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[solved]: pkgsrc/x11/xworld

> I apologize, you are probably busy.  I installed this and if I run
> 'xworld' form the from the command line then nothing happens and
> there seems to be no manpage as well.  How can I use this program?
> Perhaps I should have installed from the latest code before proceeding.

I have no idea; it works when I run it.

Thanks for your kind response.

My guess is that the video on that computer is damaged. This is from dmesg:

i915drm0 at vga1: Intel i845G GMCH
i915drm0: AGP at 0xe8000000 128MB
i915drm0: Initialized i915 1.6.0 20080730

Unless you like boring stories, then read no further:

My father's computer lasted for many years and when he was finally sick of Windows XP then he asked for my Windows computer- I actually had a home-made box running Vista 64-bit Ultimate. Per circumstance it was my Desktop at that time.

Since lots of people have given their old computers to me, I tried out this old Dell- added NetBSD, having already been familiar with FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I had used NetBSD and Enlightenment before on a somewhat powerful computer, which looked great, but lack of knowledge occurred and I was not familiar with the -r flag of Anyway back to the problematic Dell:

This -netbsd6 desktop was great except that anything requiring some memory; e.g., firefox, would cause a core file. So now it is a Web server and things are fine.

The binary package of xworld has been added to my current desktop, the ball is spinning now.

Thanks to you intelligent developers who bring joy to users and administrators!


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