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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Moose

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   hiramatsu
Date:           Sat Feb 18 15:09:23 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Moose: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-Moose to 2.0402.

Changes from previous:
2.0402 Sat, Feb 04, 2012


  * Minor documentation fixes.

  * Fix test failure on blead (test was unnecessarily strict). Reported by
    Nicholas Clark. (doy)

2.0401 Thu, Nov 17, 2011


  * Attributes with weak_ref now weaken their associated slot when they are
    initialized through a lazy default or builder. Reported by tome. (doy)

2.0400 Tue, Nov 15, 2011


  * No changes from 2.0302 (other than a few minor documentation tweaks).

2.0302 Wed, Nov 02, 2011


  * Fix test failure on 5.8. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Make make_immutable return value consistent and document it to be true.

2.0301 Fri, Oct 21, 2011


  * Fix compilation on 5.8. Reported by ether. (doy)

  * A custom error class caused a warning when the class that used it was made
    immutable. Reported by Maroš Kollár. RT #71514. (Dave Rolsky)


  * The enum type will now allow single value enumerations. Previously, two or
    more values were required. (rjbs)

2.0300 Fri, Sep 23, 2011


  * The optimize_as option for type constraints has been deprecated. Use the
    inline_as option to provide inlining code instead. (Dave Rolsky)


  * Methods to introspect a class's methods will now return methods defined in
    UNIVERSAL (isa, can, etc.). This also means that you can wrap these
    methods with method modifiers. RT #69839. Reported by Vyacheslav
    Matyukhin. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The ->parent and ->parents method for a union now return the nearest
    common ancestor of that union's component types. See Moose::Manual::Delta
    for more details. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The ->parents method used to return an arrayref for union types, and a
    list of one or more types for all other types. Now they all return
    lists. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The ->is_subtype_of and ->is_a_type_of methods have changed their behavior
    for union types. Previously, they returned true if any of their member
    types returned true for a given type. Now, all of the member types must
    return true. RT #67731. (Dave Rolsky)


  * The Moose::Exporter module now has a "meta_lookup" option when creating an
    importer. This allows you to specify an alternate method for determining
    the metaclass of a caller. This is useful for modules like
    MooseX::Role::Parameterized which generate new metaclasses on the
    fly. (sartak)

  * Added a Moose::Meta::Method->is_stub method. (Dave Rolsky)


  * A subtype of a union type did not return the right results when you called
    ->is_subtype_of or ->is_a_type_of on it. This has been fixed. RT
    #70322. (Dave Rolsky)

  * An attribute accessor or delegation method can overwrite a stub method and
    this will no longer throw an error. Reported by Mark-Jason Dominus. RT
    #69988. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The error generated by unfulfilled method requirements during role
    composition now mentions how to work around imported methods not being
    recognized. Reported by Michael Schwern. RT #60583. (doy)

  * class_type and role_type will now throw errors if you attempt to use them
    to override existing types, just like type and subtype have always done.

  * Implicitly creating class or role types by using them as the 'isa' or
    'does' parameter to attribute construction will now register the type. This
    means that it cannot later be redefined as something else. (doy)

  * $class_type->is_subtype_of no longer returns true if passed the name of the
    class that the class type represents when the class type wasn't registered.

  * Removing anonymous metaclasses prematurely no longer prevents reaping of
    the associated stash. (doy)


  * The Class::MOP::load_class and Class::MOP::is_class_loaded subroutines are
    no longer documented, and will cause a deprecation warning in the
    future. Moose now uses Class::Load to provide this functionality, and you
    should as well. (Dave Rolsky)

2.0205 Tue, Sep 06, 2011


  * The Array and Hash native traits now provide a "shallow_clone" method,
    which will return a reference to a new container with the same contents as
    the attribute's reference.


  * Specifying an invalid value in a hashref 'handles' value now throws a
    sensible error. Reported by Mark-Jason Dominus. RT #69990. (Dave


  * When specifying an attribute trait, passing options for the trait besides
    -alias or -excludes caused a warning. However, passing other options is
    totally valid when using MooseX::Role::Parameterized. Fixes RT
    #70419. (sartak)

  * Allow regexp objects in duck_type constraints (to bring this in line with
    the Object constraint).

2.0204 Thu, Aug 25, 2011


  * Validating duck_type type constraint turned out to work only by accident,
    and only when not running under the debugger. This has been fixed.
    (Florian Ragwitz)


  * Loosen the dependency on ExtUtils::ParseXS.

2.0203 Tue, Aug 23, 2011


  * is_class_loaded now properly detects packages which have a version object
    in their $VERSION.

  * Fix XS compilation under blead.

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