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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/p5-Data-Table

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wen
Date:           Wed Jul 25 14:42:48 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/p5-Data-Table: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.65

Upstream ChangLog:
1.65 Mon Jul 23 20:16:08 PDT 2012
  Finish the "Perl Data::Table Cookbook", should be a good learning material.
  To download, visit

  Polish Data::Table::Excel for CPAN upload.

  Minor patches to the code.

1.64 Sun Jul  8 22:01:17 PDT 2012
  Add $keepRestCols to Data::Table::group();
  We introduce new constants for fromCSV/fromTSV/fromFile/csv/tsv.
    Data::Table::OS_UNIX = 0;
    Data::Table::OS_PC = 1;
    Data::Table::OS_MAC = 2;
  Add method reorder(), redefine column orders
  Add method melt() and cast(), concept borrowed from Reshape package in R
  Add method each_group(), so one can apply a custom method to rows sharing the 
same key

  Made a seemingly backward incompatible change to pivot()
    pivot($colToSplit, $colToSplitIsNumeric, ...) is changed to
    pivot($colToSplit, $colToSplitIsStringOrNumber, ...)
  What is now pivot($colToSplit, $Data::Table::STRING, ...), where 
Data::Table::STRING has a value of 1,
  was equivalent to pivot($colToSplit, 0, ...) in <= 1.63.
  However, the $colToSplitIsStringOrNumber is now auto-guessed within the code, 
so the change is not very relevant.
  Most existing code should run fine, without change.

  Patch group(), piviot() to distinguish keys between empty string and undef.

  Patch subTable() to take row mask array when {useRowMask=>1} is provided.

1.63 Tue Jun 12 17:05:43 PDT 2012
  In this release, we patch addCol, delCol, addRow, rowMerge, colMerge to for 
an empty table
  We introduce new methods isEmpty(), hasCol(), moveCol($colID, $newColIdx)
  We introduce new constants for Data::Table::new()

1.62 Fri May 25 11:40:09 PDT 2012
  In this release, we address a few pain points

  Data::Table::colMerge, update to support new options
    { renameCol => 1}
    If specified, duplicate column names in the second table is automatically 
renamed (by appending _2) to avoid conflict

  We introduce some constants, so we have fewer numbers to remember.

  for sort(), you can use $t->sort('col2', Data::Table::NUMBER, 
Data::Table::DESC); it is equivalent to $t->sort('col2', 0, 1);


  for join(), you may use $t->sort($t2, Data::Table::FULL_JOIN, ['col1'], 
  it is equivalent to $t->sort($t2, 3, ['col1'], ['col1']).

  match_string, match_pattern have been generating @Data::Table::OK, which is a 
class-level array.
  $t->match_pattern() will now also store the results (array ref) in $t->{OK}, 
that should be used in the future.
  However, @Data::Table::OK is still supported for compatibility reasons.
  This is not a pain point, but conceptually nicer to be localized.

  match_pattern_hash() is added. The difference is each row is fed to the 
pattern as a hash %_.  In the case of
  match_pattern, each row is fed as an array ref $_.  The pattern for 
match_pattern_hash() becomes much cleaner.
  If a table has two columns: Col_A as the 1st column and Col_B as the 2nd 
column, a filter "Col_A>2 AND Col_B<2"
  is written before as
    $t->match_pattern('$_->[0] > 2 && $_->[1] <2');
  where we need to figure out $t->colIndex('Col_A') is 0 and 
$t->colIndex('Col_B') is 1, in order to build the pattern.
  Now you can use column name directly in the pattern:
    $t->match_pattern_hash('$_{Col_A} >2 && $_{Col_B} <2');
  This method creates $t->{OK}, as well as @Data::Table::OK, same as 

  Data::Table::rowMerge, update to support new options
    { byName =>1, addNewCol => 1}
    If byName is 1, rows in the second table are appended by matching their 
column names, so that the second table
      can have columns in a different order.
    If addNewCol is 1, columns not exist in the first table will be 
automatically added.
      addNewCol is best used with byName. If used alone, addNewCol will just 
patch the two tables so that they have
      the same number of columns.
  Data::Table::subTable, update internal to remove side effect on column header 
  Data::join add support for an option {renameCol => 1}.
    If specified, duplicate column names in the second table is automatically 
renamed (by appending _2) to avoid conflict

1.61 Mon Feb 27 21:07:55 PST 2012
  Data::Table::fromSQL now can take DBI::st instead of a SQL string. This is 
introduced, so that
  variable binding (such as CLOB/BLOB) can be done outside the method.

1.60 Sat Feb 25 19:26:46 PST 2012
  Data::Table::addRow now also can take a hash reference. Hash keys are column 
  undef will be the value, if a column name is not found in the hash.
  Suggested by Federico

1.59 Sun Feb  5 00:20:00 PST 2012
  I have never checked those CPAN ticket, happened to discover them and address 
them in this version.
  Update document, explain Data::Table::fromCSV(\*STDIN, 1) can be used to read 
table from STDIN.
  Add tbody and thead to Data::Table::html, if it's portrait.
  Suggested by Ken Rosenberry.
  Modify Data::Table::html and Data::Table::html2, so that it can accept 
coloring via CSS
  The color now can be either specified as an array as before, or as three CSS 
class names
  Suggested by Xavier Robin

1.58 Thu Feb  2 20:33:03 PST 2012
  Patch join(), prior version of join considers two NULL keys to be equal
  update document, clarify that rowMerge assumes table columns in the same order
  Thanks to Ulrik Stervbo.

1.57 Thu Apr 23 15:22:36 PDT 2009
  Patch pivot(), it throws warning before, when colToFill is undef.

1.56 Fri Aug 22 15:53:29 PDT 2008
  When the first line in a TSV is not a header, but contains strings such as \t.
  The program will not transform \t to a tab.
  Modify fromTSV, so that \t, \N (etc) transformation is optional.
  Add transform_element flag to fromTSV method to turn on/off the 
  Thanks to Bin Zhou.

1.55 Mon May  5 10:29:44 PDT 2008
  Patch parseCSV. fromFile guesses the wrong delimiter if some ending columns 
are empty.

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