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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc

On Wed, 22 Aug 2012 00:38:54 +0900, Christos Zoulas 
<> wrote:

On Aug 21,  9:13pm, ("OBATA Akio") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc

| * I'm not in a position to determine whether 1.6 is preferred or not.

So why are you mentioning it in the first place?

Because I have experiences that your "short commit log, bump version" updates 
broke packages.

| * maintainer might know the update stopper.

Again guessing, no real information. Was there an update stopper?

I don't say "stopper exists", but you didn't confirm it.

| * adam@ asked about 1.8.2 just before your update:

That is the message that made me think about updating it.


| * your commit message included no particular reason for switching to 1.8,
|    and not approved by the maintainer.

1.8 is the maintained branch obsoleting all others. I already apologized
for not notifying the maintainer and he accepted my apology. What must one
do to make you happy?

No, thanks.

| * your commit message to docs/CHANGES-2012 mentions "security fixes",
|    it may the reason why to do urgent update, but you don't know about it.

Who said it was urgent? I did not say it was urgent.

In my limited English, (*1) is "urgent update".

| * and your packaging is broken, fixed by the maintainer:

The maintainer graciously fixed the packaging. My install did not complain,
this is why I did not see it. This could have happened to any other package.

| Summary:
| * When updating a package, commmit log should contains summary of the changes.
|    It is documented in the pkgsrc guide 21.5.
|    If you don't know the changes, you probably don't know the reason why you
|    need to update the package.
| * When updating a package, especially switching to new release branch,
|    you should approved by the maintainer if exists.
| * When developing the pkgsrc, you should set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes,
|    and it will tell you what is broken about your packaging before the commit.

We talked about that before and I said that I am sorry. Is this
the last time I am going to hear about this, or you are planning
to send more messages?

While I understand that you are well intended here, to guard the
integrity and the quality of pkgsrc you might consider a less
militant stance that does not alienate people who wish to contribute
to pkgsrc. After all, I did not mean to cause damage, and in fact
I don't think that I have.



Unfortunately, I don't have a blessed time to read, understand, and reply
about this in English anymore.


OBATA Akio /

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