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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/p5-Net-DNS

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Oct 21 22:12:09 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/p5-Net-DNS: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.68:

**** 0.68 Jan 30, 2012

Fix #72314

        Let a Net::DNS::Nameserver bind on Net::DNS::Nameserver::DEFAULT_ADDR
        as a last resort.

Fix to suppress false warnings about subroutine profiles on ancient
        versions of perl.

Fix to avoid constants with value undef which prevents unwanted code from being
        optimized away on ancient versions of perl.

Fix code error in, canonical RDATA not downcased.

Enhancement to clarify the function of parse and data methods, by renaming them
        to decode and encode respectively.

Feature IDN query support. modified to use the recently introduced
        module to represent DNS names.  Queries for domain names containing
        non-ASCII characters are now possible on Unicode platforms with CPAN
        Net::LibIDN installed.

Introduction of module that will be used in the future to represent
        RDATA components containing DNS coded RFC822 mailbox addresses.

Introduction of module that will be used in the future to represent
        RDATA components containing text.

**** 0.67 Nov 4, 2011

Enhancement #60726

        On Cygwin Net::DNS now builds without Win32::IPHelper, unless a
        previous version is updated that did use it.
        The choice may also be set by the --iphelper or --noiphelper option
        to Makefile.PL.

Fix to suppress IO::Socket::INET(6)::peerhost usage with TCP. On some systems
        it doesn't work after receiving data.

Enhancement #43142

        Allow ReplyHandlers to indicate that no answer should be returned
        by the Net::DNS::Nameserver.

Fix #71796

        Prevent TCP accepts from blocking on unfinished 3-way handshakes.

Fix #65607

        Make 64bits windows work by depending on Win32::IPHelper version 0.07
        Thanks to Lian Wan Situ.

Fix #66470

        Named nameserver should be reachable by IPv6 too.

Fix to make tests work in jailed environments where a reply might come
        from a different address than that of the loopback interface.

Feature to use a class method ReplyHandler for classes inheriting from

        A contribution from Rob Brown.

Fix #71062

        Replace the usage of the obsolete Win32::Registry module by
        Win32::TieRegistry module.

Fix #68731

        Fix linking of the C compiled parts of the library on Mac OS X

New improved version of the check_soa script in the contrib section.

        A contribution from Dick Franks.

Fix #70830

        Make t/08-online.t handle NXDOMAIN hijacking that return more then one

Fix #24525

        Removed dependency on Net::IP

Fix online tests to use the library as documented and not use knowledge of the
        internal workings of the classes that should be hidden.

        A contribution from Dick Franks

Fix #55682
        Make online tests non-fatal by default.
        All interactive prompts are removed from Makefile.PL.
        Online tests may still be made a requisite by using the --online-tests

Major rework of and the addition of

        Which paves the way towards handling of character encodings and IDN.
        A contribution from Dick Franks.

Fix #69174

        Typo that prevented TCP traffic from being replied from the same
        socket as it was received on.

Fix #68338

        Suppress warnings of the deprecated use of qw as parentheses in
        perl 5.14.

Enhancement #67418

        A contribution from Wolfsage to perform presentation to wire format
        conversion more efficiently.

Fix #67133

        Gracefully handle corrupted incoming packets in Net::DNS::Nameserver.

Feature to manage serial numbers in SOA records in a modular and extensible way.

        Three modules are provided. Strictly sequential, Date Encoded and
        Time Encoded.  A contribution from Dick Franks.

Fix #53325

        Make Net::DNS::Resolver load even if /etc/resolv.conf is unreadable.

Fix #63486

        Make t/08-online.t fail gracefully in stead of crash on failures.

Fix #55586

        Various typo fixes.

Fix #55682

        Really do not use networking functions when online tests are disabled.

Fix #64562

        Replace TSIG key with the signature of the whole packet when signing
        a packet, even when the TSIG key is not the first in the additional

Fix #56181 and #47265

        Assembly of segmented TCP traffic.

Feature #57289

        Provide a configurable IdleTimeout for Net::DNS::Namserver.

Fix #53595

        Fix documentation to reflect code behaviour where on successful packet
        creation, the error should be ignored.

Fix #58914

        Fix spelling of "algorithm"

Fix #61725

        Include default domain in the search list on Win32.
        Thanks Mark Rallen.

Fix #63321

        A Net::DNS::Nameserver without a NotifyHandler now responds NOTIMP
        to NOTIFY requests.

Fix #53595

        Documentation now reflects Net::DNS::Packet construction behaviour.

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