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CVS commit: pkgsrc/shells/ast-ksh

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Sat Oct  6 12:23:36 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/shells/ast-ksh: Makefile.common distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 20120801

# ksh93
12-08-01  A bug that ignored interrupts for some builtins (e.g. cmdtst::grep)
          that read from stdin has been fixed.
12-08-01  A bug that interpreted "cd .foo" as "cd foo" has been fixed.
12-07-30  Added automatic restart for EINTR for ioctl, tcgetattr, and tcsetattr.
12-07-23  A scoping error with namrefs to compound associative arrays has
          been fixed.
12-07-20  A bug where builtin -d /path/foo deleted foo has been fixed.
12-07-18  A bug in which /dev/stdout did not work in command substitution on
          some systems has been fixed.
12-07-17  A bug in which the restricted option set in a subshell prevented
          some variables from getting restored when the subshell completed
          has been fixed.
12-07-09  A bug in which the directory is not restored after a subshell changes
          the name of the directory for subshells executed in the same process
          has been fixed.
12-07-09  A bug in which file descriptors created with {n}< file were not being
          closed has been fixed.
12-07-09  The 12-04-04 fix for cd .. was not correct causing cd /etc;cd .. to
          remain in /etc.  This has been fixed.
12-07-02  A bug in which builtin name did now work for builtins found in a
          library added by builtin -f lib has been fixed.
12-07-02  A bug in the edit modes which <tab> after a directory did not refresh
          the input line has been fixed.
12-07-02  A bug in which an exit status > 256 corresponding to a signal was
          not returned by a function to indicate a signal exit has been fixed.
12-06-28  Fix ulimit -a to list (Kibytes) instead of (kbytes).
12-06-27  Fix unitialized data reference for <CR> as first char in --vi mode.
12-06-26  The formatting of printf "%q" for multibyte locales has changed to
          output using \u[xxx] format for valid wide characters.
12-06-25  The size limit for read -N and read -n has been raised to INT_MAX.
12-06-22  A bug in which an exit trap set in a subshell might not be triggered
          when the last command was a simple executable has been fixed.
12-06-22  A bug which could cause the shell to hang when a coprocess exits
          while a command inside a command substitution is reading from it has
          been fixed.
12-06-21 +ksh new accepts for commands of the form for i; <nl> do;...;done
12-06-19  Tab completion after a / when there is only one match not completes
          with that match rather than generating a menu of matches.
12-06-19  A bug in which patterns containing {...} where not processed
          correctly inside ${var/pattern/string} has been fixed.
12-06-15  Change the .paths plugin/builtin library variable name from
          BUILTIN_LIB to PLUGIN_LIB to prevent new plugin_version() aware
          -lcmd from causing older non-plugin_version() aware ksh to dump core.
12-06-14  builtin without argument no longer lists .sh.tilde as a built-in.
12-06-12  For assignments if the form x=(foo bar), foo is only check for an
          alias if it is float, integer, compound, or nameref.
12-06-12 +The shell supports 64 bit i-nodes even for 32 bit binaries.
12-06-11  A bug wth >; redirection systems for which vfork() was the same a
          fork() has been fixed.
12-06-11  A bug in path lookup that ignored buffer boundaries has been fixed.
12-06-08  typeset -a var and typeset -A var, first unset var when var is
          a compound variable.
12-06-08  A bug in which running shcomp on a program containg namespace
          could core dump has been fixed.
12-06-06  A bug in which unset of an associative array of compound variables
          did not completely unset the variable has been fixed.
12-06-06  A bug in which exporting left or right justfied fields could loose
          the field width has been fixed.
12-06-06  A bug on Solaris11 in which >; did not work for /dev/null was fixed.
12-06-05  A race condition which occured when stopping a builtin command
          invoked from a subshell has been fixed.
12-06-05  A bug with appending elements to an empty indexed array has been
12-06-04  A bug in which continuing a stopped builtin could cause it to
          terminate has been fixed.
12-06-04  By default, builtins added at runtime will restore the current
          directory if they are killed or stopped.
12-06-04  A bug in handling \ in read has been fixed.
12-05-31  Use getrlimit64/setrlimit64 on systems that support it.
12-05-31  Fix 64 bit big-endian arithmentic bug that mishandled nan and inf.
12-05-31  Handle ECONNRESET like EPIPE.
12-05-31  Change .paths parse to use only the last BUILTIN_LIB from the top
          and treat BUILTIN_LIB value as a ':' separated list of lib names.
12-05-29  Fix BUILTIN_LIB binding bug that ignored subsequent lookups.
12-05-29  shtests: --nocompile omits the compile test and --compile does only
          the compile test.
12-05-25  A command subsitution containing a here-document that itself contains
          a here-document no longer hangs.
12-05-24  When the redirection operatory >; is directed to a symlink, it now
          overwrites the file named by the link rather than the link.
12-05-21 +Added printf formats %(type)q where type can be html, url, pattern,
          ere, or csv.
12-05-18  A bug with appending elements to an indexed array has been fixed.
12-05-18  The exit status from getopts --man interactively was 0 instead of 2
          and has been fixed.
12-05-18  Another bug with SHOPT_EDPREDICT which could cause a core dump has
          been fixed.
12-05-17  A bug with fixed size arrays which could cause a core dump has been
12-05-17  A bug in which the here-document <<< $(<file) was not processed
          correctly has been fixed.
12-05-15  The default value for -L, -R, and -Z when the size was not set was
          incorrectly defaulting to 1 and has been fixed.
12-05-15  A bug in which a subshell of the form (name=value exec ...) could
          coredump when name is an environment variable and xtrace is on has
          been fixed.
12-05-15  Fixed a .paths bug in which only the first BUILTIN_LIB assignment 
12-05-14  Arithmetic expressions and subexpressions that are not floating point
          now treat -0 as 0, so that $((-0)) is 0 and $((-0.0)) is -0.
12-05-11  'unset .sh' now fails with readonly message instead of coredump.
12-05-11  A bug which left an associative array arr containing one element in
          the wrong state after expanding with ${arr[@]} has been fixed.
12-05-10  A bug in which typeset -f did not display options that called getopts
          has been fixed.
12-05-08  Fixed a number of potential bugs uncovered by valgrind.
12-05-08  A bug in which typeset -b -Z10 var did not initialize var to the
          empty string has been fixed.
12-05-07  A bug in which the exit value of an interactive shell could be
          affected by the evaluation of the PS1 prompt has been fixed.
12-05-04  A bug in which x=() was not unsetting the old value of x before
          creating an empty compound variable has been fixed.
12-05-01  A bug in vi edit mode in which after <ESC>^V, the terminal was not
          restored to insert mode after a character is entered has been fixed.
12-04-27  A bug in which old attributes were not cleared when assigning a
          value using typeset has been fixed.
12-04-26 +Enabled multiline editing by default.  set +o multiline can disable.
12-04-25  The 12-04-17 PATH fix created a new bug which was fixed.
12-04-25  Fixed a big memory leak problem in which unsetting compound variables
          did not free all the space.
12-04-25  A bug in which test ! ! ! was treated as an error has been fixed.
12-04-24  A bug with print -v for a compound variable that contained fixed
          arrays which prevented the output from being used again as input
          has been fixed.
12-04-23 +kill provides the STKFLT signal on systems that support it.
12-04-23 +The -L option was added to kill.  The -L option is the same as -l
          except that without arguments the output format is in the form of
          a select menu.
12-04-23  A bug in which the exit status for an interactive shell was always
          0 has been fixed.
12-04-20  Entering blank lines interactively no longer resets the exit status.
12-04-18  A bug in file completion in which the second tab completion on a file
          would list the completion rather than inserting the completion has
          been fixed.
12-04-18  A bug in which "${arr[@]:i:j}" and "${@:i:j}" generated the empty
          string when i was a valid subscript and j was <=0 rather than
          generating nothing has been fixed.
12-04-17  A bug in which read -d delim from a terminal did not respond to
          interrupt and did not termrinate when the delimiter was entered
          has been fixed.
12-04-17  A bug in which a directory in PATH containing a .paths file that
          contains a line with FPATH=dir, where dir does not exist could
          cause the path search to fail has been fixed.
12-04-16  A bug in which $(trap -p) did not display traps such as ERR and
          DEBUG that are not associated with signals has been fixed.
12-04-11  A bug in which unsetting a variable did not unset attributes when
          the variable did not have a value has been fixed.
12-04-11  A bug in which read -A for an array whose index is an enumeration
          type, lost the enumeration type has been fixed.
12-04-10  Shared libraries loaded from a library named by a BUILTIN_LIB= found
          in a .paths file found in a directory on PATH now add builtins that
          are associated with the directory in PATH containing the .paths file.
12-04-09  Increased I/O buffer sizes for better performance.
12-04-09  A bug in which the leading 0 was stripped from $x, when $x contained
          a heximadecimal constant inside an arithmetic expression inside
          a for or while loop.
12-04-06  Modified namespaces to hand variabes FPATH, PATH, and OPTIND that
          are defined in name spaces appropriately.  This also fixed OPTIND
          and OPTARG processing for functions.
12-04-04  A bug in which cd .. fails when the current directory has been
          renamed has been fixed.
12-04-02  Made some namespace changes and added a regression test.
12-03-30  A bug with namespaces in which PATH and FPATH set in a namespace was
          not restored when leaving the namespace has been fixed.
12-03-29  --- Release ksh93u++ ---
12-03-29  A bug in which appending an index array onto an array without elements
          caused the first element to be 1 rather than 0 has been fixed.
12-03-29  A bug which could cause a core dump when copying a large index array
          has been fixed.
12-03-28  The shell now generates an error message when the sizes with L, Z, and
          R are > 32767 on 32 bit binaries instead of generating a core dump.
12-03-28  A bug in left and right justification in which the width of invalid
          characters was not taken as zero has been fixed.
12-03-26  A bug in which typeset -p ref, when ref is a reference to an index
          array element did not display the subscript has been fixed.
12-03-23  A bug in lowercase and uppercase fields when expanding ${name:=val}
          when name is the empty string has been fixed.
12-03-22  A namespace bug in which a type t defined in namespace foo could not
          be referenced outside the namespace as .foo.t has been fixed.
12-03-22  A bug in name reference scoping in which a name function called from
          another function is pass a name reference to a compound variable
          instance to be created and the compound variable is in the global
12-03-22  A bug in which ${ref[@}} did not behave like ${arr[i][@]} when
          ref is a name reference to arr[i] has been fixed.
12-03-21  A bug in which assigning a compound variable into arr[i], where
          arr[i] is an array variable did not work correctly has been fixed.
12-03-21  A bug with multi-dimenstional index arrays in which ${arr[i][j]}
          could generate a bogus error message when i was > 9 has been fixed.
12-03-21  A bug in which typeset v=foo, typeset -p v[0] generated a core dump
          has been fixed.
12-03-20  A bug in vi edit mode in which the sequence bar<ESC>0i<ESC>l left the
          cursor on the b rather than the a has been fixed.
12-03-20  A bug which caused a core dump when defining a type with a field
          as ' integer -a data=([0]=0)' has been fixed.
12-03-19  Using typeset -a array when array is an associative arry not
          generated an error message.
12-03-19  typeset +a, typeset +A, and typeset +C not displays the variables
          with the attributes a, A, and C respectively instead of an error.
12-03-19  A bug in which typeset -pC, typeset -pa, and typeset -pA output all
          variables rather than those of type C, a, or A only has been fixed.
12-03-18  A bug in which unset foo where foo is a name reference to a compound
          variable defined inside a function is not unset has been fixed.
12-03-18  A bug with SHOPT_EDPREDICT which could cause a core dump when the
          list of matches became empty has been fixed.
12-03-15  The assignment, typeset -C foo=(a b c) now generates a syntax
          error since a is not an assignment command.
12-03-16  A bug in which an unset discipline from a variable defined in a
          subshell is not invoked in the subshell has been fixed.
12-03-08  The assignment typeset -a (x=1 y=2) now creates an index array
          of two elements rathern than an array of one element which is
          a compound variable.
12-03-02 +The vi and emacs edit modes now list all the entries in a directory
          when entering a <tab> for completion after a /.
12-03-02  A bug in which a program that exits with value 12 when called
          from a command substitution in which standard output has been
          redirected caused the shell to hang has been fixed.
12-03-01  A bug in which the shell could not parse [[ ']' == ~(E)[]] ]]
          has been fixed.

12-07-17 add C code NOTE("...") to ammend --verbose output
12-06-26 fix "npt foo" to handle function-like macro foo()
12-06-20 use $KSH for rt in "results test"
12-06-15 Makefile: add PLUGIN_LIB to $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths and BUILTIN_LIB => 
12-06-15 add PLUGIN_LIB to $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths and BUILTIN_LIB 
12-06-13 handle admin.db column output
12-06-08 fix 12-06-06 typo
12-06-06 check for -l* in reverse and accumulative order (e.g., for 
-last & -lm)
12-06-04 always check $INSTALLROOT/lib/package/profile
12-05-31 Makefile: ID=ast; $(INSTALLROOT)/prototyped.h => 
12-05-28 api foo YYYYMMDD => FOOAPI(rel) test macro
12-05-24 change admin.db comment => owner attributes
12-04-25 ratz.c: add sear -k option to keep installation tmp dir on exit
12-04-17 skip sh version logic for ``use''
12-04-17*: _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE => _LARGE_FILE_API moved to 
12-04-09*: speak aixese for _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
12-02-29 cc.darwin.i386*: handle default cc vs kernel bittedness
12-02-29 C+probe: add __TIMESTAMP__ to the nopredefined list
12-02-29 don't assume grep -q or /usr/local/lib in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
12-02-29 fix ksh vs -lcmd compatibility checks

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