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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/py-qt4

On Wed, Aug 01, 2012 at 06:17:44PM +0000, Matthias Drochner wrote:
 > Modified Files:
 >      pkgsrc/x11/py-qt4: Makefile
 > Log Message:
 > mark as buildable with Python3x, py-elementtree comes with all
 > supported Python versions

It fails as follows on python31 (only) in my test environment:

=> Checking file-check results for py31-qt4-4.9.4
ERROR: ************************************************************
ERROR: The following files are in the PLIST but not in /home/pkgbulk/b/pkg:
*** Error code 1

I'm guessing that this may be because of the following configure result:

Checking to see if the QtDBus module should be built...
c++ -DQT_NO_DEBUG -I. -I/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/include 
-I/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/include/QtDBus -I/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/include 
-I/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/include -I/usr/include -I/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/include 
-I/usr/X11R7/include -I/usr/X11R7/include/freetype2 -DQ_TRAILING_DIR_SEP 
-D_REENTRANT cfgtest_QtDBus.cpp -o cfgtest_QtDBus -L/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/lib 
-L/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/lib -L/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/lib -L/usr/lib 
-Wl,-R/usr/lib -L/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/lib/python3.1/config 
-Wl,-R/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/lib/python3.1/config -Wl,-R/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/lib 
-L/usr/X11R7/lib -Wl,-R/usr/X11R7/lib -L/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/lib 
-Wl,-R/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/lib -L/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/lib -pthread 
-Wl,-R/home/pkgbulk/b/pkg/qt4/lib -lQtDBus
cfgtest_QtDBus.cpp:1:29: fatal error: qdbusconnection.h: No such file or 
compilation terminated.

This in turn appears to be because it isn't depending on x11/qt4-qdbus;
should it be?

I don't, however, understand why this apparently affects only python31,
so there is probably something wrong in this analysis.

David A. Holland

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