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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Tue Jul 24 16:23:37 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/ruby18-base: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby18-base package to (Ruby 1.8.7pl370).

No security fix, but bug fix only,

Fri Jun 29 21:26:05 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * eval.c (stack_extend): prevent ALLOCA_N, which reserves a memory
          space with for restoring machine stack stored in each threads, from
          optimization out.  backport r34278 from the trunk.

Mon Jun 18 18:32:43 2012  Martin Bosslet  

        * backport r32609 from trunk.

        * ext/openssl/ossl_hmac.c: Revert checking return type of
          HMAC_Init_ex as it is not compatible with OpenSSL < 1.0.0.

Mon Jun 18 18:32:43 2012  Martin Bosslet  

        * backport r32606 from trunk.

        * ext/openssl/ossl_digest.c: Check return value of EVP_DigestInit_ex.
        * ext/openssl/ossl_hmac.c: Check return value of HMAC_Init_ex.
          Thanks, Jared Jennings, for the patch.
          [ Ruby 1.9 - Bug #4944 ] [ruby-core:37670]

Sun Jun 10 03:00:21 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * eval.c (ruby_setjmp): need to save the stack after r2 (the Table
          of Contents on ppc64) is saved onto the stack by getcontext().
          based on <>.

Thu Jun  7 19:00:35 2012  Kenta Murata <>

        * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpMemAlloc): Fixes a bug reported
          by Drew Yao <ayao at>

Wed Jun  6 15:09:00 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * eval.c (rb_thread_join), ext/thread/thread.c (wake_one): adjusts
          targets of rest waiting threads to join.  [ruby-core:23457]

Wed Jun  6 14:44:13 2012  Kenta Murata  <>

        * bignum.c (rb_big2dbl), test/ruby/test_bignum.rb (test_to_f):
          A negative Bignum out of Float range should be converted to -Infinity.
          [ruby-core:30492] [Bug #3362]

Wed Jun  6 14:06:02 2012  Tanaka Akira  <>

        * lib/webrick/utils.rb: fix fcntl call.

        * lib/drb/unix.rb: ditto.

Mon May 21 16:29:47 2012  Akinori MUSHA  <>

        * ext/syslog/syslog.c (mSyslog_inspect): Make sure self is a
          module before calling rb_class2name().

Fri May 11 14:09:48 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (PUSH): to prevent VALUE from GC,
          must not cast it to unsigned long, which may be shorter than
          VALUE, and the result can be mere garbage.

Sat Apr 14 18:51:41 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * bignum.c (rb_big2str0): prevent working clone from
          GC. [exerb-dev:0578].  patched by MURASE Masamitsu
          <masamitsu.murase AT> at [exerb-dev:0580]

Fri Mar  2 11:44:33 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * marshal.c (mark_dump_arg): mark destination string.  patch by
          Vit Ondruch.  [Bug #4339]

        * marshal.c (clear_dump_arg, clear_load_arg): clean up also data
          tables as same as symbols tables.

Fri Mar  2 11:44:33 2012  Nobuyoshi Nakada  <>

        * marshal.c (struct {dump,load}_arg): manage with dfree, instead
          of using local variable which may be moved by context switch.

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