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CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/ipaexfont

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Fri Nov  9 14:54:07 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/fonts/ipaexfont: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 00201

 The major version is changed, with the addition of glyphs and code positions.
Changes from IPAex Mincho Ver.001.03 to Ver.002.01
Changes from IPAex Gothic Ver.001.02 to Ver.002.01
-Nov 2012
Addition and modification of glyphs and code positions
Added glyphs (six glyphs)

Added Ideographic Variation Sequences (IVS) and glyphs, six sequences to 
elaborate glyph shapes corresponding to JIS X 0213:2000 example glyph shapes.

Added Ideographic Description Characters (IDC, twelve characters)

Added KangXi radical (one character)

Added one new KangXi radical form and encoded both U+2F39 (KangXi Radicals 
Block) and U+5F50 (CJK Unified Ideographs Block).
Slightly changed shapes

Additional implementation of Ideographic Variation Sequences

IPAex Font has been implemented several Ideographic Variation Sequences, 
including different glyph shapes between JIS X 0213:2000 and JIS X 0213:2004. 
In IPAex Font Version 002.01, IVSs are added to default glyph, consequently 
total number of IVSs changed to 352. The default glyphs, which appear without 
IVS environment, correspond to the exemplified shapes in JIS X 0213:2004.

Noted that some IVSs in 352 sequences of IPAex Gothic Font have same glyph 
shapes for different sequences, because some differences of glyph shapes in 
Mincho font design have no meaning in Gothic font design.
U+5026;U+E0101  U+50C5;U+E0101  U+5132;U+E0101  U+514E;U+E0101
U+51A4;U+E0101  U+5307;U+E0100  U+537F;U+E0102  U+53A9;U+E0103
U+53A9;U+E0105  U+53C9;U+E0101  U+53DB;U+E0101  U+53DF;U+E0101
U+54AC;U+E0101  U+54E8;U+E0101  U+55B0;U+E0101  U+5632;U+E0101
U+5642;U+E0101  U+564C;U+E0101  U+56C0;U+E0101  U+5835;U+E0101
U+5906;U+E0101  U+5A29;U+E0101  U+5BDB;U+E0100  U+5C51;U+E0101
U+5C60;U+E0101  U+5DF7;U+E0101  U+5E96;U+E0101  U+5EDF;U+E0101
U+5EFB;U+E0101  U+5F98;U+E0101  U+5FBD;U+E0101  U+6062;U+E0101
U+6062;U+E0102  U+609E;U+E0101  U+6108;U+E0101  U+61F2;U+E0100
U+6241;U+E0101  U+633A;U+E0101  U+633D;U+E0101  U+6357;U+E0101
U+6372;U+E0101  U+63C3;U+E0101  U+646F;U+E0100  U+647A;U+E0101
U+64B0;U+E0101  U+64E2;U+E0101  U+65A7;U+E0101  U+6666;U+E0101
U+66B5;U+E0101  U+6717;U+E0101  U+6753;U+E0101  U+6756;U+E0101
U+6897;U+E0101  U+6962;U+E0101  U+696F;U+E0101  U+698A;U+E0101
U+6994;U+E0101  U+69CC;U+E0101  U+6A0B;U+E0101  U+6A3D;U+E0101
U+6ADB;U+E0100  U+6B4E;U+E0101  U+6C72;U+E0101  U+6DEB;U+E0101
U+6EA2;U+E0101  U+6EBA;U+E0101  U+6F23;U+E0100  U+7015;U+E0101
U+701E;U+E0101  U+7026;U+E0101  U+7058;U+E0101  U+7078;U+E0101
U+707C;U+E0101  U+7149;U+E0100  U+714E;U+E0101  U+7152;U+E0101
U+717D;U+E0102  U+723A;U+E0101  U+724C;U+E0101  U+7259;U+E0101
U+72E1;U+E0101  U+7337;U+E0102  U+7337;U+E0101  U+7511;U+E0102
U+7511;U+E0103  U+7515;U+E0102  U+7526;U+E0101  U+75BC;U+E0101
U+77A5;U+E0101  U+7941;U+E0101  U+7947;U+E0101  U+79B0;U+E0101
U+79E4;U+E0101  U+7A17;U+E0101  U+7A7F;U+E0101  U+7AC8;U+E0101
U+7B08;U+E0102  U+7B75;U+E0101  U+7BAD;U+E0101  U+7BB8;U+E0101
U+7BC7;U+E0101  U+7BDD;U+E0101  U+7C3E;U+E0102  U+7C7E;U+E0102
U+7C82;U+E0101  U+7FEB;U+E0101  U+7FF0;U+E0101  U+8171;U+E0101
U+817F;U+E0101  U+8258;U+E0101  U+8292;U+E0101  U+82A6;U+E0101
U+8328;U+E0101  U+845B;U+E0101  U+84EC;U+E0101  U+8511;U+E0101
U+853D;U+E0101  U+85A9;U+E0101  U+85AF;U+E0101  U+85F7;U+E0101
U+8612;U+E0100  U+8654;U+E0101  U+86F8;U+E0101  U+8703;U+E0101
U+8755;U+E0101  U+8805;U+E0101  U+8956;U+E0101  U+8A0A;U+E0101
U+8A1D;U+E0102  U+8A3B;U+E0101  U+8A6E;U+E0101  U+8AB9;U+E0101
U+8AFA;U+E0101  U+8B0E;U+E0101  U+8B2C;U+E0101  U+8B7F;U+E0101
U+8C79;U+E0101  U+8CED;U+E0101  U+8FBB;U+E0101  U+8FBF;U+E0101
U+8FC2;U+E0101  U+8FC4;U+E0101  U+8FE6;U+E0101  U+9017;U+E0101
U+9019;U+E0101  U+9022;U+E0101  U+903C;U+E0101  U+9041;U+E0102
U+905C;U+E0101  U+9061;U+E0101  U+912D;U+E0101  U+914B;U+E0101
U+91DC;U+E0101  U+9306;U+E0101  U+9375;U+E0101  U+939A;U+E0101
U+9453;U+E0101  U+9699;U+E0101  U+9771;U+E0101  U+9784;U+E0101
U+9798;U+E0101  U+97AD;U+E0101  U+98F4;U+E0101  U+9905;U+E0101
U+990C;U+E0103  U+9910;U+E0101  U+9957;U+E0101  U+99C1;U+E0101
U+9A19;U+E0101  U+9A4A;U+E0101  U+9BAB;U+E0101  U+9BD6;U+E0101
U+9C2F;U+E0101  U+9C52;U+E0101  U+9D09;U+E0101  U+9D60;U+E0101
U+55A9;U+E0102  U+55A9;U+E0100  U+6FF9;U+E0101  U+6FF9;U+E0100
Addition of vertical and horizontal shape change setting

Addition of vertical and horizontal shape change setting for hyphens (U+002D, 
U+2010, U+2011, U+2012) .
Changes of tables in font file
head table

IPAex Mincho : fontRevision:1.030 --> 2.010
IPAex Gothic : font Revision : 1.020 --> 2.010
name table : update of ID0, ID3, ID5

IDO (Copyright)
2003-2009 --> 2003-2012

ID3 (Unique Font Identifier)
IPAex Mincho : IPAexMincho Version 001.03 --> IPAexMincho Version 002.01
IPAex Gothic : IPAexGothic Version 001.02 --> IPAexGothic Version 002.01

ID5 (version)
IPAex Mincho : Version 001.03 --> Version 002.01
IPAex Gothic : Version 001.02 --> Version 002.01

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/fonts/ipaexfont/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/fonts/ipaexfont/distinfo

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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