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CVS commit: pkgsrc/shells/dash

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   cheusov
Date:           Wed May 30 20:33:26 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/shells/dash: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.5.7. Changes since

        * Optimize dash -c "command" to avoid a fork.
        * Eliminate unnecessary promotion in echocmd.

        * Avoid using undefined handler.

        * Avoid gcc warning: variable 'oldstackp' set but not used.
        * Avoid clang warning about dead store to "size".

        * Make outc an inline function.

        * Remove spurious space in descriptions of PS1, PS2, PS4.

        * Remove unused EV_BACKCMD flag.

        * Fix clobbering of checkkwd.

        * Free IFS state after here document expansion.
        * Use va_copy when reusing a va_list.

        * Let funcnode refer to a function definition, not its first
        * command.
        * Improve LINENO support.

        * Port to Solaris.

        * Fix backslash handling in read(1).

        * Dotcmd should exit with zero when doing nothing.

        * Fix CTLESC clobbering by read(1).

        * Port to AIX.

        * Replace GPL noclobberopen code with the FreeBSD version.
        * Do not split the result of tilde expansion.

        * Mark status as volatile in exitshell.

        * Use EXEXIT in place of EXEXEC.
        * Stop documenting EXSHELLPROC.

        * Use exit status 127 when the script to run does not exist.

        * Document optional open parenthesis for case patterns.

        * Fixed trap/return regression due to SKIPEVAL removal.
        * Allow the originator of EXERROR to set the exit status.
        * Free IFS state in evalbackcmd.

        * Fix ifsfirst/ifslastp leak in casematch.

        * Fix EXEXEC status clobbering.

        * Fix ifsfirst/ifslastp leak.
        * Fix trailing field bug in read(1).

        * Debug compile fix.

        * Fix varinit ordering that broke fc.

        * Check exit for eval NSUBSHELL.

        * Fix loss of variables when hash collides.
        * Removed dead code for eval NPIPE.

        * Don't clear eflag in evalbackcmd.

        * Continue after EINTR in read(1) with no pending signals.

        * Force fork if any trap is set, not just on EXIT.
        * Fix corruption of redirections with byte 0x81.

        * Fix poplocalvar on abnormal exit from function.
        * Do not poplocalvars prematurely on regular utilities.
        * Move null redirect checks into caller.
        * Fix popredir on abnormal exit from built-in.
        * Fix wait regression where it does not wait for all jobs.

        * Replace cmdenviron with localvars.

        * Fix poplocalvar leak.
        * Move unsetvar functionality into setvareq.

        * Add localvars nesting, local now fails outside functions.

        * Fix command -- crash.

        * Fix for job control off warning.

        * Use faccessat if available.

        * Make trap signal name/number errors non-fatal.
        * Release 0.5.6.

        * Use TMPDIR in mkbuiltins.

        * Fix logical or result value.

        * Fix binary operator parsing.

        * Fix off-by-one recordregion in readcmd.

        don't read-uninitialized for \177 in a here-doc
        A DEL (0177, dec 127) byte in a here-document would cause dash to
        access uninitialized memory at the end of one of the syntax.c
        since those tables are sized to accommodate a maximum index of
        BASESYNTAX + 126.  Make the generated tables one byte larger.
        printf ':<<\\E\n\200y\nE'|./dash
        * src/mksyntax.c (filltable): Use 258, not 257 as the size,
        so that BASESYNTAX(=130) + 127 is a valid index.
        (print): Likewise.
        Don't emit explicit array dimension in declaration.

        * Avoid compiler warnings on isdigit.

        * Add another missing LC_COLLATE to mkbuiltins.

        * Fix NUL termination in readcmd.
        * Lookup PWD after going through CDPATH.

        * Pass EV_TESTED into evalcmd.
        * Revert SKIPEVAL into EXEXIT.

        * Add preliminary LINENO support.

        * Honor tab as IFS whitespace when splitting fields in readcmd.

        * Do not truncate file for FROMTO redirection.

        * Fix quoted pattern patch breakage.

        * Fix incorrect savefd conversions.

        * Fix dowait signal race.
        * Remove EXSIG.
        * Do not close stderr when /dev/tty fails to open.
        * Allow newlines after var name in for statements.
        * Use CHKNL to parse case statements.

        * Update manual page to differentiate dash from ash.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/shells/dash/distinfo

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