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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/ruby-sequel

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Thu Feb 23 14:20:31 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/ruby-sequel: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update databases/ruby-sequel package to 3.32.0.

=== 3.32.0 (2012-02-01)

* Make serialization_modification_detection plugin work correctly with
  new objects and after saving existing objects (jeremyevans) (#432)

* Make refreshes after model creation clear the deserialized values in
  the serialization plugin (jeremyevans)

* Add Dataset#update_ignore on MySQL, for using UPDATE IGNORE in
  queries (danielb2) (#429)

* Allow select_map/select_order_map to take both a column argument and
  a block (jeremyevans)

* Fix virtual row block handling in select_map/select_order_map if
  block returns an array (jeremyevans) (#428)

* Add Sequel.empty_array_handle_nulls setting, can be set to false for
  possible better performance on some databases (jeremyevans)

* Change exclude(:b=>[]) to not return rows where b is NULL (jeremyevans) (#427)

* Support ActiveModel 3.2 in the active_model plugin, by adding
  support for to_partial_path (jeremyevans)

* Fix metadata methods (e.g. tables) on Oracle when custom identifier
  input methods are used (jeremyevans)

* Fix Database#indexes on DB2 (jeremyevans)

* Make DateTime/Time columns with Sequel::CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default
  values use timestamp column on MySQL (jeremyevans)

* Wrap column default values in extra parens on SQLite, fixes some
  cases (jeremyevans)

* Make Database#indexes not include primary key indexes on Derby,
  HSQLDB, Oracle, and DB2 using the jdbc adapter (jeremyevans)

* Support Database#indexes in shared MSSQL adapter (jeremyevans)

* Support :include option when creating indexes on MSSQL, for storing
  column values in the index (crawlik) (#426)

* Make set_column_type not modify defaults and NULL/NOT NULL setting
  on MSSQL, H2, and SQLite (jeremyevans)

* Qualify identifiers when filtering/excluding by associations (jeremyevans)

* Make table_exists? better handle tables where you don't have
  permissions for all columns (jeremyevans) (#422)

* Using new association options, support associations based on columns
  that clash with ruby method names (jeremyevans) (#417)

* Add use_after_commit_rollback setting to models, can be turned off
  to allow model usage with prepared transactions (jeremyevans)

* Fix alter table emulation on SQLite when foreign keys reference the
  table being altered (jeremyevans)

* Fix progress shared adapter, broken since the dataset literalization
  refactoring (jeremyevans) (#414)

* Support :map and :to_hash prepared statement types (jeremyevans)

* Make Dataset#naked! work correctly (jeremyevans)

* Remove Dataset#paginate!, as it was broken (jeremyevans)

* Fix query extension to not break usage of #clone without arguments
  (jeremyevans) (#413)

=== 3.31.0 (2012-01-03)

* Dataset#from no longer handles :a__b__c___d as a.b.c AS d (jeremyevans)

* Support many_to_one associations with the same name as their column,
  using the :key_column option (jeremyevans)

* Add Model.def_column_alias for defining alias methods for columns

* Support :server option in Dataset#import and #multi_insert (jeremyevans)

* Respect existing RETURNING/OUTPUT clauses in #import/#multi_insert on
  PostgreSQL/MSSQL (jeremyevans)

* Support :return=>:primary_key option to Dataset#import and #multi_insert

* Correctly handle return value for Dataset#insert with column array and value
  array on PostgreSQL <8.2 (jeremyevans)

* Dataset#insert_multiple now returns an array of inserted primary keys
  (jeremyevans) (#408)

* Support RETURNING with DELETE and UPDATE on PostgreSQL 8.2+ (funny-falcon)

* Raise error if tables from two separate schema are detected when parsing the
  schema for a single table on PostgreSQL (jeremyevans)

* Handle clob types as string instead of blob on H2 (jeremyevans)

* Add database type support to the mock adapter, e.g. mock://postgres

* Allow creation of full text indexes on Microsoft SQL Server, but you need to
  provide a :key_index option (jeremyevans)

* Allow Dataset#full_text_search usage with prepared statements (jeremyevans)

* Make Dataset#exists use a PlaceholderLiteralString so it works with prepared
  statements (jeremyevans)

* Fix Dataset#empty? for datasets with offsets when offset support is emulated

* Add Dataset#group_rollup and #group_cube methods for GROUP BY ROLLUP and
  CUBE support (jeremyevans)

* Add support for custom serialization formats to the serialization plugin

* Support a :login_timeout option in the jdbc adapter (glebpom) (#406)

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/databases/ruby-sequel/PLIST \

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