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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/pforth

On 10/12/2012 18:39, John Marino wrote:
On 10/12/2012 18:33, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2012-10-12 at 17:25 BST, John Marino wrote:

GCC 4.7 doesn't recognized -c89 and breaks immediate. Use the -std
switch to fix the build.

A better place to fix this would be in mk/wrapper/transform-gcc, that
way it fixes the problem for every package.

I note that -std= was supported from GCC 3.0.4, 2.95.x used the option
-fstd=, if there are still active platforms which use gcc 2.95 then
it'd be useful to enhance the wrapper script to support per-version
transformations (which may be useful in the future anyway).

You are probably right that your approach would be more generic and
therefore better. However as a data point, I built over 10000 packages
with gcc 4.7.2 and I only found this instance of -c89, so it's not like
it's a widespread problem. This might have been the only one.


Or were you saying that -std=c89 breaks gcc 2.95?

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