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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/picoc

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   agc
Date:           Fri Apr 27 04:48:44 UTC 2012

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/lang/picoc
In directory

Log Message:
Initial import of picoc-2.1 into the Packages Collection

        PicoC is a very small C interpreter for scripting.  It was originally
        written as the script language for a UAV's on-board flight system.
        It's also very suitable for other robotic, embedded and non-embedded

        The core C source code is around 4000 lines of code.  It's not
        intended to be a complete implementation of ISO C but it has all the
        essentials.  When compiled it only takes a few k of code space and is
        also very sparing of data space.  This means it can work well in small
        embedded devices.  It's also a fun example of how to create a very
        small language implementation while still keeping the code readable.

        picoc has been tested on x86-32, x86-64, powerpc, arm, ultrasparc,
        HP-PA and blackfin processors and is easy to port to new targets.

To show it working on the old DECUS grep program (included as one of its

        % time picoc work/picoc/tests/46_grep.c - case 
        File work/picoc/tests/46_grep.c:
        "lower-case are always ignored.  Blank lines never match.  The 

              case '^':

              case '$':

              case '.':

              case '[':

              case ':':
        0.651u 0.000s 0:00.68 95.5%     0+0k 0+0io 0pf+0w
        % wc work/picoc/tests/46_grep.c 
              557    1991   15172 work/picoc/tests/46_grep.c


Vendor Tag:     TNF
Release Tags:   pkgsrc-base
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