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CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/Sigil

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Mon Nov 19 10:57:45 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/Sigil: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/patches: patch-src_minizip_ioapi.c
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/patches: patch-src_ZipArchive_DirEnumerator.cpp

Log Message:
Update 0.6.0

* Remove obsolete SUBST_*

Sigil 0.6.0 2012.10.27
    - Implement issue 1664: Improve performance of opening and changing tabs.
    - Implement issue 1665: Attempt to recover EPUB if it is missing an ncx 
    - Implement issue 1643: Change Clean Source default to Pretty Print instead 
of Tidy.
    - Implement issue 1636: Add shift-click Replace for Replace Current - 
replace but not find next match.
    - Implement issue 1638: Improve performance of Generate TOC.
    - Implement issue 1637: Provide more friendly handling of bad EPUBs by not 
crashing after showing warning.
    - Implement issue 1629: Localization of title in contentx.opf semantics.
    - Implement issue 1622: Allow Font Obfuscation to work for multiple font 
    - Implement issue 1620: Well-formed check option should be removed and 
replaced with more appropriate automatic checking.
    - Implement issue 1617: Split should split at cursor position not at end of 
    - Implement issue 1619: Generate TOC should show tooltip details for the 
heading in case title and text is blank.
    - Implement issue 1618: Generate TOC should allow changing heading levels 
in document and TOC.
    - Implement issue 1615: Generate TOC should number sigil_toc_id's across 
all files and delete unused id's before generating.
    - Implement issue 1612: Improve performance of merging files.
    - Implement issue 1611: Improve performance of switching and closing tabs.
    - Implement issue 1610: Use html instead of xhtml as the default extension 
for new blank HTML files.
    - Implement issue 1606: Allow rename of titles in Generate Table Of 
Contents and show filenames in tooltip.
    - Implement issue 1601: Delete unused Images.
    - Implement issue 1602: Delete unused Styles.
    - Implement issue 1603: Allow formatting buttons to work in Code View.
    - Implement issue 1600: Option to delete one line in Code View without 
selecting text.
    - Implement issue 1597: Show HTML tag information for current location in 
text while in Book View.
    - Implement issue 1594: Allow miscellaneous text files to be edited and 
others to be opened externally.
    - Implement issue 1590: Insert image should allow insert from disk.
    - Implement issue 1557: Sigil requires Qt 4.8 or above.
    - Implement issue 1586: Spellcheck should allow setting a keyboard shortcut 
for Ignore Word to speed editing.
    - Implement issue 1585: Spellcheck should have a menu entry to clear all 
ignored words.
    - Implement issue 1584: Sigil should allow CSS file to be edited while 
viewing HTML.
    - Implement issue 1583: Sigil should remember the current view state when 
it restarts.
    - Implement issue 1573: Improve performance of bulk rename.
    - Implement issue 1468: Allow images to be opened externally.
    - Implement issue 1571: Display whether classes are used in the HTML or CSS 
files in a new Reports dialog.
    - Implement issue 1572: Add feature to re-format CSS files
    - Implement issue 1567: Remove XPGT support.
    - Implement issue 755: Support 'code view' for svg images that are loaded 
as separate files.
    - Implement issue 1561: Add Save A Copy option to save file under a 
different name without renaming current file.
    - Implement issue 1559: Add option to insert special characters into 
    - Implement issue 1333: Add Hyperlink editor buttons to select target from 
existing ids and set id anchor.
    - Implement issue 401: Add edit buttons for Uppercase, Lowercase, 
Propercase, Capitization.
    - Implement issue 985: Sigil fonts should be configurable in Preferences.
    - Implement issue 1248: Code View/CSS should allow colors to be 
configurable in Preferences.
    - Implement issue 1153: Highlighted Text in Code view Difficult/Impossible 
to see.
    - Implement issue 1511: Prompt to replace an image when adding an image 
that already exists in the book.
    - Implement issue 1542: Add a Go to Style option to jump to the CSS class 
used by a tag.
    - Implement issue 1541: Heading styles should optionally remove/keep 
attributes in tags.
    - Implement issue 1540: Add option to tokenise spaces and numbers in F&R 
find text.
    - Implement issue 1539: Regex should support options for minimal matching, 
dot includes newlines.
    - Implement issue 1535: Add Clipboard History to automatically saved recent 
cut or copied text.
    - Implement issue 1534: Option to toggle Book View or Preview View to Code 
View and vice versa.
    - Implement issue 1528: Shortcut preferences should be simplified.
    - Implement issue 1536: Split at Chapter Markers should split all files.
    - Implement issue 1530: The heading dropdown should be changed to buttons 
for quicker selection.
    - Implement issue 1529: Code View should support heading/formatting buttons 
as used in Book View.
    - Implement issue 73: External HTML links should be usable but evoke 
warning dialog.
    - Implement issue 1521: Tab headers right click to close other tabs, toggle 
view state.
    - Implement issue 715: Search Editor for saving and executing Find & 
Replaces searches.
    - Implement issue 588: Clip Editor for saving and inserting text.
    - Implement issue 1519: Open and go back to links in Code View and Book 
    - Implement issue 167: Index Editor to create a book index.
    - Implement issue 1450: View classes used in HTML files.
    - Implement issue 102: View details of all HTML files.
    - Implement issue 839: Word Count (in View HTML details).
    - Implement issue 1392: View details of all images.
    - Implement issue 1513: Add progress indicators to various functions.
    - Implement issue 1510: Add Existg Files should only open last file not all 
    - Implement issue 1428: Find&Replace should allow Ctrl/Shift key modifiers 
to set what to search.
    - Implement issue 1325: Insert Images support for multiple images, 
resizing, thumbnails.
    - Implode tags from selected text.
    - Implement issue 761: Shortcut key to close last open tag (Code View).
    - Implement issue 1507: Metadata dialogs should allow double click to 
    - Implement issue 1457: Save should not add heading ids - alreade should 
save state on restart.
    - Implement issue 1416: Don't add selected text to F&R history and increase 
      text limit for being auto loaded into F&R.
    - Implement issue 1414: Cover semantic should not be added automatically.
    - Ilow more fine-grained control.
    - Implement issue 1393: Add Semantics Text should only apply to one file.
    - Implement issue 1369: Add support for \xDD as Regex replacement in F&R.
    - Implement issue 1285: Display image properties.
    - Implement issue 534: Link to Stylesheets option for HTML files.
    - Implement issue 1385: Metadata editor should always display fields
    - Implement issue 1311: Metadata support for all RfC 639-2 languages.
    - Implement issue 1335: Run Save As automatically if saving new html file.
    - Implement issue 1366: TOC window tree support for collapse/expand all.
    - Implement issue 759: Auto generate inline TOC HTML file.
    - Implement issue 32: Metadata custom "date" options.
    - Implement issue 33: Metadata options for creators and contributors.
    - Implement issue 1374: Split View is now Preview View with code inspector.
    - Implement issue 184: Superscript/subscript buttons.
    - Implement issue 443: Book View RTL languages support (right to left rtl 
    - Implement issue 504: Book View button for normal paragraph.
    - Implement issue 1265: Preference to manually set UI language.
    - Implement issue 1295: Metadata Editor support for translating 
    - Implement issue 77: Metadata support for multiple language elements.
    - Implement issue 1180: Spell Check button/menu to find next misspelled 
    - Implement issue 1045: Better highlighting of misspelled words.
    - Implement issue 1301: Preferences for User and Additional Dictionary 
    - Implement issue 1058: Use ini format for settings on all platforms.
    - Implement issue 1376: Change organization name and location of settings 
to sigil-ebook.
    - Implement issue 1381: Switch to using Minizip for 1.1 for ZIP support.
      - Remove ZipArchive and Zipios++.
    - Implement issue 1380: Update zlib to 1.2.7.
    - Implement issue 1383: Remove the use of a precompiled header.
    - Implement issue 1377: Update PCRE to 8.31.
      - Make PCRE 8.31 with UTF-16 support the minimum required version.
      - Bundled PCRE uses PCRE's JIT for faster searching.
      - Modify Regex search code to use UTF-16 instead of UTF-8 for all
        searches. This brings search in line with the view components
        being able to display UTF-16 characters.
    - Implement issue 1378: Update Hunspell to 1.3.2.
    - Implement issue 1379: Update Boost to Boost 1.49.0.
    - Implement issue 1283: Spell check should have an ignore option.
    - Fix issue 1694: User dictionary shows duplicate entries and doesn't 
scroll to new entry when adding.
    - Fix issue 1693: Words in user dictionary could be lost if blank entries 
are saved.
    - Fix issue 1692: Code View highlighting incorrectly hides spelling issues 
if an & is used.
    - Fix issue 1674: Batch rename changes filename extension.
    - Fix issue 1663: Generate TOC gives heading ids for items not in the TOC.
    - Fix issue 1642: Replace sometimes leaves a \1 in the text.
    - Fix issue 1635: Replace can replace too much text if manual selection 
includes extra text.
    - Fix issue 1639: Ensure Spellcheck treats single quotes as word boundary 
    - Fix issue 1624: Do not close Sigil if an invalid HTML file was added.
    - Fix issue 1623: Do not leave Sigil in an invalid state if an invalid book 
was opened.
    - Fix issue 1605: Sigil cannot read epubs missing mimetypes as first file 
since container.xml might not be found.
    - Fix issue 1621: Change sigilNotInTOC to sigil_not_in_toc for consistency 
but still recognize legacy value in old files.
    - Fix issue 1477: Sigil may crash when loading ePubs containing empty 
(zero-sized) files.
    - Fix issue 1589: Clicking on TOC entry the first time does not scroll to a 
heading at the top of the page.
    - Fix issue 1582: Replace All should be single-threaded to avoid certain 
    - Fix issue 1581: Caret position in Book View - Code View syncing is not 
always correct.
    - Fix issue 1580: Chapter split starts new files with suffix _002 instead 
of 001.
    - Fix issue 1579: Generate Headings in TOC should select next item after 
unchecking an item.
    - Fix issue 1563: Split Chapter break can create empty page.
    - Fix issue 1284: Image and Stylesheet paths not updated for duplicate 
references when importing.
    - Fix issue 1155: Filename removed from href in anchor tag when importing 
    - Fix issue 1553: Rename of one html file should keep file selected, allow 
rename shortcut, link stylesheets.
    - Fix issue 1551: Generate TOC include column scrolls offscreen when 
headings are long.
    - Fix issue 1550: Table of Contents window is not emptied if all TOC 
entries deleted manually.
    - Fix issue 1549: Sigil should not modify source by converting 
shy/ndash/mdash to entities automatically.
    - Fix issue 1345: Adding accented words dictionary doesn't work.
    - Fix issue 1546: Find&Replace loses focus when changing tabs or going from 
Book to Code View.
    - Fix issue 425: Shift+ PgUp/PgDn does not work in text editor.
    - Fix issue 1390: Image is not updated until restart if deleted and 
    - Fix issue 1413: Crashes when opening a particular epub.
    - Fix issue 1543: Tabs should only do updates when finished loading to 
improve performance.
    - Fix issue 1395: A type of hyphen, when pasted in code view, crashes Sigil.
    - Fix issue 1429: Changes to stylesheets are not seen in book and preview 
    - Fix issue 1406: Typing spaces on a word highlighted by spelling crashes 
    - Fix issue 1524: Replace \s does not always match newlines.
    - Fix issue 1538: Sigil can save a corrupted epub file if zip fails.
    - Fix issue 1517: Delete selected file should not open another file 
    - Fix issue 1474: New lines added in every xhtml file after saving.
    - Fix issue 1486: Replace replaces even if text doesn't match if manually 
    - Fix issue 1483: Add Existing Files adds HTML files in reverse order.
    - Fix issue 1479: F&R auto-completer preventing searching for same word 
different case.
    - Fix issue 1424: Spell check does not allow paste next to misspelled word.
    - Fix issue 1422: Delete file should not update tab if opened file is not 
    - Fix issue 1417: OPF meta tags not updated if Cover image renamed or 
    - Fix issue 1408: Book Browser should not translate folder names.
    - Fix issue 1308: Allow renaming file extensions.
    - Fix issue 1363: Open and Save file directory inconsistent.
    - Fix issue 1130: Content.opf edits overwritten by save.
    - Fix issue 1354: Chapter Split breaks links in second half of document.
    - Fix issue 999: Split does not update file references in TOC.
    - Fix issue 1277: Meta-editor will not open.
    - Fix issue 1281: Semantics information retained for deleted files.
    - Fix issue 1338: F&R Replace All can crash using current file with large 
    - Fix issue 1296: F&R Search All crashes if HTML file doesn't have focus.
    - Fix issue 1382: Settings not saving to disk.
    - Fix issue 1272: Tabs should always use the View state set by the View 

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.38 -r1.39 pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.19 -r1.20 pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r0 \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r0 \
    pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/patches/patch-src_ZipArchive_ZipFile__stl.cpp \
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/editors/Sigil/patches/patch-src_minizip_ioapi.c

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