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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-activesupport32

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Sun Mar 18 06:44:51 UTC 2012

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/devel/ruby-activesupport32
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Log Message:
Importing ruby-activesupport32 version 3.2.2.

## Rails 3.2.1 (January 26, 2012) ##

*   Documentation fixes and improvements.

*   Update time zone offset information. *Ravil Bayramgalin*

*   The deprecated `ActiveSupport::Base64.decode64` calls `::Base64.decode64`
    now. *Jonathan Viney*

*   Fixes uninitialized constant `ActiveSupport::TaggedLogging::ERROR`. *kennyj*

## Rails 3.2.0 (January 20, 2012) ##

*   ActiveSupport::Base64 is deprecated in favor of ::Base64. *Sergey Nartimov*

*   Module#synchronize is deprecated with no replacement.  Please use `monitor`
    from ruby's standard library.

*   (Date|DateTime|Time)#beginning_of_week accept an optional argument to
    be able to set the day at which weeks are assumed to start.

*   Deprecated ActiveSupport::MessageEncryptor#encrypt and decrypt. *José Valim*

*   ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribed provides subscriptions to events 
while a block runs. *fxn*

*   Module#qualified_const_(defined?|get|set) are analogous to the 
corresponding methods
    in the standard API, but accept qualified constant names. *fxn*

*   Added inflection #deconstantize which complements #demodulize. This 
    removes the righmost segment in a qualified constant name. *fxn*

*   Added ActiveSupport:TaggedLogging that can wrap any standard Logger class 
to provide tagging capabilities *DHH*

        Logger =
        Logger.tagged("BCX") { "Stuff" }                            
# Logs "[BCX] Stuff"
        Logger.tagged("BCX", "Jason") { "Stuff" }                   
# Logs "[BCX] [Jason] Stuff"
        Logger.tagged("BCX") { Logger.tagged("Jason") { "Stuff" } } 
# Logs "[BCX] [Jason] Stuff"

*   Added safe_constantize that constantizes a string but returns nil instead 
of an exception if the constant (or part of it) does not exist *Ryan Oblak*

*   ActiveSupport::OrderedHash is now marked as extractable when using 
Array#extract_options! *Prem Sichanugrist*

*   Added Array#prepend as an alias for Array#unshift and Array#append as an 
alias for Array#<< *DHH*

*   The definition of blank string for Ruby 1.9 has been extended to Unicode 
    Also, in 1.8 the ideographic space U+3000 is considered to be whitespace. 
*Akira Matsuda, Damien Mathieu*

*   The inflector understands acronyms. *dlee*

*   Deprecated ActiveSupport::Memoizable in favor of Ruby memoization pattern 
*José Valim*

*   Added Time#all_day/week/quarter/year as a way of generating ranges 
(example: Event.where(created_at: *DHH*

*   Added instance_accessor: false as an option to Class#cattr_accessor and 
friends *DHH*

*   Removed ActiveSupport::SecureRandom in favor of SecureRandom from the 
standard library *Jon Leighton*

*   ActiveSupport::OrderedHash now has different behavior for #each and
    \#each_pair when given a block accepting its parameters with a splat. 
*Andrew Radev*

*   ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger#silence is deprecated.  If you want to squelch
    logs for a certain block, change the log level for that block.

*   ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger#open_log is deprecated.  This method should
    not have been public in the first place.

*   ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger's behavior of automatically creating the
    directory for your log file is deprecated.  Please make sure to create the
    directory for your log file before instantiating.

*   ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger#auto_flushing is deprecated.  Either set the
    sync level on the underlying file handle like this:

        f ='foo.log', 'w')
        f.sync = true f

    Or tune your filesystem.  The FS cache is now what controls flushing.

*   ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger#flush is deprecated.  Set sync on your
    filehandle, or tune your filesystem.


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