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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/calibre

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Mon Nov 26 14:02:50 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/calibre: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/misc/calibre/patches: patch-src_calibre_linux_py

Log Message:
Update to 0.9.7

* Add dependency to net/py-netifaces


Release: 0.9.7 [23 Nov, 2012]
New Features

    Edit metadata dialog: Show the size of the current book cover in the edit 
metadata dialog.

    Closes tickets: 1079781
    Get Books: Allow easy searching by title and author in addition to any 
keyword, to prevent large numbers of spurious matches.
    An option to automatically convert any added book to the current output 
format, found under Preferences->Adding books
    E-book viewer: Allow viewing tables in a separate popup window by right 
clicking on the table and selecting 'View table'. Useful for reference books 
that have lots of large tables.

    Closes tickets: 1080710
    Catalogs: Add the current library name as an available field when 
generating catalogs in csv/xml format.

    Closes tickets: 1078422
    Enable colored text in the output from the command line tools on windows
    E-book viewer: Add an option to hide the help message when entering full 
screen mode
    E-book viewer: Add an option to always start the viewer in full screen mode
    E-book viewer: Add many more controls to the context menu, particularly 
useful in full screen mode
    E-book viewer: Allow easy searching of the selected word or phrase in 
google via the context menu
    Add a new type of FileType plugin, postimport, that runs after a book has 
been added to the database.
    Get Books: Remove Gandalf store, add Publio store. Update the Legimi store 
plugin for website changes

Bug Fixes

    Conversion: Correctly handle values of left and right for the deprecated 
align attribute of images, mapping them to the CSS float property instead of to 

    Closes tickets: 1081094
    MOBI Output: When generating joint MOBI6/KF8 files do not set incorrect 
display CSS values for tables in the KF8 part
    Connect to iTunes: Ignore AAC audio files.

    Closes tickets: 1081096
    E-book viewer: Fix restoring from fullscreen not respecting maximized 
window state
    Fix rows in the device books view sometimes being too high
    Catalogs: Fixed a problem occurring when merging comments with a custom 
field whose type is a list.
    Linux binary: Use exec in the wrapper shell scripts that are used to set 
env vars and launch calibre utilities.

    Closes tickets: 1077884
    E-book viewer: Fix blank pages after every page when viewing some comic 
files in paged mode
    E-book viewer: When printing, respect the specified page range.

    Closes tickets: 1074220
    Font subsetting: Parse the GSUB table for glyph substitution rules and do 
not remove any glyphs that could act as substitutes. Keep zero length glyphs 
like the glyphs for non printable characters when subsetting TrueType outlines.
    Smarten punctuation: Fix self closing script tags causing smarten 
punctuation to fail

New news sources

    Various Czech and Hungarian news sources by bubak
    Various Polish recipes by Artur Stachecki
    Buchreport by a.peter
    Red Voltaire by atordo
    Autosport by Mr Stefan
    House News by Eddie Lau

Improved news sources

    Arguments and facts
    Business Standard
    The New Yorker

Release: 0.9.6 [10 Nov, 2012]
New Features

    Experimental support for subsetting fonts

    Subsetting a font means reducing the font to contain only the glyphs for 
the text actually present in the book. This can easily halve the size of the 
font. calibre can now do this for all embedded fonts during a conversion. Turn 
it on via the 'Subset all embedded fonts' option under the Look & Feel section 
of the conversion dialog. calibre can subset both TrueType and OpenType fonts. 
Note that this code is very new and likely has bugs, so please check the output 
if you turn on subsetting. The conversion log will have info about the 
subsetting operations.
    EPUB Input: Try to workaround EPUBs that have missing or damaged ZIP 
central directories. calibre should now be able to read/convert such an EPUB 
file, provided it does not suffer from further corruption.
    Allow using identifiers in save to disk templates.

    Closes tickets: 1074623
    calibredb: Add an option to not notify the GUI
    Catalogs: Fix long tags causing catalog generation to fail on windows. Add 
the ability to cross-reference authors, i.e. to relist the authors for a book 
with multiple authors separately.

    Closes tickets: 1074931
    Edit metadata dialog: Add a clear tags button to remove all tags with a 
single click
    Add search to the font family chooser dialog

Bug Fixes

    Windows: Fix a long standing bug in the device eject code that for some 
reason only manifested in 0.9.5.

    Closes tickets: 1075782
    Get Books: Fix Amazon stores, Google Books store and
    Kobo driver: More fixes for on device book matching, and list books as 
being on device even if the Kobo has not yet indexed them. Also some 
performance improvements.

    Closes tickets: 1069617
    EPUB Output: Remove duplicate id and name attributes to eliminate pointless 
noise from the various epub check utilities
    Ask for confirmation before removing plugins
    Fix bulk convert queueing dialog becoming very long if any of the books 
have a very long title.

    Closes tickets: 1076191
    Fix deleting custom column tags like data from the Tag browser not updating 
the last modified timestamp for affected books

    Closes tickets: 1075476
    When updating a previously broken plugin, do not show an error message 
because the previous version of the plugin cannot be loaded
    Fix regression that broke the Template Editor

New news sources

    Various Polish news sources by Artur Stachecki

Improved news sources

    Various updated Polish recipes
    London Review of Books
    Yemen Times

Release: 0.9.5 [02 Nov, 2012]
New Features

    Font embedding: Add support for the CSS 3 Fonts module, which means you can 
embed font families that have more that the usual four faces, with the full set 
of font-stretch and font-weight variations. Of course, whether the fonts 
actually show up on a reader will depend on the readers' support for CSS 3.
    Sharing by email: Allow specifying an 'alias' or friendly name by which to 
identify each email recipient.

    Closes tickets: 1069076
    Embedding fonts: Allow adding ttf/otf font files to calibre directly to be 
used for embedding. That way the fonts do not have to be installed system wide. 
You can add a font to calibre via the 'Add fonts' button in the font chooser 
dialog for embedding fonts.
    E-book viewer: Add the ability to rotate images to the popup image viewer.

    Closes tickets: 1073513
    Generate cover: Speedup searching the system for a font that can render 
special characters
    A new custom font scanner to locate all fonts on the system. Faster and 
less crash prone that fontconfig/freetype
    Font family chooser: Show the faces available for a family when clicking on 
the family

Bug Fixes

    Get Books: Fix eHarlequin and Kobo stores.

    Closes tickets: 1072702
    Kobo driver: Fix a bug that could cause the on device book matching to fail 
in certain circumstances.

    Closes tickets: 1072437
    Kobo driver: When using a SD card do not delete shelves that contain on 
books on the card (there might be books in the shelf in the main memory).

    Closes tickets: 1073792
    Workaround for bug in the windows API CreateHardLink function that breaks 
using calibre libraries on some networked filesystems.
    Template editor: Use dummy metadata instead of blank/unknown values
    Windows: abort setting of title/author if any of the books' files are in 
use. Results in less surprising behavior than before, when the title/author 
would be changed, but the on disk location would not.

New news sources

    Pravda in english, italian and portuguese by Darko Miletic
    Delco Times by Krittika Goyal

Improved news sources

    Financial Times UK
    Science AAAS
    The Atlantic

Release: 0.9.4 [26 Oct, 2012]
New Features

    Conversion: Add an option to embed a font family into the book.

    The embedded font is used as the base font for all text that does not 
specify its own font family in the input document. Works only with output 
formats that support font embedding, principally EPUB/AZW3. Option is found 
under Look & Feel in the conversion dialog. You can ensure that the font is 
used for all text, regardless of the input document's styles by filtering out 
font family styles via the Filter Style Information option in the Conversion 
    When changing the title/author of a book, use hard links instead of copying 
the books' files, for a large speedup. Only works on filesystems that support 
    Linux installer: Resume interrupted downloads and verify the SHA-512 
signature of the downloaded file before installing it.

Bug Fixes

    Windows: Check if any of the files of a book are in use before changing the 
title/author, this prevents the creation of duplicate files if one of the files 
is open in another program
    Kobo driver: Fix the ondevice status for some books getting lost.

    Closes tickets: 1069403
    Catalogs: Fix regression that broke use of prefix rules.

    Closes tickets: 1070086
    Tag Browser: Fix sorting incorrect for accented letters

    Closes tickets: 1069835
    Make the bundled Liberation fonts available on all platforms for embedding
    Use mimetype for fonts from the EPUB 3 specification
    Get Books: Handle website change that broke the SONY Store plugin
    Generate cover: If the default font cannot render characters in the 
metadata (for example for east asian languages) try to automatically find a 
font on the system that is capable of rendering the characters
    Fix regression that broke certain types of CSS selectors.

    Closes tickets: 1068937
    Use font-weight:bold instead of font-weight:bolder for the <b> and <strong> 
tags as ADE cant handle bolder when embedded fonts are used

New news sources

    Yazihane by A Erdogan

Improved news sources

    New York Post
    PC World
    TIME Magazine
    Associated Press

Release: 0.9.3 [19 Oct, 2012]
New Features

    Conversion: Add support for CSS 3 selectors by switching to the new 
cssselect module
    Drivers for the WayteQ xBook and the Topwise Android tablet

    Closes tickets: 1066083, 1067105
    Add an output profile for the Kindle PaperWhite
    Kobo driver: Improve performance when a large number of shelves are created 
on the device.

    Closes tickets: 1066633
    Catalogs: Put catalog sections at top level of ToC for EPUB/AZW3 catalogs.
    Adding books: When duplicates are found, show the list of possible 
duplicates in calibre with title and author.

Bug Fixes

    KF8 Input: Fix conversion/viewing of KF8 files generated with the 
unreleased? kindlegen 2.7.

    Closes tickets: 1067310
    Kindle driver: Increase the size of the cover thumbnails sent by calibre to 
the device. This fixes the problem of cover thumbnails not showing up on the 
    MTP driver: Fix sorting on the title column of the device view.

    Closes tickets: 1067562
    Catalogs: Fix regression that caused authors and titles to be be 
incorrectly listed under symbols on OSX < 10.8.
    Catalogs: Fix error when generating catalog in non English locale and the 
user has specified a prefix rule using a Yes/no column.

    Closes tickets: 1065452
    E-book viewer: Remove the reload entry from the context menu as it is not 
supported in paged mode.

    Closes tickets: 1065615

New news sources

    Various Polish news sources by fenuks

Improved news sources

    Richmond Times Dispatch
    Various Polish news sources
    Aksiyon dergisi
    Spektrum der Wissenschaft
    Zeit Online
    Baltimore Sun
    LWN Weekly
    The Sun

Release: 0.9.2 [11 Oct, 2012]
New Features

    Wireless driver: Speed up deleting of multiple books
    E-book viewer: Add options to hide the scrollbar and show reading position 
in full screen mode.

    Closes tickets: 1047450
    News download: Add a field to allow recipe authors to tell calibre to 
remove duplicate articles that a re present in more than one section from the 
    Metadata download: Turn off the use of the published date for the earliest 
edition a book as the published date. The earliest edition was identified via, which has rather poor data, leading to the occasional incorrect 
result. If you want this feature back, you can turn it on again via 
Preferences->Metadata download.

Bug Fixes

    ODT Input: More workarounds for the image positioning markup produced by 
newer versions of LibreOffice.

    Closes tickets: 1063207
    Metadata download dialog: Fix selected cover being changed when covers are 
re-sorted after download completes
    MTP driver: Ignore errors when getting the driveinfo.calibre file from the 
device and simply regenerate it
    E-book viewer: Use the system locale settings to display the 24/12 hour 
clock in full screen mode

    Closes tickets: 1063209
    Content Server: Make OPDS initial page respect the fields to display tweak
    Fix regression that caused calibre to not use OPF files when adding books 
recursively from directories with multiple books per directory
    KF8 Output: Fix handling of input documents that have URL unsafe characters 
in the file names of their images.

    Closes tickets: 1062477
    Fix enumeration type custom column not being merged.

    Closes tickets: 1061602

New news sources

    PVP Online, Mobile Nations, The Verge and Television Without Pity by 
Krittika Goyal

Improved news sources

    Pubblico Giornale
    Der Spiegel
    FHM UK
    Cosmo UK
    The Sun UK

Release: 0.9.1 [05 Oct, 2012]
New Features

    New driver for the Kobo Touch version 2.0+ firmware and Kobo Glo and Mini. 
See for details

    Closes tickets: 1024983, 1059585
    Driver for Motorola Defy XT

    Closes tickets: 1061903
    Wireless driver: Always use automatic metadata management, regardless of 
the setting in Preferences->Devices
    Sending books by email: Allow sending to multiple email addresses at once 
separated by commas.

    Closes tickets: 1052332
    KF8 Output: Add the css passed in through the extra css conversion option 
to the generated inline ToC.

    Closes tickets: 1052343
    Windows: No longer use fontconfig to scan the system for available fonts. 
Instead use the Windows API. Should fix crashes/instability caused by fonts 
that fontconfig cannot handle
    When editing a blank (undefined) published date in the edit metadata 
dialog, have the calendar popup jump to the current date instead of the date 

    Closes tickets: 1058531
    FB2 Input: Add support for th, code and strikethrough tags and also 
rowspan, colspan and align attributes.

    Closes tickets: 1059351, 1058591

Bug Fixes

    Get Books: Update Woblink
    Position the next selected book better after deleting multiple books from 
the library view

    Closes tickets: 1051135
    Allow using the Enter key to select the cover in the metadata download 

    Closes tickets: 1060472
    PDF Output: Handle embedded fonts better on linux
    HTML Input: Guess mimetype correctly for references to image files without 
file extensions.

    Closes tickets: 1059349
    Catalog generation: Workaround for bug in the ICU library on older OS X 
systems that caused catalog generation to fail when certain non-ascii 
characters are present in the metadata.

    Closes tickets: 1057862
    Wireless driver: Do not abort if BonJour registration fails, as we can 
still use broadcast to connect
    KF8 Output: Fix invalid output being generated for some files with very 
large blocks of contiguous non-ascii text

New news sources

    IOL News and The New Age by Darko Miletic

Improved news sources

    FC Knudde
    Foreign Policy
    Washington Post
    Twitch Films
    Nature News

Release: 0.9.0 [28 Sep, 2012]
New Features

    For a summary of the major changes in calibre between 0.8 and 0.9, see

Bug Fixes

    KF8 Output: Fix handling of &amp; &lt; and &gt; entities in the text. They 
were sometimes being incorrectly unescaped.
    Calibre portable: Add a manifest to the portable installer exe to prevent 
the application compatibility wizard from warning about a possible failed 
installation on windows 7. Also fixes installer requiring admin privileges on 
some computers

    Closes tickets: 1057042
    EPUB metadata: Fix book producer not being set when updating EPUB metadata
    EPUB metadata: Fix incorrect namespace on the role attribute of 
<dc:creator> tags when updating the metadata in EPUB
    Get Books: Fix incorrect price retrieval from

    Closes tickets: 1055785
    MTP windows driver: Fix main memory and storage card sometimes swapped

    Closes tickets: 1055129
    PDF Output: On windows, remove any embedded fonts before generating the PDF 
as on windows, Qt generates image based PDFs when embedded fonts are present.

    Closes tickets: 1053906
    MTP windows driver: Do not try to connect to unsuitable devices such as the 

    Closes tickets: 1054562
    KF8 Input: Handle files that use non ascii paths/anchor names in the guide 

    Closes tickets: 1053751

New news sources

    Pubblico Giornale by iusvar

Improved news sources

    Monitor Online
    El Pais
    Chronicle of Higher Education
    Baltimore Sun
    Mac World
    Maximum PC
    Financial Times UK

Release: 0.8.70 [21 Sep, 2012]
New Features

    Support for connecting MTP (non disk based) devices via USB, such as the 
Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD (Windows Vista and newer and Linux only)

    calibre can now detect and connect to devices that do not present 
themselves as USB disks to the operating system. Newer Android devices all use 
the 'MTP' protocol when connected via USB. calibre now supports devices using 
this protocol on both Windows (Vista and newer) and Linux.
    Calibre Portable: Create a new installer that does not require manually 
unzipping the Calibre Portable folder. Instead just run the installer and point 
it to the location you want to install to.
    Calibre Portable: Add support for multiple libraries created inside the 
'Calibre Portable' folder.
    In the main book list when editing a blank published date, use a default 
value of Jan 2000 so that changing the date it easier
    Template language: Add function approximate_formats() to get list of 
formats saved in the db for a book as opposed to the formats that actually 
exist on disk
    Template language: Add a couple of new functions to get the path to 
individual book formats and the calibre library as a whole
    Drivers for HTC Flyer and Trekstor 4ink

Bug Fixes

    Conversion: Do not error out when tags have unparseable color attributes.

    Closes tickets: 1053583
    AZW3 Output: Do not error out if the input document contains embedded fonts 
of less than 1040 bytes.

    Closes tickets: 1052892
    Catalogs: Fix AZW3 output not properly indexed
    Get Books: Remove Beam Books due to lack of response to issues with the 
    Windows: Ignore drives A: and B: when scanning for the drives belonging to 
a device
    Kindle driver: Fix generation of apnx files for newer kindle firmware.
    News download: If the output format is set to azw3, generate periodicals in 
mobi format as amazon does not support azw3 periodicals.

New news sources

    Various Hungarian recipes by laca
    NSFW Corp by Darko Miletic.
    FC Knudde and Stamgasten by drMerry

Improved news sources

    Indian Express
    London Review of Books (subscrption version)
    Doghouse Diaries

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