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CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/mathomatic

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   asau
Date:           Sun Jul  1 08:02:04 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/math/mathomatic: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to Mathomatic 16.0.0


Code, documentation, and user interface improvements, corrections,
and cleanup.  Fixed many possible bugs, some where the wrong level global
expression buffers were being used.

05/26/12 - Push command improved with better responses.  Same functionality.

           In the source code, tune-up variable integer_coefficients was
           renamed to "factor_out_all_numeric_gcds", because Mathomatic always
           tries to have integer coefficients this year, but it doesn't always
           factor out all numeric GCDs unless factor_out_all_numeric_gcds
           is true, or the factor command is used.  The default is false,
           for more orderly and revealing coefficients.
           Of course, much of what Mathomatic does is
           try to improve readability and simplicity.
           There is no need to set this variable, just use the factor command.

05/27/12 - Removed C declarations for memmove(3), the defaults in
           /usr/include/string.h are probably better and what's wanted in
           every case.  It would be very odd if this didn't work 100%.

05/28/12 - readline history file renamed to "~/.matho_history" from
           "~/.mathomatic_history".  File name was too long for CygWin.
           Tested thoroughly compiling, installing, and running under
           the latest CygWin.  Works fine, except for rlwrap.  "rlwrap -v"
           returns with error, a successful return is how I test for its

           Made output redirection work with the "list primes" command.

06/02/12 - Cleanup of Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows binary distributions.
           The Windows binary distribution now includes m4 scripts, in case
           CygWin is installed, allowing use of m4 Mathomatic in Windows.

           Fixed MinGW version to not output two carriage returns at the
           end of every line of list command output.

06/03/12 - If compiled with -DSHOW_RESOURCES, will give total CPU usage and
           RSS size in the "version status" command.  Requires OS support.
           Some OSes will show even more information.  Uses getrusage(2).

06/04/12 - Allow breaking out of user line-input requests with Control-C.
           Still have to hit the Enter key, but the command will be aborted.

06/05/12 - Added "lib/example.c", the simplest example yet of Symbolic Math
           Library usage.  Compile with "compile.testmain" or practice
           compiling it by hand.

           The simplify command now returns the number of expressions
           simplified, so you can tell if "simplify sign" worked.

           The solve command can now require verification, by using the
           "verifiable" option, instead of the "verify" option.  This causes
           unverifiable solves to return with failure, aborting any reads.

           Fixed missing code in internal C function free_mem().
           I don't think it was used by anyone.  A call to free_mem() is
           now made on exit, if Mathomatic is compiled with -DVALGRIND, to
           check for memory leaks.

06/08/12 - Added polynomial factoring to GCD result of divide command.
           It is always handy to know what the factors are of the GCD.

           Allow comma (,) at the end of most input lines.  A comma now
           terminates an expression instead of giving an error.  Allow
           commas all over the place, where-ever logical, in any
           Mathomatic command-line.  They are used as separators,
           more so than spaces.

06/09/12 - Cleaned up variables command to always allow the count parameter,
           and to line up everything with 8 character wide tabs.

           Added ability to place the definite integration bounds on the
           integrate command-line, just like the nintegrate command.

           Added titles to most help command pages.

06/10/12 - The "factor number" command works much nicer now, and allows comma
           separators and zero.

           Developers should note that to remain the same as past versions,
           HTML mode needs to be "set html all" to output HTML at all times
           in both the application and the symbolic math library, even when
           redirecting output.  Now setting all HTML mode with
           "make pdfsheet".  "set html" only outputs HTML code to standard

06/13/12 - Added warning in "misc/known_bugs.txt" about LLVM/Clang optimizer
           failure when compiling Mathomatic with LLVM/Clang instead of gcc.
           If you enable any optimization at all, entering (32^.5) and the
           like will hang Mathomatic, putting it in an endless loop.
           So when compiling Mathomatic with LLVM/Clang, always disable
           optimization with "-O0", so that it will then run and pass
           all of the tests in 1 second and not be infinitely slower.
           Mathomatic will hang during "make test"
           if compiled with optimization enabled using LLVM.  Mathomatic is
           not noticeably slower when compiled without any optimization,
           because everything is memmove(3)s and floating point arithmetic.

06/15/12 - Added repeat option to replace command.  A handy feature that
           lets you try plugging different values into an equation.  It
           checks if the result is an identity, too.

06/18/12 - The version command now has a "status" option, which behaves
           as before, displaying all version and status information.
           The version command by itself now only displays the Mathomatic
           version number.  Running "mathomatic -v" is now a good way of
           testing for the existence of Mathomatic on your system, only
           outputting the version number to standard output and exiting

06/19/12 - Removed the parenthesizing of variable names in all messages.

           If the current expression is a non-equation, then prefixing or
           suffixing an expression with "=" will add that expression as
           the other equation side now, conveniently making it an equation
           you can solve.

06/22/12 - Added equation number ranges option to tally command.  Type
           "tally -" to resume if the current equation hasn't changed.  Type
           "tally all" to add together all stored expressions as the starting
           value.  Specifying equation numbers or ranges will silently add
           them, then prompt for the next things to add.  The average option
           now displays the number of entries (count) each time the average
           is displayed.  When you exit by typing an empty line, the current
           total is saved in the next available equation space and made
           current, so it can easily resume with "tally -".  "-" by itself
           always means the current equation.

           gnuplot now works with MS-Windows better.  Tried running a Windows
           gnuplot test from scratch, without Cygwin, and it didn't work.
           It should be mostly fixed now.  So go ahead and try plotting
           in Windows, after downloading and installing gnuplot.  Please
           complain if any problems.

           Fixed a long-running problem with the plot command, by asking the
           user questions, only if needed, so that gnuplot will not give an
           error if you are multi-expression plotting.

06/23/12 - Moved load_rc() out of main.c so that the Mathomatic startup set
           options file can be loaded by the library, if the developer wishes.
           Changed a few things so that "set save" and "set no save" will work
           if load_rc() is called beforehand.

06/25/12 - The simplify command has been fixed for optimal integer coefficient
           factoring results and so "180*(sides-2)" simplification works
           nicely, by keeping the result the same as the start by
           factoring out rational constants greater than 1 (this is new),
           along with less than 1,
           if the coefficients remain or become integers.

           Many things cleaned up and finished, like the official
           documentation, the "code integer" command, and "examples/fact.c".

06/27/12 - Allow an ASCII string after the "set save" command, to save only
           that string in ~/.mathomaticrc, so that string, which should be set
           options, is for every Mathomatic session to start with.
           For example, "set save bold color" will start out Mathomatic in
           bold color mode every time.  Enter "set no save" to remove.
           "set save" by itself saves all of the current set options for every
           future session.

Mathomatic version 16.0.0 released Friday 06/29/12.

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