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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Parse-RecDescent

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   sno
Date:           Fri Oct 19 07:42:25 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Parse-RecDescent: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updating package for Parse::RecDescent in devel/p5-Parse-RecDescent from
1.965.1nb3 (upstream version: 1.965001) to 1.967.9 (upstream version:

Upstream changes since 1.965001:
1.967009      Fri Mar 16 07:25:09 2012

      - Bumped version to 1.967009 for non-development release.

1.967_008      Tue Mar 13 22:28:00 2012

      - Restore old _parserepeat calling convention.  Change a
        parser's DESTROY method to check for $self->{_not_precompiled}
        instead of $self->{_precompiled}. (Fix for RT #74593).

1.967_007      Thu Feb 23 07:26:03 2012

      - Revised ExtUtils::MakeMaker build/configure version
        requirements. ( #74787, Thanks Paul!)

      - Revised Text::Balanced prereq to require version 1.95,
        necessary for t/skip.t to pass.
        ( #74787, Thanks Paul!)

      - Removed unused prereq.

      - Fix a circular reference memory leak caused by the use of
        $AUTOLOAD in sub AUTOLOAD{} in the generated parser's
        namespace.  Workaround documented in perl5 RT #110248.
        Workaround a circular reference memory leak in ISA documented
        by perl5 RT #92708.  A parser's DESTROY() method redefines all
        subs before deleting the stash, to avoid circular references
        between subrules. (RT #53710, thanks Andreas!)

      - Parse::RecDescent::AUTOLOAD did not correctly handle
        initializing the line counting mechanism when a reference to a
        scalar was passed to the parser. ( #27705, thanks

1.967006   Fri Feb 10 20:48:48 2012

      - Bumped version to 1.967006 for non-development release.

1.967_005   Wed Feb  8 18:46:35 2012

      - Added as author in Build.PL.

      - Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker build/configure version
        requirements. ( #74787, Thanks POPEL!)

1.967_004  Tue Feb  7 22:11:11 2012

    - Localize the OUT filehandle during Precompile.

    - Document the <autotree:Base::Class> form of the <autotree>

    - Provide a simple test for the <autotree> directive,
      t/autotree.t.  Renamed basics.t to ensure it runs before

    - Allow a global <skip:> directive that functions the same as
      modifying $Parse::RecDescent::skip prior to compiling a
      grammar. (Thanks Flavio!)

    - Require that the $file returned by caller() be eq '-', rather than merely
      starting with '-'.  This allows execution of the following.  (Thanks 
        perl -MParse::RecDescent -e 'print "$Parse::RecDescent::VERSION\n";'

    - Warn on empty productions followed by other productions.  The
      empty production always matches, so following productions will
      never be reached.

    - *** NON-BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE CHANGE! *** A repetition directive
      such as 'id(s /,/)' correctly creates a temporary @item variable
      to hold the 'id's that are matched.  That @item variable is them
      used to set the real $item[] entry for that repetition.  The
      same treatment is now given to %item.  Formerly, in a production like:

          id ',' id(s /,/)

      matched against:

          xxx, yyy, zzz

      The $item{id} entry which should be 'xxx' is overwritten by
      'yyy' and then 'zzz' prior to the action being executed.  Now
      'yyy' and 'zzz' set $item{id}, but in the private %item, which
      goes out of scope once the repetition match completes.

    - ** EXPERIMENTAL ** When precompiling, optionally create a
      standalone parser by including most of the contents of
      Parse::RecDescent in the resulting Precompiled output.

      - Accept an optional $options hashref to Precompile, which can
        be used to specify $options->{-standalone}, which currently
        defaults to false.

      - The subroutines import, Precompile and Save are not included
        in the Precompile'd parser.

      - The included Parse::RecDescent module is renamed to
        Parse::RecDescent::_Runtime to avoid namespace conflicts with
        an installed and use'd Parse::RecDescent.

      - Add a new t/precompile.t to test precompilation.

      - Add a new $_FILENAME global to Parse::RecDescent to make it
        easy for the Precompile method to find the module.

      - Remove the prototype from _generate.  It is not required, and
        it caused t/precompile.t (which ends up re-definiing a lot of
        Parse::RecDescent subroutines) to fail needlessly, as the
        calls to _generate in Replace and Extend normally do not see
        the prototype, but do when re-defined.

      - POD documentation for standalone parsers added.

1.967003  Mon Jan 30 07:24:53 2012

    - Remove the 'use 5.10' from t/skip_dynamic.t, it runs fine
      against Perl 5.8.9. (Thanks Slaven!)

1.967002  Sun Jan 29 19:13:04 2012

    - Addressed #29966: regex with single backslash not
      recognized.  Changed the definition of $TOKEN to handle
      backslashes inside of regex patterns.

    - Skip tests in t/reentry.t if Test::Warn isn't available.

1.967001  Sat Jan 28 20:54:48 2012

    - Addressed #28314: regex modifiers for tokens not
      honored during regex syntax check. (Thanks SADAHIRO!)

    - Fixed some POD typos

    - Added message on how to turn off "default" hint value in the
      default hint value ($::RD_HINT = 0). # #4898.

    - Modified _write_ERROR to call formline twice to avoid repeated

    - Collected match tracing messages into a common function which
      takes into account positive/negative lookahead.

    - Addressed #74258: RD_AUTOSTUB does not work with
      precompiled parsers.  (Thanks Yuri!)

      - Special-case $::RD_AUTOSTUB eq 1.  $::RD_AUTOSTUB's value is
        ignored, and the unknown subrule 'rule' has a production
        "rule: 'rule'", rather than "rule: '1'".

      - Change Parse::RecDescent::new to call $self->Replace with only
        the grammar as an argument.  That prevents the $compiling
        argument to new() from being incorrectly interpreted as

1.966_002  Sun Jan 22 19:08:37 2012

    - *** NON-BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE CHANGE! *** Change the caches for
      $prevline and $thisline to be local to the parser, rather than
      lexical vars in Parse::RecDescent.  This prevents previously
      generated parsers from interfering with the line counts of
      later parsers.

    - removed trailing whitespace from all member files (cosmetic)

    - new tests, updated MANIFEST

    - Added Jeremy Braun as an author and current maintainer

    - update file permissions

    - fixed a few broken links in the pod

1.966_001  Mon Nov 14 10:34:52 2011

    - Applied fix to restore skipped prefixes on match failure
      (thanks Jeremy!)

    - *** NON-BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE CHANGE! *** Removed formats to
      eliminate problems with filehandle duplication in forked
      environments.  Removed redirect_reporting_to() in favor of using
      STDERR for all error/trace output.

1.966_000  Mon Jun 27 08:32:50 2011

    - Patched unnamed subrules, so that they actual fail when
      not correctly specified (thanks Evgeniy!)

    - Added skip tests (thanks Flavio)

    - Added doc patch to make $skip semantics clearer (thanks Flavio!)

    - Fixed POD description of <rightop:...> semantics (thanks Dirk!)

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