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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/rlwrap

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   dholland
Date:           Sun Sep 30 22:10:42 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/rlwrap: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.37; closes PR 46078.
Now depends on perl.

0.37  Commands that emit "status lines" using backspaces and carriage
      returns could confuse rlwrap

      rlwrap uses C strings internally, and thus cannot cope with
      command output that contains zero bytes (padding). It used to
      replace these with spaces, now the zero bytes are removed.

      if the RLWRAP_HOME is set, but $RLWRAP_HOME doesn't exist, rlwrap
      will create it

      typo: SIGERR instead of SIG_ERR in signals.c

0.36  Entering a line from vi command mode would echo the input twice

      Output from very busy commands would not always be printed on time

      When rlwrap kills itself after a command crash it will not dump
      core, in order to avoid clobbering command's much more interesting
      core dump.

      Premature filter death is now reported properly (it used to only
      say: "EOF reading from filter" or "Broken pipe writing to filter")

0.35  config.{guess,sub} have been updated to version 2009-12-13

      Corrected array bounds error in my_putstr("") (which could make
      rlwrap write an extra newline when exiting, but might even crash
      on some systems)

      Many small improvements and fixes for multi-line input:

        Multi-line inputs are now written to the inferior command one
        line at a time, so that command's response (e.g. a continuation
        prompt) can be interleaved with the echo'ed (multi-line) input.

        Calling an external editor will no longer obliterate the prompt,
        and line/column positions are now correct.

        After a multi-line edit in vi-mode, the cursor will no longer
        end up one line too high.

      CTRL-D on an empty line was handed directly to command, but also
      (erroneously) put in readline's input buffer

      Many small fixes and improvements in signal handling:

         SIGSEGV, and other "error" signals like SIGFPE, are now unblocked
         all of the time, so that rlwrap can always clean up after a crash.

         Since version 0.25 rlrwap's transparency extends to signals: if
         the inferior command segfaults, rlwrap will kill itself with a
         SIGSEGV. In order to get the bug reports where they belong,
         rlwrap now reports explicitly that it has not crashed itself.

         rlwrap's call to sigaction forgot to set the signal mask (!)

         Continuing after CTRL-Z on QNX now wakes up command

      Added --one-shot (-o) and --only-cook (-O) options

      debug log is now in a format that works well with emacs' grep-mode

      rlwrap's bindable readline function names (like rlwrap-call-editor) are
      now in hyphen-style instead of underscore_style (use of the
      old_style_names will now be flagged as an error)

      Filters can now prevent a prompt from being cooked by "rejecting" it. would set $_ incorrectly in echo and output handlers. manpage is now created by newer (and less buggy)
      version of pod2man

      Added EXAMPLES section and -t option to rlwrap manpage

0.34  Binding wide (e.g. utf-8) chars in .inputrc now works

      prefix arguments are now correctly reset (M-5 a b now
      yields aaaaab instead of aaaaabbbbb)

0.33  rlwrap incorrectly fed terminfo-style capnames ("dl1") instead of
      termcap codes ("dl") into tgetstr(). On newer Debian systems this
      exposed a bug where random garbage would be printed by rlwrap

      Hyphens in rlwrap manpage are now all properly escaped now only re-sets $filter->cumulative_output when an
      INPUT message is received

0.32  Major new feature: filtering. Filters sit between rlwrap and the
      wrapped command, re-writing command output, input, prompts,
      history, and completion word lists.

      System-wide filters live in DATADIR/rlwrap/filters (where DATADIR =
      /usr/local/share by default, installation-dependent) Because of this,
      completions now live in DATADIR/rlwrap/completions (until now:

      To make filter writing easy, a perl module has
      been added. It doesn't become part of your perl installation, but lives
      in DATADIR/rlwrap/filters

      rlwrap didn't properly check errno after reading from inferior pty.
      This could lead to a spurious "read error on master pty"

      Instead of using crusty old signal(), signal handlers are now set
      by sigaction() without SA_RESTART (BSD semantics) Different
      syscall-restarting behaviour among systems caused hard-to-trace

      Now copies inferior pty's c_oflags to stdout before
      output. (some editors like joe would mess up the screen)

      prompt handling logic has been streamlined. Coloured prompt handling is
      reliable now, even for long prompts.

      At program exit, rlwrap now outputs a newline only when the client

      Added -g, -I, -N, -S, -w and -z options

      Removed -F option (and added a filter to replace it)

      -p option now takes colour names (-pYellow)

      rlwrap (and readline) uses C strings internally, which could cause 
      with commands that output '\0' bytes. In direct mode, such
      characters are left untouched, but in readline mode they are
      replaced by spaces.

      the tools directory has been updated, so that configure will
      feel at home even on newer systems

      tested on SunOS, AIX, FreeBSD, HP/UX, QNX (thanks to, as
      well as cygwin and linux

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