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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/pciutils

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Apr 22 16:00:38 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/pciutils: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/sysutils/pciutils/patches: patch-aa patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 3.1.9:

2012-01-14  Martin Mares <>

        * Released as 3.1.9.

        * Updated README.

        * Whereever we mention the PCI ID database, we now refer to
 and the site is mentioned only
          as a mirror. This includes update-pciids.

        * Decode PCIe Gen 3 speeds and link status fields.

        * Various minor bug fixes.

        * Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.

2011-10-02  Martin Mares <>

        * Released as 3.1.8.

        * More capabilities: Transaction Processing Hints, Latency Tolerance
        Reporting. Thanks to Jesse Barnes.

        * Added BeOS and Haiku ports. Contributed by Francois Revol.

        * pciutils.pc now uses Libs.private properly.

        * When we format a name and it does not fit in the buffer, we truncate
        it instead of returning "buffer too small" instead. This works on all
        platforms with sane (i.e., C99-compatible) snprintf().

        * Various minor bug fixes.

        * Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.

2010-01-31  Martin Mares <>

        * Released as 3.1.7.

        * Minor improvements and bug fixes in decoding of the Virtual Channel

2010-01-24  Martin Mares <>

        * Released as 3.1.6.

        * More capabilities decoded: Virtual Channel (except arbitration
        tables), Root Complex Link, Vendor-Specific (header only), SATA HBA.

        * All extended capabilities have their version displayed (-vv or more).

2010-01-19  Martin Mares <>

        * Released as 3.1.5.

        * Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.

        * When scanning extended capabilities, properly mask the lowest 2 bits,
          which are currently reserved. This avoids unaligned access errors on
          broken hardware (see tests/broken-ecaps).

        * Large bar sizes are displayed in human-readable format (with units).
          Thanks to Matthew Wilcox.

        * Physical slot information is displayed correctly for multi-function 
          Fixed by Matthew Wilcox.

        * Fixed a couple of typos everywhere.

        * Library: Fixed bugs in freeing of capabilities.

        * Windows back-end compiles again.

2009-08-14  Martin Mares <>

        * Released as 3.1.4.
          (sorry that I have missed 22/7 and released it later :-))

        * Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.

        * Fixed memory and file descriptor leak in the dump back-end.

        * The SR-IOV capability decoder now prints the VF BAR's.
        Patch by Chris Wright, cleaned up by me.

        * On request of certain company's lawyers, we now include a copy
        of the GPL with our package. It seems that the pciutils are getting
        mature if the most important bug of the month was this one ;-)

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/sysutils/pciutils/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/sysutils/pciutils/patches/patch-aa
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/sysutils/pciutils/patches/patch-ac

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