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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/calibre

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gls
Date:           Sun May  6 08:34:14 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/calibre: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update misc/calibre to 0.8.50

pkgsrc changes:
- Depends on textproc/py-ccsutils >=0.9.9.

Upstream changes:

Release 0.8.50 - May 04, 2012

New Features

    Tweak Book: Allow tweaking of KF8 MOBI files. Useful to fine-tune the result
of a conversion. Right click on the book and select Tweak Book to use the
feature. Note that tweaking a MOBI file that contains both KF8 and older MOBI6
will cause the MOBI6 version to be discarded.
    AZW3 output plugin. This output plugin generates pure KF8 mobi files. These
only work on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch with latest firmware.
    Conversion: Allow easy re-ordering of the search and replace expressions in
the conversion dialog. Also apply the expressions in the same order that they
were entered when doing the conversion.
    Automatically add the Tag 'Sample Book' when an Amazon sample is added to
    FB2 Input: Better handling of inline images.
    Closes tickets: 989869

Bug Fixes

    KF8 Output: Fix section to section jumps not working for documents with
multi-level ToCs
    EPUB Input: Handle the case of the metadata ToC containing a reference to
the cover HTML file.
    Closes tickets: 993812

    CHM Input: Handle files with deeply nested markup and non html files
listed at the start of the manifest.
    Closes tickets: 993607

    KF8 Output: Workaround Kindle Touch bug that causes the book to be rendered
as black pages when a height is specified for <body>

    Fix regression in 0.8.49 that broke italics detection in heuristic
processing on 32-bit systems.
    Closes tickets: 991380

    KF8 Output: Fix joint MOBI6/KF8 books not being recognized as MOBI files
by older Kindles
    KF8 Output: Fix errors when processing documents with HTML comments
and/or XML processing instructions
    Get Books: Amazon fix prices not being found. B&N fix details link. fix cover image. Website changes to various EU stores
    FB2 Input: More robust base64 decoding to handle embedded images that are
incorrectly encoded.
    Closes tickets: 990929

    Fix scrolling with the cover browser updating only the selection in the
book list, not the current book.
    Closes tickets: 990881

    Save to Disk: Do not run out memory when saving very large files on
systems with low RAM.
    Closes tickets: 990741

    FB2 Output: Use 2 letter language codes in preference to 3-letter ones to
not break poorly implemented FB2 readers
    Closes tickets: 990026

    EPUB Input: Auto set the media-type for OPF manifest entries with an
empty media-type

New news sources

    George Monbiot by Darko Miletic
    El Mundo by atordo
    AraInfo and Diagonal by Ruben Pollan

Improved news sources

    National Post
    Daily Mirror
    Newsweek Polska

Release 0.8.49 - Apr 27, 2012
New Features

    Experimental support for generating Amazon's new KF8 format MOBI files

    calibre can now generate Amazon's new KF8 format MOBI files. To turn
on this feature, go to Preferences->Tweaks and click Plugin Tweaks. In
the box add: test_mobi_output_type = 'both' calibre will now produce MOBI
files that have both the old MOBI format and the new KF8 format in them.
To learn more about KF8, see:
Note that calibre support for KF8 is still experimental and there will
likely be bugs.

    Upgrade to using cssutils 0.9.9 for CSS parsing. Improved speed
and robustness.
    Show cover size in a tooltip in the conversion dialog

    Closes tickets: 986958 [External link]
    Driver for Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light

    Closes tickets: 989264 [External link]

Bug Fixes

    Heuristics: When italicizing words do not operate on words not in
between HTML tags.
    Closes tickets: 986298 [External link]

    Fix (I hope) the bulk metadata download process crashing for some
people on OS X when clicking the Yes button to apply the updates.
    Closes tickets: 986658 [External link]

    Fix tooltip not being updated in the book details panel when
pasting in a new cover
    Closes tickets: 986958 [External link]

    Cover Browser: Wrap the title on space only, not in between words.
    Closes tickets: 986516 [External link]

    Edit metadata dialog: If a permission denied error occurs when
clicking the next or prev buttons, stay on the current book.
    Closes tickets: 986903 [External link]

    Fix heuristics not removing unnecessary hyphens from the end
of lines.
    Closes tickets: 822744 [External link]

New news sources

    Berria by Alayn Gortazar
    Sol Haber by Onur Gungor
    Telam by Darko Miletic
    Richmond Times-Dispatch by jde

Improved news sources

    Metro Nieuws NL
    Der Tagesspiegel

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/misc/calibre/distinfo

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