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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/mono

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Oct 21 21:21:41 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/mono: Makefile PLIST.common distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.10.9:


Fix a libgdiplus issue that had forced linking against Apple's X11 stack for 
text rendering.
Fix issue where a native crash causes MonoDevelop to hang and neither Force 
Quit nor kill -9 would terminate it (Xamarin #2548).
Fix sgen failing with Assertion at sgen-gc.c:2506, condition 
`mono_sgen_need_bridge_processing ()' not met.



    Updated the Task Parallel Library to include the latest fixes from our main 
development branch.
    SQLiteConnection can now set the threading mode (Xamarin #652)
    Improved the debugger protocol to speed up debugging and value lookup
    Added basic support for MSBuild 4.0 (Leszek Ciesielski, Paul Selormey)
    NuGet now runs on Mono
    Phalanger 3.0 now runs with Mono
    Adds support for some Azure libraries
    Added support for bundling profilers in a static binary
    The profiler can now log its data to any file descriptor (for over-the-net 
profile logging)
    SGen now has native support for object systems that implement ToggleRefs
    Mobile Profile now contains System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles
    Added PerformanceCounters for JIT statistics
    Add support for Android CPU count.
    HashSet<T> can now be serialized (Neale Ferguson)

Bug Fixes

    The --profile loader will now work on MacOS X without setting any 
environment variables
    Fixes slow start on threads (Xamarin #1036)
    Fixed the SGen interaction between weak references and ephemerons
    Fixes --profile=log on x64 systems (Xamarin #971)
    Fixes crash on some debugging configurations (Xamarin #1093)
    Fixes timezone race condition (Xamarin #1055)
    Fixes SendAsync reporting the wrong number of bytes sent (Xamarin #531)
    Plug a managed leak in the ASP.NET stack (HttpResponse)
    Fix an infinite loop in Path.GetTempFileName
    Fixes Soap12 message serialisation incorrect for ReplyTo header value 
(Xamarin #1244)
    Linked away exception on AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne() on device (Xamarin #1144)
    Fixed MonoDoc to avoid loading the same documentation more than once (fixes 
MonoDoc browser)
    Fixes regression in System.Diagnostics.Process.PrivateMemorySize64 (Xamarin 
    ASP.NET fix for WebResource.axd and hashes containing /
    ServiceModel now allows https endpoints (Xamarin #1203)
    ServiceModel now allow requests with no headers (Xamarin #1205 and #1207 by 
Mario Kosmiskaso)
    Fix for WebOperationContext.IncomingResponse (Xamarin #1209 by Mario 
    Fix for propagating operation context (Xamarin #1210 by Mario Kosmiskaso)
    Fix WebConnectionStream to return the correct length for input streams
    Fix serialization reader (Xamarin #1462)
    Various fixes to System.IO.Packaging
    mono-service now passes the command line arguments to the services
    Alternate path separator on Unix improves compatibility with Windows 
    Fixes xsi:nil handling (Xamarin #1198)
    Fixes hang caused by gdb attaching to the wrong process when Mono 
    Fixes the handling of XmlSchemaFrom importing, which is exposed by 
WebSphere WSDL tools
    Fixes crash on inlined code that contained some patterns of exception 
throwing (Xamarin #1835)
    Fixes monotonic clock on OSX and iOS (Xamarin #1366)
    Fixes leak in Process class if WaitForExit was not called (Xamarin #1682)
    Fixes typo in ASP.NET's SQLServer SessionState
    Fixes marshaling of IPv6 addresses in Win32
    Fixes race in ServiceModel.Logger
    Fixes string truncation in Tds protocol (Xamarin #1916, Neale Ferguson)
    Fixes System.Data DataView sorting
    Fixes Debug information for dynamic methods (Novell #731579)
    On Android, stdout/stderr become the logcat
    Fixes ConditionalWeakTable behavior with SGen (Xamarin #1175)
    Fixes SIGSEGV during GC when write barrier is set to cardtable (Xamarin 
    Added JSonSerializer support for nullables (Xamarin #163)
    Fixes deadlock on SDB (Xamarin #2190)
    Fixes heuristics for inserting breakpoints (Xamarin #407)
    Fixes Array.Containsfor null items via ICollection<T> (Xamarin #2260)
    Fixes scanning of complex values in SGen (Xamarin #228)
    Fixes assignability of arrays with generic interfaces (Xamarin #2304)
    Fixes FullAOT support for iterating Linq.OrderedEnumerable (Xamarin #2155)
    Fix a libgdiplus issue that had forced linking against Apple's X11 stack 
for text rendering on MacOS.
    Fix issue on Mac where a native crash causes MonoDevelop to hang and 
neither Force Quit nor kill -9 would terminate it (Xamarin #2548).

Mobile Profile Fixes

    Xamarin 233: support commit/rollback/update events in iOS/Sqlite
    Xamarin 154: Support Dispose on BinaryReader on the Mobile Profile
    SGen bridge processing is now a two-step process (used for Mono/Android)
    Xamarin 1999: all threads are now wrapped in NSAutoreleasePools.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/lang/mono/PLIST.common
cvs rdiff -u -r1.85 -r1.86 pkgsrc/lang/mono/distinfo

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