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CVS commit: pkgsrc/wm

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   asau
Date:           Mon Oct  8 12:42:26 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/wm/3ddesktop: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/9wm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/aewm++: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/afterstep: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/amaterus: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/amiwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/awesome: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bbkeys: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bbkeys09: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bbpager: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bbpager04: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bbrun: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/blackbox: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/blackbox70: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bmpanel2: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/bsetroot: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/ccsm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/compiz: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/compiz-fusion-plugins-main: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/ctwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/cwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/dwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/e16menuedit2: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/echinus: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/enlightenment: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/ethemes: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/evilwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fluxbox: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fluxconf: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fluxter: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/flwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fvwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fvwm-devel: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fvwm-themes: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/fvwm1: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/golem: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/icecc: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/icewm: Makefile.common
        pkgsrc/wm/icewmconf: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/ion: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/jwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/larswm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/lwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/matchbox-wm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/metacity: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/metisse: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/mlvwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/musca: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/notion: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/novawm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/obpager: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/olvwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/openbox: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/oroborox: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/oroborus: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/pekwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/piewm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/pwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/py-tyle: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/sawfish: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/scrotwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/selectwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/skippy: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/tvtwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/twm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/uwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/vtwm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/w9wm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/waimea: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wampager: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wbar: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/weewm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/windowlab: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/windowmaker: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wm2: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmakerconf: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmctrl: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmextra: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmi: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmii: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmthemes: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmx: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/wmx-gnome: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/xfce4-wm: Makefile
        pkgsrc/wm/xfce4-wm-themes: Makefile

Log Message:
Drop PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT setting, "user-destdir" is default these days.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.28 -r1.29 pkgsrc/wm/3ddesktop/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/wm/9wm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.13 pkgsrc/wm/aewm++/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.59 -r1.60 pkgsrc/wm/afterstep/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 pkgsrc/wm/amaterus/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.25 -r1.26 pkgsrc/wm/amiwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.31 -r1.32 pkgsrc/wm/awesome/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.24 -r1.25 pkgsrc/wm/bbkeys/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/wm/bbkeys09/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.21 -r1.22 pkgsrc/wm/bbpager/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/wm/bbpager04/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 pkgsrc/wm/bbrun/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.32 -r1.33 pkgsrc/wm/blackbox/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/wm/blackbox70/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/wm/bmpanel2/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.24 -r1.25 pkgsrc/wm/bsetroot/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.14 -r1.15 pkgsrc/wm/ccsm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.52 -r1.53 pkgsrc/wm/compiz/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 pkgsrc/wm/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.22 -r1.23 pkgsrc/wm/compiz-fusion-plugins-main/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.28 -r1.29 pkgsrc/wm/ctwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/wm/cwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/wm/dwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.35 -r1.36 pkgsrc/wm/e16menuedit2/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/wm/echinus/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.52 -r1.53 pkgsrc/wm/enlightenment/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.19 -r1.20 pkgsrc/wm/ethemes/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.31 -r1.32 pkgsrc/wm/evilwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.56 -r1.57 pkgsrc/wm/fluxbox/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/wm/fluxconf/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/wm/fluxter/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.25 -r1.26 pkgsrc/wm/flwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.19 -r1.20 pkgsrc/wm/fvwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.39 -r1.40 pkgsrc/wm/fvwm-devel/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/wm/fvwm-themes/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/wm/fvwm1/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.29 -r1.30 pkgsrc/wm/golem/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.24 -r1.25 pkgsrc/wm/icecc/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.65 -r1.66 pkgsrc/wm/icewm/Makefile.common
cvs rdiff -u -r1.17 -r1.18 pkgsrc/wm/icewmconf/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.39 -r1.40 pkgsrc/wm/ion/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.19 -r1.20 pkgsrc/wm/jwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/wm/larswm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/wm/lwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/wm/matchbox-wm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.103 -r1.104 pkgsrc/wm/metacity/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.28 -r1.29 pkgsrc/wm/metisse/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.9 -r1.10 pkgsrc/wm/mlvwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/wm/musca/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/wm/notion/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.17 -r1.18 pkgsrc/wm/novawm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/wm/obpager/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/wm/olvwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.78 -r1.79 pkgsrc/wm/openbox/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.34 -r1.35 pkgsrc/wm/oroborox/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.17 -r1.18 pkgsrc/wm/oroborus/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.44 -r1.45 pkgsrc/wm/pekwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/wm/piewm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.31 -r1.32 pkgsrc/wm/pwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.9 -r1.10 pkgsrc/wm/py-tyle/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.32 -r1.33 pkgsrc/wm/ratpoison/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.67 -r1.68 pkgsrc/wm/sawfish/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/wm/scrotwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.21 -r1.22 pkgsrc/wm/selectwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.22 -r1.23 pkgsrc/wm/skippy/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/wm/tvtwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/wm/twm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.14 -r1.15 pkgsrc/wm/uwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/wm/vtwm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/wm/w9wm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.40 -r1.41 pkgsrc/wm/waimea/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/wm/wampager/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/wm/wbar/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/wm/weewm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.21 -r1.22 pkgsrc/wm/windowlab/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.93 -r1.94 pkgsrc/wm/windowmaker/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 pkgsrc/wm/wm2/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.58 -r1.59 pkgsrc/wm/wmakerconf/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/wm/wmctrl/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/wm/wmextra/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/wm/wmi/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.23 -r1.24 pkgsrc/wm/wmii/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.28 -r1.29 pkgsrc/wm/wmthemes/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/wm/wmx/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/wm/wmx-gnome/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.43 -r1.44 pkgsrc/wm/xfce4-wm/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.31 -r1.32 pkgsrc/wm/xfce4-wm-themes/Makefile

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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