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CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/amarok

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   markd
Date:           Sat Nov 17 22:04:20 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/audio/amarok: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/audio/amarok/patches: patch-utilities_afttagger_AFTTagger.cpp

Log Message:
Update to 2.6.0

    * Show all audio and video files in file browser.
    * Remove codec install support. It's long ago been implemented in phonon.
    * Prevent lags with large Saved playlists.
    * Increase minimal required ffmpeg version up to 0.7.
    * Use audio-x-generic icon for bit rate, not a generic one.
    * Add Amarok.Playlist.playMediaList() script bindings for API symmetry.
    * Building the spectrum analyzer applet can now be disabled with a CMake

VERSION 2.6-Beta 1
    * Amazon store: improved album search
    * Support for transcoding when copying tracks to USB Mass Storage devices;
      per-device transcoding preference can be saved, too.
    * Provide Repopulate and Turn off link in "Dynamic Mode Enabled" bagde.
    * Support for setting cover images for albums on USB Mass Storage devices.
    * Support for setting and unsetting cover images for iPod albums, can
      write back covers to file meta-data too, respects configuration.
    * Amazon store: ability to check out an item directly without using the
      Amarok shopping cart.
    * Amarok now includes the Free Music Charts service by default.
    * The maximum dimensions for embedded covers are now configurable.
    * Small configuration dialog for iPods that shows troubleshooting
      information and allows to change iPod name.
    * Improved usability of iPod playlists: iPod collection automatically
      transfers tracks dropped to iPod playlists to iPod when it is needed.
    * Tracks can now be transcoded when transferring them to iPod.
    * A diagnostic dialog reporting versions of Amarok, Qt, KDE and phonon 
      as well as the used phonon backend and status of plugins and scripts.
      Patch by Andrzej Hunt.
    * Ability to move track position bookmarks by dragging; patch by
      Jasneet Bhatti.
    * Amarok can now remember whether and how to transcode tracks when
      transferring them to a particular collection.
    * "Crop playlist" functionality implemented using drag & drop.
    * Added keyboard shortcut for "Edit Track Information..."
      Patch by Jasneet Bhatti.
    * Support for embedded album covers in non-collection tracks and
      in USB Mass Storage collection.
    * Hold the Shift key when dragging tracks to collections to move them
      instead of copying.
    * New search filter for absolute date
    * Named UMS collections
    * Albums with same name but different album artist are now correctly
      separated in USB Mass Storage, iPod and various online service 
    * Support for detecting compilations in USB Mass Storage collection.
    * Support embedded covers for ogg (read only) and flac files.
    * Track meta-data can be edited in USB Mass Storage collection.
    * Support for album artists in USB Mass Storage collection.
    * album artist (if differs from artist), BPM, labels, last played time and
      bitrate are now shown in playlist track tooltip (if not already displayed
      in playlist)

    * Builds with ffmpeg 0.11.
    * Database structure (lyrics table) was updated. Starting Amarok for the
      first time after the upgrade may take up to one minute as the data is
    * Amazon store: try to show a sensible default in the country selection.
    * Only offer delete action when Shift key is pressed in Collection context
    * Only offer move action when Shift key is pressed in Collection context
    * Remove context view video applet. Unmaintained and broken.
    * Album cover images are written in background to prevent freezes.
    * Make keyboard & mouse behaviour of saved playlists browser same as of the
      collection browser, including the delete key.
    * Delete and Shift + Delete keys now work as expected in collection browser.
    * Preserve statistics when copying or moving tracks to Local Collection.
    * Common album actions such as Show cover, Show under Various Artists are
      now available for all collections that support it, not just Local
    * When copying files to iPod, ensure target directories exist.
    * When writing covers to files, all existing covers will be replaced.
    * PulseAudio status in diagnostic dialog.
    * optional libgpod dependency raised to 0.8.2 to support newest iPods.
    * Amarok now prevents accidental unmounting of iPods in (small) time-frames
      when iTunes database on iPod is not yet updated.
    * Amarok detects when iPod is to be ejected from system and gracefully
      disconnects it when it occurs.
    * Hitting the eject button on iPod collection ejects it also from the
    * iPod collection now detects whether iPod is safe to write and marks iPod
      as read-only if not. This prevents "iPod shows 0 tracks" problem.
    * Correct progress bar advancement when transferring tracks to iPod.
    * iPod Collection supports multiple simultaneous cancellable transfers.
    * Improved dialog to initialize iPod.
    * Load tracks in playlists asynchronously using proxy tracks.
    * It is now possible to transcode tracks when moving them.
    * Drag & drop of tracks and playlists to Saved Playlists works in all cases.
    * Don't show unmounted USB Mass Storage devices and make it clear when
      the device is not "activated" yet.
    * "Devices" in Amarok configuration -> Plugins is with other related strings
      renamed to "Local Collection Backends" to reduce user confusion.
    * Enable keyboard activation of PlaylistBrowser items.
    * Don't use `mysql_config --variable=pkgincludedir`, find mysql include
      directory manually by looking up mysql.h.
    * Album artist is now guessed for tracks that do not belong into any
      collection and tracks from USB Mass Storage collection. Guessing uses the
      same algorithm as Local Collection.
    * When hovering iPod, UMS or MTP collection in collection browser,
      "1.2 GB free" is shown instead of "85% used"; thicker capacity bar.

Plus many bugfixes.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.49 -r1.50 pkgsrc/audio/amarok/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r0 \

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