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CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/dhbitty

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   agc
Date:           Sat Aug 11 17:43:48 UTC 2012

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/security/dhbitty
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Log Message:
Import dhbitty-20120812 into the Packages Collection.

        dhbitty is a small public key encryption program written in C.  It
        uses elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman in the form of Curve25519 to
        establish a shared secret between two users, and uses that secret to
        symmetrically encrypt and authenticate messages.

        There are no private key files; only passphrases.  Never lose that
        pesky thing again.

        Both the sender and the receiver can decrypt a message.  In fact,
        there is no distinction between sender and receiver.  Both passphrases
        must be strong.

        There is no signing.  A similarly useful form of authentication occurs
        using only DH.  dhbitty attempts to be as simple as possible.  It is
        not optimized, but achieves a comfortable speed for most uses.  It
        does not use floating point numbers, or integers longer than 32 bits.
        It does not contain more algorithms than are needed.

   This is how Alice generates her public key with dhbitty:
$ dhbitty generate alice_public_key.txt
username:passphrase (this is visible!): alice:Keyfiles be damned!

   Bob will do the same thing:
$ dhbitty generate bob_public_key.txt
username:passphrase (this is visible!): bob:Bob's Spectacular Passphrase
   Alice will publish her alice_public_key.txt, and Bob will publish his 
bob_public_key.txt. They can now access each other's
   public keys. (But they should be careful that Eve cannot surreptitiously 
replace either public key with her own!)

   Alice wants to send files to Bob. She packages them into a .tar archive (or 
any other type of archive with timestamps), along
   with her message. Then she uses dhbitty:
$ dhbitty encrypt bob_public_key.txt files_to_bob.tar files_to_bob.tar.dhbt
username:passphrase (this is visible!): alice:Keyfiles be damned!

   Alice sends files_to_bob.tar.dhbt to Bob. Bob will use dhbitty to decrypt 
this archive:
$ dhbitty decrypt files_to_bob.tar.dhbt files_to_bob.tar
username:passphrase (this is visible!): bob:Bob's Spectacular Passphrase
This is the public key of file's secondary owner:

   Bob can verify that the public key dhbitty just gave him indeed is Alice's 
public key. He unpacks the now-decrypted archive to
   access the files Alice sent to him.

   In practice, Alice and Bob should use a system like diceware to pick 
passphrases, in order to be confident of their strength.
   Seven words picked using diceware is a good choice.


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