for the patch.

        [Feature] #699: Allow name attribute on file-like objects for get/put.
        Thanks to Peter Lyons for the pull request.

        [Bug] #711: get would fail when filenames had % in their path. Thanks
        to John Begeman

        [Bug] #702: require failed to test for "empty" values in the env keys
        it checks (e.g. require('a-key-whose-value-is-an-empty-list') would
        register a successful result instead of alerting that the value was in
        fact empty. This has been fixed, thanks to Rich Schumacher.

        [Bug] #718: isinstance(foo, Bar) is used in main instead of type(foo)
        == Bar in order to fix some edge cases. Thanks to Mikhail Korobov.

        [Bug] #693: Fixed edge case where abort driven failures within parallel
        tasks could result in a top level exception (a KeyError) regarding
        error handling. Thanks to Marcin Ku#mi#ski for the report.

        [Support] #681: Fixed outdated docstring for runs_once which claimed it
        would get run multiple times in parallel mode. That behavior was fixed
        in an earlier release but the docs were not updated. Thanks to Jan
        Brauer for the catch.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/sysutils/fabric/distinfo

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