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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Dancer

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wen
Date:           Thu Jul 26 00:20:13 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/p5-Dancer: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.3097

Upstream CHANGES:
1.3097      08.07.2012

    * New keywords 'register_hook' and 'execute_hooks' exported by 
      for providing a consistent way with Dancer 2 on how to declare and run 
      from within a plugin (Alexis Sukrieh, idea from David Precious).

1.3096      06.07.2012
    ** Codename: Chop Hooey // Neil Hooey **

    * Finally released, thanks to Neil Hooey bugging my sorry ass.

1.3095_02   03.07.2012

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * fix exception tests in some cases (GH #734) (Damien Krotkine & katkad )

    * If YAML does not load, Dancer::Config now reports why (Ovid)

    * Clarify serialization in introduction POD (Mark A. Stratman)
    * Typo fix (Sam Kington)

1.3095_01   22.06.2012

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * Don't assume returned references are blessed when considering
      continuations (Neil Hooey, GH-778)
    * Malformed/missing cookies caused warnings
      (James Aitken/LoonyPandora, GH-782 and GH-783)
    * Avoid potential crash in t/14_serializer/06_api.t if tmp dir is replaced
      when %ENV gets cleared (Adam Kennedy)
    * Properly initialize %callbacks to default empty hashref  in _send_file if
      not provided (Greg Mullen)

    * Add UTC timestamp options for logger_format (Alex C - perlpong).
    * Tests can now run in parallel (Richard
    * dancer_version keyword added (Damien "dams" Krotkine).
    * New session_domain paramter allows you to set the domain of the default
      session cookie (William Wolf)

    * Update Ubic service example (Vyacheslav Matyukhin)
    * Silly typo fixing (Paul Fenwick)
    * Typo in Dancer::Test file upload example (Jonathan "Duke" Leto)
    * UTF-8 fixes in POD (ambs)

1.3095      01.04.2012

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * Small fix to skip tests when YAML is not available.
      (Sawyer X)

    * Added 'info' log level for messages that should always go to the logs
      but aren't really debug, warning or error messages (Ovid)

1.3094      31.03.2012

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * GH #763: Fix exceptions in ajax routes clobbering layout (ilmari)
    * GH #748 & GH 647: Don't force override environment from PLACK_ENV 
    * GH #762: fix param parsing lacking limit on split (leejo)
    * GH #758: Fix Dancer::Test: make sure the request is properly converted to
      a response. (Ovid)
    * GH #729: Fix dancer exception composition, and message pattern application
      (Damien Krotkine)
    * GH #752: Exceptions raised in hooks were not propagated back to the route
      code, but instead canceleld and replaced by a Dancer halt exception. That
      was wrong. Now it is fixed, exceptions raised in hooks can be properly
      caught in route code.
      (Damien Krotkine)
    * Be more flexible in single vs. mutliple values in key hiding.
      (Sam Kington)
    * Use isa() for checking relationships instead of ref() in Dancer::Test.

    * Added 'strict_config' option to have the config return an object instead
      of a hashref. (Ovid)
    * GH #708: Added support for query strings in dancer_request (Jacob Rideout)
    * It's possible for the user to set the environments directory using a new
      environment variable (DANCER_ENVDIR) or using `set envdir => $path`
    * Sort hash keys when serializing references in log messages (Ovid).

    * Explain in POD that if there are multiple fields with the same name,
      params('fieldname') returns an arrayref of them (alexrj).
    * GH #750: Fix in Dancer::Deployment: appdir needs to be set before calling
      load_app (Paul Johnson)
    * Update 'before' hook document (David Cantrell).

1.3093      29.02.2012

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * GH #738: Define exception type ::Core::Request, to avoid things blowing
      up when Dancer::Request raises exceptions of that type
      (David Precious, thanks to damog for reporting)
    * GH #671: Fix Dancer::Plugin::Ajax with Plack::Builders.
      (Activeg, Sawyer X)
    * Auto-page feature cleanup and fixup. (David Precious)
    * Remove uninitialized warnings. (Sawyer X, David Precious)

    * Winning release race to Catalyst (nice try rafl++!)
    * Add exception type ::Core::Request. (David Precious)
    * JSON decode from UTF8. (Sam Kington)
    * Provide the method when a route crashes to help debug. (Sam Kington)
    * More helpful log messages. (David Precious)

    * Fix examples for multi-app deployment under Plack::Builder in deployment.
    * Deployment docs. (c0bra)
    * Update tutorial. (David Precious)
    * Clean up EXPORTS. (David Precious)
    * Keyword documentation fixups. (Kirk Kimmel)
    * Clarify forward docs with better examples. (David Precious)

1.3092      27.01.2012

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * Don't call isa() on unblessed refs in Dancer::Exception. (Sam Kington)
    * Assume UTF-8 by default when serialising JSON. (Sam Kington)
    * GH #725: If a cookie is set multiple times, last value wins.
      (David Precious)
    * More intuitive, backwards compatible appending of default template
      extension. (GH #716, David Precious)
    * Prevent recursion in censoring. (Yanick Champoux, Damien dams Krotkine)
    * GH #734: More tests flexibility (Sawyer X, reported by @birdy-)

    * Return the current set prefix using prefix(). (Michal Wojciechowski)
    * More intuitive appending of default template extension. Makes for cleaner
      more DWIM code. (David Precious, reported by Nick Knutov)
    * Allow any options to JSON serializer. (Lee Johnson)
    * Support complex views with multiple document roots. (Pedro Melo)

    * Document how to work with Dotcloud. (Oliver Gorwits)
    * Clean ups and fix ups. (David Precious, Sawyer X, Michal Wojciechowski)

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