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CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Jun 10 16:12:47 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/patches: patch-aa patch-ab
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/patches: patch-ca patch-cb

Log Message:
Update to 2.9.0. No proper NEWS file found.

    Bump version to 2.9.0
    Get rid of $< from
    Fix a build fail on some environment.
    Fix a build fail on some environment
    Fix a build issue
    Update to detect the uncommited changes properly
    Update the version info
    Fix distcheck error
    Bug 19128 - Handling whitespace in aliases
    Add a workaround alias for Dingbats.
    Check null value for given object to avoid possibly segfaulting
    Bug 23336 - unable to display bitmap-only (SFNT) TrueType or OpenType
    Force to find out a size for bitmap-only ttf to avoid the blank glyphs
    in the font.
    Patch from Bug Fly
    Bug 41694 - FcCache functions have random-number-generator side
    Use the own random number generator state if possible.
    Bug 25652 - Add ortho file for locale mni_IN
    Add mni.orth for Maniputi
    Bug 25653 - Add ortho file for locale doi_IN
    Add doi.orth for Dogri
    Add brx.orth and sat.orth
    Bug 25650 - Add ortho file for locale sat_IN
    Add sat.orth for Santali
    Bug 25651 - Add ortho file for locale brx_IN
    Add brx.orth for Bodo.
    Bug 27385 - lcdfilter settings for freetype-2.3.12 not available
    in fontconfig-2.8.0
    Add config files for FT_LcdFilter options.
    Patch from Robin Johnson.
    Do not update stream->pos when seeking is failed.
    Bug 46169 - Pointer error in FcConfigGlobMatch
    Fix possibly accessing the invalid memory and a crash in the
    worst case
    when the glob string is longer than the string.
    makealias: handle missing funcs better
    When adding new functions, if the actual definition doesn't match the
    header (say due to a typo), the regeneration of the internal headers
    get confused and output bad cpp logic.  This causes gcc to barf due
    to mismatched #ifdef/#endif.  Which is a pain to figure out due to
    the sheer voulme of generated code.
    So tweak the makealias script to detect this case and error out.
    While we're here, improve the cpp output a bit to indent, include
    comments, and merge similar ifdef blocks.
    FcObjectValidType: tweak -1 checking
    Newer gcc doesn't like when you switch on an enum and use a value
    that isn't declared:
    fcname.c: In function 'FcObjectValidType':
    fcname.c:299:2: warning: case value '4294967295'
        not in enumerated type 'FcType' [-Wswitch]
    So tweak the logic to avoid this warning.
    fix build warnings when using --with-arch
    Latest configure code will setup FC_ARCHITECTURE directly rather than
    going through ARCHITECTURE, so update fcarch.h accordingly.
    fc-{list,match}: constify format string
    We don't free this string anywhere, so mark it const to avoid gcc
    and possible bugs in the future (if people did try freeing it).
    fc-list.c: In function 'main':
    fc-list.c:161:16: warning: pointer targets in assignment
        differ in signedness [-Wpointer-sign]
    fc-match.c: In function 'main':
    fc-match.c:201:13: warning: pointer targets in assignment
        differ in signedness [-Wpointer-sign]
    fc-match.c:203:13: warning: pointer targets in assignment
        differ in signedness [-Wpointer-sign]
    FcName{,Get}Constant: constify string input
    These funcs don't modify the incoming string, so add const markings.
    This is the "right thing", shouldn't change the ABI, and fixes some
    gcc warnings:
    fccfg.c: In function 'FcConfigEvaluate':
    fccfg.c:916:2: warning: passing argument 1 of 'IA__FcNameConstant'
        discards 'const' qualifier from pointer target type [enabled
        by default]
    fcalias.h:253:34: note: expected 'FcChar8 *' but
        argument is of type 'const FcChar8 *'
    fcxml.c: In function 'FcTypecheckExpr':
    fcxml.c:604:2: warning: passing argument 1 of 'IA__FcNameGetConstant'
        discards 'const' qualifier from pointer target type [enabled
        by default]
    fcalias.h:251:37: note: expected 'FcChar8 *' but
        argument is of type 'const FcChar8 *'
    fc-cat: fix pointer warning
    Add a cast to avoid a gcc warning:
    fc-cat.c: In function 'cache_print_set':
    fc-cat.c:230:2: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 2
        of 'FcPatternFormat' differ in signedness [-Wpointer-sign]
    ../fontconfig/fontconfig.h:860:1: note:
        expected 'const FcChar8 *' but argument is of type 'char *'
    FcStat: change to FcChar8 for first arg
    This shouldn't affect the ABI, makes FcStat more like the rest of the
    fontconfig API, and fixes warnings where we pass FcChar8* pointers in
    to this func from other places.
    delete unused variables
    Newer gcc is better at detecting set-but-unused variables.
    FcStrPlus: optimize a little
    We've already calculated the lengths of these strings, so re-use those
    values to avoid having to rescan the strings multiple times.
    Bug 44826 - <alias> must contain only a single <family>
    Fix invalid syntax around alias elements in 30-metric-aliases.conf
    40-nonlatin.conf and 45-latin.conf.
    Patch from lolilolicon
    Get rid of the unexpected family name
    UmePlus P Gothic isn't a serif font.
    Bug 43406 - typo of Japanese font name in conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf
    Fix a typo.
    Bug 43321 - Required corrections in urdu.orth file
    Drop U+0629 and U+0647, and add U+06c3 to ur.orth
    Bug 42423 - make default Korean font from Un to Nanum
    Update 40-nonlatin.conf and 65-nonlatin.conf for Nanum korean fonts.
    Bug 40452 - Running 'fc-match --all' core dumps when no fonts are
    This would changes the behavior of FcFontSort().
    it won't returns NULL afterward.
    Bug 35517 - Remove Apple Roman cmap support
    Get rid of the apple roman encoding related code
    Add a missing file
    Bug 32965 - Asturian (ast-ES) language matching missing ḷḷḥ
    Add U+1E24, U+1E25, U+1E36 and U+1e37 for Asturian
    Remove the unnecessary comment in ks.orth
    Bug 27195 - need updates to ks.orth file
    Add U+0620, U+0657, U+065f, U+0672, U+0673 and U+06c4 for Kashmiri
    Bug 24744 - No n'ko orthography
    Add nqo.orth for N'Ko
    Add FcPublic to FcLangSetUnion and FcLangSetSubtract
    Patch from ssp
    Fix parallel build
    Bug 41171 - Invalid use of memset
    Fix stupid bug in FcFontSort()
    I broke FcFontSort() language handling at the end of 2008 with this
    commit: c7641f28
    G-d knows how many of the lang-matching bugs in bugzilla will be
    fixed by this changed...
    I'm really sorry, everyone!
    Switch fc-cat to use FcPatternFormat()
    Added the a builtin "fccat" to FcPatternFormat().
    Switch fc-match to use FcPatternFormat()
    Fix small bug in FcPatternFormat that was letting element-default to
    consume the convertor sequence.
    Bug 26718 - "fc-match sans file" doesn't work
    - Do not throw away FC_FILE in FcNameUnparse
    - Update the builtin "fclist" format to remove FC_FILE properly
    - Switch fc-list to use FcPatternFormat()
    Note that I had previously broken fc-list and it was not showing the
    file name anymore.  No one noticed that it seems!  Now fixed.
    Bug 36577 - Updating cache with no-bitmaps disables bitmap fonts...
    Do not remove blacklisted fonts during cache generation.  We already
    apply the blacklist when reading the caches.  The idea always has been
    that the config should not affect caches built, although that design
    was tarnished with the introduction of target="scan" configurations.
    [.gitignore] Update
    Bug 35587 - Add padding to make valgrind and glibc not hate each other
    Fix warning
    Always define FcStat as a function
    Such that first arg is const char *.  We also need to make more
    in that function as part of some other bug.
    More doc typo fixes
    Mark constant strings as constant
    Fixes a few compiler warnings in fcxml.c and makes it clear that they
    should not be freed.
    Bug 30566 - fcformat.c:interpret_enumerate() passes uninitialized
    idx to FcPatternGetLangSet()
    Bug 20113 - Uighur (ug) orthography incomplete
    Documentation fixes
    Remove --enable-maintainer-mode from
    Update CaseFolding.txt to Unicode 6.0
    That macro is simply broken.
    This was also brought up in:
    Bug 32679 - fontconfig-2.8.0 does not cross compile
    Fix assertion failure on le32d4
    Reported by Jon TURNEY.
    Doc nit
    Skip <range> elements with begin > end
    Add <range> support for <blank> into the DTD
Merge: 30fd4fa fa269cf
    Allow editing charset and lang in target="scan"
    Merge commit 'fa269cf812ee304534b0e4c44662202496008db0'
    Bug 31969 - Can't modify charset in target="scan"
    Bug 23758 - Can't modify lang in target="scan"
    Bump version
    Make fc-arch stuff cross-compiling-safe
    Bug 32679 - fontconfig-2.8.0 does not cross compile
    Bug 25462 - Cross-compilation doesn't work
    Make most generated-files cross-compiling-safe
    By simply including a copy in the tarball.
    Remains fc-arch which is trickier.
    add some documents
    Add editing langset feature.
    The syntax to add any langset to the langset table looks like:
    <match target="scan">
        <test name="family">
            <string>Buggy Sans</string>
        <edit name="lang" mode="assign">
    To remove any langset from the langset table:
    <match target="scan">
        <test name="family">
            <string>Buggy Sans</string>
        <edit name="lang" mode="assign">
    Add the range support in blank element
    add some document for range and charset.
    Add charset editing feature.
    The syntax to add any characters to the charset table looks like:
    <match target="scan">
        <test name="family">
            <string>Buggy Sans</string>
        <edit name="charset" mode="assign">
                    <int>0x3220</int>    <!-- PARENTHESIZED IDEOGRAPH
                    ONE -->
    To remove any characters from the charset table:
    <match target="scan">
        <test name="family">
            <string>Buggy Sans</string>
        <edit name="charset" mode="assign">
                    <int>0x06CC</int>    <!-- ARABIC LETTER FARSI YEH -->
                    <int>0x06D2</int>    <!-- ARABIC LETTER YEH BARREE -->
                    <int>0x06D3</int>    <!-- ARABIC LETTER YEH BARREE
                    WITH HAMZA ABOVE -->
    You could also use the range element for convenience:
                    <int>0x06CC</int>    <!-- ARABIC LETTER FARSI YEH -->
                        <int>0x06D2</int>    <!-- ARABIC LETTER YEH
                        BARREE -->
                        <int>0x06D3</int>    <!-- ARABIC LETTER YEH
                        BARREE WITH HAMZA ABOVE -->
    Bug 28958 - lang=en matches other langs
    Patch from Akira TAGOH.
    Fix returned value
    Cleanup copyright notices to replace "Keith Packard" with "the
    Add more copyright owners Add sysconfdir, localstatedir, and PACKAGE
    In the default case, cachedir and confdir will evaluate to something
    referencing these other variables (which wouldn't otherwise be defined
    in the pkg-config file.
    Fixes a regression introduced by
    Tested-by: Jon TURNEY <>
    fontconfig.pc: Add variables for confdir and cachedir
    Bug 24729 - [ne_NP] Fix ortho file
    Exclude three characters (U+090C..090E) from Nepalese.
    [fc-lang] Support excluding characters
    By prefixing a line by a hyphen/minus sign.  Useful when including
    other orth files.
    Add new public API: FcCharSetDelChar()
    Bug 29995 - fc-cat does not invoke FcFini()
    Add comments
    Bug 29338 - fc-pattern.sgml, open para tag
    Fix compiler warnings
    Add fc-pattern cmdline tool
    Fix comment
    Remove all training whitespaces
    More whitespace
    Accept TT_PLATFORM_MICROSOFT, TT_MS_ID_SYMBOL_CS from name table
    The OT spec says:
    "When building a Unicode font for Windows, the platform ID should
    be 3 and the encoding ID should be 1. When building a symbol
    font for Windows, the platform ID should be 3 and the encoding
    ID should be 0."
    We were ignoring the SYMBOL_CS entry before.  It's UTF-16/UCS-2
    like the UNICODE_CS.
    Also, always use UTF-16BE instead of UCS-2BE.  The conversion
    was doing UTF-16BE anyway.
    Don't include unistd.h in fontconfig.h
    Bug 26783 patch: unistd.h not exist on ms windows
    Bug 25152 Don't sleep(2) if all caches were uptodate
    Bug 26157 Solaris/Sun C 5.8: compilation of 2.8.0 and 2.7.3 fails
    Bug 18886 installation crashes if fontconfig already installed
    Run the uninstalled fc-cache, not the installed one.
    More doc typo fixes
    Fix doc typo
    Add note about to INSTALL
    Update INSTALL
    Bug 25508 configure assumes bash > 2.0 is on system
    Remove dolt.  With libtool2, there's not much need for dolt.
    [doc] Fix typo
    [fc-cache] Document -r argument in man page

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.19 -r1.20 pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.33 -r1.34 pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/patches/patch-aa
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/patches/patch-ab
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r0 pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/patches/patch-ca
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r0 pkgsrc/fonts/fontconfig/patches/patch-cb

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