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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/mercurial

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Fri Nov  2 01:46:06 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/mercurial: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.4:

Mercurial 2.4 (2012-11-1)
This is a regularly-scheduled feature release.

1.1. Core features
    amend: support for ChangesetEvolution if enabled
    bookmarks: deactivate current bookmark if no name is given
    bookmarks: teach the -r option to use revsets
    bookmarks: disallow bookmarks named 'tip', '.', or 'null'
    clone: substantial speedup to clone on repo with a lots of heads (issue3378)
    clone: activate bookmark specified with --updaterev
    clone: update to @ bookmark if it exists
    log: substantial speedup for untracked files (issue1340)
    revsets: add branchpoint() function
    resolve: commit the changes after each item resolve (issue3638)
    subrepo, hghave: use "svn --version --quiet" to determine version number
    subrepo: setting LC_MESSAGES only works if LC_ALL is empty or unset
    templatefilters: add parameterized date method
    templatefilters: add parameterized fill function
    templatefilters: avoid traceback caused by bogus date input (issue3344)
    templatekw: add p1rev, p1node, p2rev, p2node keywords
    templatekw: add parent1, parent1node, parent2, parent2node keywords
    templater: abort when a template filter raises an exception (issue2987)
    templater: add if/ifeq conditionals
    templater: add sub() function
    templating: make new-style templating features work with command line lists
    bookmarks: take ChangesetEvolution into account when updating (issue3561)
    speedup various operation related to ChangesetEvolution
    add detection of changeset bumped by ChangesetEvolution

1.2. Extension features
    color: add additional changeset.phase label to log.changeset and log.parent
    color: enabled color support for export command (issue1507)
    color: support for all grep fields
    contrib: add a commit synthesizer for reproducing scaling problems
    histedit: refuse to edit public changeset
    histedit: replaces patching logic by merges
    histedit: support for ChangesetEvolution if enabled
    largefiles: always create the cache and standin directories when cloning
    largefiles: distinguish "no remote repo" from "no files to upload" 
    largefiles: fix a traceback in lfconvert if a largefile is missing 
    mq: improve qqueue message with patches applied (issue3036)
    mq: update bookmarks during qrefresh
    notify: support revset selection for subscriptions
    rebase: support for ChangesetEvolution if enabled
    record: checks for valid username before starting recording process 
    record: fix display of non-ASCII names in chunk selection

1.3. Fixes
    amend: fix incompatibity between logfile and message option (issue3675)
    amend: wrap all commit operations in a single transaction
    bookmarks: abort when incompatible options are used (issue3663)
    bookmarks: avoid redundant creation/assignment of "validdests" in 
    bookmarks: check bookmark format during rename (issue3662)
    bookmarks: when @ bookmark diverges, don't double the @ sign (BC)
    bookmark: prevent crashing when a successor is unknown locally (issue3680)
    clone: activate @ bookmark if updating to it
    clone: don't %-escape the default destination (issue3145)
    clone: make sure to use "@" as bookmark and "default" as branch (issue3677) 
    clone: print bookmark name when clone activates a bookmark
    commands: don't infer repo for commands like update (issue2748)
    convert: normalize paths in filemaps (issue3612)
    dirstate: handle large dates and times with masking (issue2608)
    dirstate: handle dangling junctions on windows (issue2579)
    filemerge: use util.shellquote when calling merge (issue3581)
    hgweb: make the escape filter remove null characters (issue2567)
    http2: make it possible to connect w/o ssl on port 443
    icasefs: make case-folding collision detection as deletion aware (issue3648)
    largefiles: don't copy largefiles from working dir to the store while 
    largefiles: respect the rev when reading standins in copytostore() 
    largefiles: use 'default' instead of 'default-push' when pulling (issue3584)
    mq: fix qrefresh case sensitivity (issue3271)
    patchbomb: respect --in-reply-to for all mails if no intro message is sent
    remove: don't return error on directories with tracked files
    revset: accept @ in unquoted symbols (issue3686)
    scmutil: add mustaudit delegation to filtervfs (issue3673)
    subrepo: only do clean update when overwrite is set (issue3276)
    subrepo: subrepo isolation, pass baseui when cloning a new subrepo 
    update: check for missing files with --check (issue3595) (BC)
    url: use open and not for local files (issue3624)
    verify: fix all doubled-slash sites (issue3665)
    wireproto: fix pushkey hook failure and output on remote http repo

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.31 -r1.32 pkgsrc/devel/mercurial/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.64 -r1.65 pkgsrc/devel/mercurial/distinfo

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