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CVS commit: pkgsrc/geography/viking

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gdt
Date:           Tue Apr 24 01:19:58 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/geography/viking: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.3.

Viking 1.3 (2012-04-22)
New features since 1.2.2
* Be consistent in that track and waypoint list dialogs are always
  sorted alphabetically.
* Add OSM Transport map as a built in map option.
* Add supported MIME types to the desktop file specification.
* Add example script that can be used to upload a track as a route to
  a predefined GPS device.
* Display the average moving speed for a track in the track
* Add ability to open a TrackWaypoint layer with another external
  program (default merkaartor).
* Add ability to open a TrackWaypoint layer with an external program
  (default JOSM).
* Use map default: OSM MapQuest tileserver.
* Add and use a preference for the associated image viewer program.
* Add and use KML File Export units option.
* Add ability to geotag images interpolating times against tracks.
* Acquire Geotag Images via TRW Layer
* Ensure vtl created in acquire operation runs post read stage.
* EXIF read implementation for geotagged images (libexif).
* Add new process stage for acquire methods.
* Enable reversing a track from the track menu.
* Display compact message on the statusbar for the selected trackpoint
  or waypoint. (SF#3314888)
* Enable multiple selection and deletion.
* Scale waypoint icons to give large or small icons as necessary.
* Add Yahoo! Maps webtool link.
* Extend webtools with a bounds version for the URL which takes four
  string parameters.
* Add webtool for Bing maps.
* Add Acquire OSM option into the Track/Waypoint layer operations.
* Add used geo-* scripts as they are public domain.
* Continue support via third party tools.
* Show elevation gain/loss on track creation 'tooltip' (as per
  SF#2838561 request), when such data is available.
* Automatically attempt to set elevation data from the DEM layer
  whilst a track is being created.
* When creating a track, display the total distance of track (via a
  tooltip like text) on the main display.
* Allow to import any file known by gpsbabel
* Add support for any device known by gpsbabel
* Add experimental support for GPSD_API_MAJOR_VERSION 5.
* Add ability to acquire GPS traces stored on OSM
* Enable copying layer/sublayer names as plain text, so that it can be
  pasted into external text handling applications.
* Enable getting of the statusbar from the window.
* On creating a new waypoint always attempt to auto set the altitude
  if DEM data is available.
* Enable the escape key to remove/reset the ruler tool.

Fixes since 1.2.2
* Remove Tiles@home support as the service has stopped.
* cleanup: Remove unused and out of date 'viking-remote' script and
  related files.
* cleanup: Remove *very* old documentation and don't bother
  distributing any of it which is all old.
* Fix Track Properties graph blob marker drawn at wrong elevation when
  elevation graphs have different min/max heights.
* Fix Track Properties graph DEM points drawn at wrong elevation when
  lowest elevation is not zero.
* Use an intermediary program which will invoke the system's default
  for opening images.
* Fix opening of external web sites via center method when the zoom
  level is less than 1 mpp.
* Fix crashing on opening a file via recent menu after a .vik file is
* Fix too easy to accidently move a waypoint with an image with the
  select tool - must use shift key.
* Fix can not immediately select another layer if currently selected
  layer's visibility changes.
* Fix compilation with curl 7.21.7 (SF#3376584)
* Improve libgps test with the consistently available function:
* Fix <GTK 2.24 combo box usage.
* Fix crashing on opening multiple files after a .vik file is opened.
* Solution for SF#2766266 - Give user feedback about OSM uploads
* Fix: send VLP's update signal when adding a layer
* Fix: Don't abort program when attempting webtool center with
  different x & y factors.
* Fix Join Tracks functionality.
* Fix SF#3408170: Selected Track Thickness is Always 1px
* Fix tracks not shown over map when map layer is dragged to the end
  of the treeview list.
* Refuse to load unsupported file types.
* Restore broken GPS power off command.
* Fix: SF#3042692 - Tiles May Get Deleted During Offline Usage.
* Fix some tracks elevation profile may display no altitude, despite
  all altitudes available in the track.
* Fix SF#3387590: Top Layer cannot be renamed
* Enable merging tracks without timestamps to other tracks that do not
  have timestamps. (SF#2886231)
* Prevent track merge by time requests when there are no other
  suitable tracks.
* Improve track name when split from Track Properties window.
* Replace 'Magic Scissors' by a more accurate name - 'Route Finder'.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.16 -r1.17 pkgsrc/geography/viking/distinfo

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