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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/p5-SQL-Translator

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   sno
Date:           Fri Oct 19 08:08:25 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/p5-SQL-Translator: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updating package for CPAN module SQL::Translator from 0.11010nb2 to

pkgsrc changes:
- adjust dependencies

Upstream changes:
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11016 2012-10-09
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Allow passing an arrayref to SQLT->filename (lost in Mooification)

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11015 2012-10-05
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Fix stupid missing version number in SQL::Translator::Schema::Object

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11014 2012-10-05
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Relicense under Perl 5 terms

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11013_03 2012-09-25
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Remove SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph as announced in 0.11011
* Remove a number of no longer needed deps

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11013_02 2012-09-23
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Fix missing dep (List::MoreUtils)

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11013_01 2012-09-22
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Convert SQL::Translator, ::Schema and ::Schema::* to Moo
* Fix leaks by weakening circular references between schema objects

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11013 2012-09-22
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Make MySQL producer add NULL after every nullable field, conforming to SQL
  standard, and avoiding MySQL bugs

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11012 2012-07-02
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* Fix/update quoting in PostgreSQL producer
* Add missing quote function to SQLServer producer
* Fix incorrect Parser::DBI documentation (RT#60878)

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# 0.11011 2012-05-09
# ----------------------------------------------------------

* SQLT no longer supports setting separate conflicting values for the now
  deprecated 'quote_table_names' and 'quote_field_names'. Instead their values
  are proxied to the new 'quote_identifiers'. If 'quote_identifiers' is
  supplied, the legacy settings are ignored (with a warning). If nothing is
  specified the default is TRUE as before. If only one is specified - default
  to its value for everything, and if both are specified with a conflicting
  value an exception is thrown.
* Partial quoting support has been added in SQLite. It is currently disabled by
  default, you need to request is explicitly with quote_identifiers => 1. In a
  future version of SQL::Translator *THIS DEFAULT BEHAVIOR WILL CHANGE*.
  If you do NOT WANT quoting, set quote_identifiers to a false value to
  protect yourself from changes in a future release.
* Bump the default MySQL parser version to MySQL 4.0
* script/sqlt-graph now accepts a --trace option
* Fixes to SQLite foreign keys production (patch from Johan Viklund)
  closes RT#16412, RT#44769
* ON DELETE/UPDATE actions for SQLite (patch from Lukas Thiemeier)
  closes RT#70734, RT#71283, RT#70378
* Fix data preservation on SQLite diffs involving adding/dropping columns
* Support for triggers in PostgreSQL producer and parser
* Correct Data Type in SQLT::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL (patch from Andrew Pam)
* Fix index issue in SQLT::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL
* Add column and table comments in SQLT::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL(patch from 
Andrew Pam)
* Stop the DBI parser from disconnecting externally supplied DBI handles 
* Fixed alter_drop_constraint for foreign keys and applying multiple changes
  via alter_field to a column in Postgres Producer
* Added a working mechanism for naming foreign keys in the PostgreSQL producer
* Fix PostgreSQL ignoring default values with specified data type
* Fix PostgreSQL parser support for (N)::int defaults (patch by Tina Müller)
* Fix possible name duplication in SQLlite producer
* Oracle does not accept ON DELETE/UPDATE RESTRICT (though it is the actual 
  fix by not adding the ON DELETE/UPDATE clause at all
* Changed dependency on Digest::SHA1 to the core-bundled Digest::SHA (RT#67989)
* Support for double quoted and bit strings as default values in MySQL parser
* Improved VIEW support in MySQL parser
* Proper handling of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default values in MySQL parser (RT#65844)
* Check in MySQL parser to avoid trying to parse a table defined twice in the 
  file as indices (and probably other things) get messed up
* Workaround for some MySQL quirks on primary key definitions
* Fix dropping primary keys in MySQL diffs (RT#62250, patch from Nick Bertrand)
* MySQL producer does not attempt to write out non-existent unique constraint 
* MySQL parser correctly differentiates between signed and unsigned integer 
  display sizes
* Replace Class::Accessor::Fast dependency with already-included Moo
* Entire codebase is now free of tabs and trailing whitespace
* Spellfixes (RT#68912)
* Fix Diagram Producer POD (RT#71397, RT#71398)
* Fix Diagram Producer to use correct binmode on output (RT#71399)
* Fix ignored option to script/sqlt-diagram (RT#5992)
* Fix t/17sqlfxml-producer.t failures due to whitespace differences introduced 
  environment config snippets (RT#70786)
* Fix assembly of Table objects with numbered columns being added out of order
  (RT#74771) (based on patch from Jonathan Otsuka)
* Fix syntax error in SQL::Translator::Producer::Latex (RT#74953)
* Deprecate SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph and the as_graph() schema method
* Bump minimum supported perl version to 5.8.1 (mostly due to Moo)

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/databases/p5-SQL-Translator/distinfo

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