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CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/p5-Image-ExifTool

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   rhaen
Date:           Thu Jan 26 20:16:11 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/graphics/p5-Image-ExifTool: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updated to 8.75


Jan. 8, 2012 - Version 8.75 (production release)

  - Added -php output option (thanks Marcel)
  - Decode another AIFF tag and handle character encoding in AIFF text values
  - Recognize PHP files
  - Enhanced Geotag feature to write speed/track from NMEA GPRMC sentence, and
    orientation information from Honeywell NMEA PTNTHPR sentence
  - Changed verbose XMP output to print raw values
  - Lowered default priority of "avoided" tags so they don't override other
    same-named tags when reading with duplicate tags disabled
  - Patched tests to ignore MirBSD leap-second unconformity
  - Patched ZIP module to avoid failed tests with Perl 5.6.2 on GNU/Linux 2.6
  - Fixed problem reading xref table of some PDF files created by PScript5.dll
  - Fixed problem reading RicohSubdir from AVI videos of the GR Digital 4

Dec. 28, 2011 - Version 8.74

  - Added read/write support for Hasselblad FFF images
  - Added iptcCore.args convenience file to the distribution package
  - Catch CONT signal to allow calling applications to trigger an immediate
    response (avoiding a delay of up to 0.01 sec) after writing arguments to a
    -stay_open ARGFILE
  - Protect against some infinite loops that could be created when using some of
    the advanced exiftool options
  - Improved decoding of Samsung PictureWizard (thanks Pascal de Bruijn)
  - Improved handling of bad IFD entries in -htmlDump output
  - Changed print conversion of EXIF:FNumber and XMP:FNumber to use 2 decimal
    digits for values less than 1.0, and disable conversion for invalid values
  - Tightened up the -stay_open feature to fix a few potential problems
  - Fixed bug using -csv+= or -json+= for non-list-type tags
  - Fixed problem deleting unknown makernotes as a block
  - API Changes:
      - Enhanced SetNewValue() AddValue option to allow this option to be
        ignored for non-list tags

Dec. 16, 2011 - Version 8.73

  - Added read support for OpenEXR and Radiance RGBE images
  - Added a couple of new Nikon LensID's (thanks Robert Rottmerhusen)
  - Added a new PentaxModelID
  - Added a new Olympus CameraType
  - Created new FileSequence tag for use in batch processing
  - Decode maker notes from Pentax Optio RZ18 AVI videos
  - Tolerate unrecognized IPTC records (but still issue warning)
  - Changed ScaleFactor35efl calculation to also use Pentax SensorSize
  - Minor changes to two Samsung lens names (thanks Pascal de Bruijn)

Dec. 8, 2011 - Version 8.72

  - Added support for reading XMP from INX files
  - Added PDF HasXFA tag
  - Added a new XMP Colorants field (not in 2010 XMP specification)
  - Decode Casio BestShotMode for yet more cameras
  - Decode a few more Casio ImageStabilization values
  - Decode a few more Olympus tags and added conversion for CameraType
  - Protect against reading insanely large XMP (> 300 MB) in INDD files
  - Extract large (> 64 kB) unknown XMP tags as binary data
  - Reduced memory requirements for XMP processing (by 1/10)
  - Fixed another place where empty XMP structures could hide (in lists)

Nov. 19, 2011 - Version 8.71

  - Added two new Olympus LensType values (thanks Martin Hilbers)
  - Avoid recreating duplicate groups when deleting whole groups and adding back
    tags in the same step
  - Fixed problem where the QuickTime -charset option didn't work for some tags
  - Fixed bug introduced in 8.69 which could cause excessive memory usage when
    reading QuickTime videos with the -u option
  - Fixed problem where existing empty XMP structure couldn't be deleted or
    overwritten as a structured tag

Nov. 15, 2011 - Version 8.70

  - Compatibility Notice: Changed order of operations when batch processing with
    -tagsFromFile option to be consistent with non-batch mode
  - Added -listItem option
  - Added read support for IDML files
  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Jon Charnas)
  - Added a couple of new Samsung LensType's (thanks Tae-Sun Park)
  - Added support for another DigiKam XMP tag
  - Decode a couple more ID3 tags
  - Decode Casio BestShotMode for more cameras
  - Improved decoding of Casio AFMode
  - Extract unknown FLAC blocks as binary data
  - Changed ITC:ImageType to make "numerical" value more friendly
  - Changed priority of two unreliable Samsung tags
  - Fixed bug where ExifTool could produce improperly formatted XMP when writing
    structure elements to a previously empty XMP structure (the empty XMP
    structure was not being properly deleted).  Affected XMP is repaired by
    re-writing any element of the structure with this version of ExifTool
  - API Changes:
      - Added ProtectSaved option to SetNewValue() and return save count from

Nov. 9, 2011 - Version 8.69

  - IMPORTANT: Fixed bug which could corrupt GIF images when writing a Comment
    to a GIF image containing XMP metadata
  - Added ability to read/write ICC_Profile in GIF images
  - Added ability to specify internal encoding of EXIF "ASCII" strings and
    QuickTime strings
  - Added a new DigiKam XMP tag
  - Decode a number of new Sony tags
  - Decode a few new Pentax tags and added a few new values
  - Decode a few new QuickTime and ID3 tags
  - Decode Casio BestShotMode for a number of models
  - Improved validity checking of ICC_Profile segments in JPEG image
  - Tolerate UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM) in input CSV and JSON files
  - No longer trim trailing spaces from arguments in -@ argfiles
  - Upgraded Windows executable version to use PAR 1.002
  - Changed priority of the Sony DynamicRangeOptimizer tags
  - Changed MWG feature to use UTF8 encoding for EXIF strings by default
  - Changed the -b option to avoid loading large binary values for tags that
    have been excluded with the -x option or --TAG
  - Changed Canon AFMicroAdjActive to AFMicroAdjMode and improved decoding
  - Fixed problem where the PreviewImage could be lost when writing to images
    from some newer Sony cameras
  - Fixed problem reporting duplicate information when -if used with -TAG#
  - Fixed incorrectly written XMP-tiff:YCbCrSubSampling tag
  - Fixed problem opening files with names beginning and/or ending with some
    characters such as SPACE, '>', '<' and '|'; however file names ending
    with '|' are still not allowed
  - API Changes:
      - Added CharsetEXIF and CharsetQuickTime options

Oct. 21, 2011 - Version 8.68

  - Added a new CanonModelID and a new SonyModelID
  - Added new Canon and Pentax LensType's
  - Decode more makernote information from Nikon MOV videos
  - Improved decoding of Sony LensSpec and enabled writing of this tag
  - Overhauled Minolta/Sony LensType list for consistency with official Sony
    lens names and removed a couple of anomalous entries (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Fixed problem with negative temperatures in Reconyx makernotes
  - Fixed bug which could cause runtime warnings when -f used with -X and -l
  - Fixed some minor problems when using -X with MWG option
  - Fixed issue where some missing tags could be printed when -f option was used
    in combination with wildcard tag names

Oct. 13, 2011 - Version 8.67

  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Norbert Wasser)
  - Decode tags from FujiIFD in HS10 and X100 RAF images
  - Decode LocationInfo tags from Nikon maker notes
  - Decode GPS tags from Nikon MOV videos
  - Decode information from Microsoft "Xtra" atom in QuickTime files
  - Decode Sony LensSpec information (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Use more specific MakerNotes names in warning messages and verbose output
  - Updated Canon CustomFunctions for the EOS 600D and 1100D
  - Improved handling of some corrupted RIFF files
  - Improved decoding of Samsung manual lens types (thanks Pascal de Bruijn)
  - Changed "No writable tags found" warning to "No writable tags set from"
  - Fixed problem handling resource forks in newer versions of OS X
  - Fixed problem writing XMP as a block to Jpeg2000 images
  - Fixed problem which could cause XMP and IPTC to be ignored when using MWG
    feature with TIFF images and performing multiple operations in a single

Oct. 3, 2011 - Version 8.66

  - Added the ability to use "$GROUP:all" in -if and -p expressions (evaluates
    to "1" if any tag exists in the specified group, or "0" otherwise)
  - Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType (thanks Florian Knorn)
  - Added list of recommended modules to Perl installation
  - Decode ColorBalance information for a few new Nikon models
  - Updated Canon CustomFunctions for the EOS 600D and 1100D
  - Fixed problem writing "now" to MWG date/time tags

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