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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-AnyEvent

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   rhaen
Date:           Thu Jan 26 11:55:12 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-AnyEvent: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updated devel/p5-AnyEvent to 6.13

6.13 Thu Jan 12 07:27:01 CET 2012
        - AnyEvent::Util::fork_call checked for POSIX availability in the wrong 
          causing it to fail if POSIX wasn't loaded already (analysed by Rock 
        - AnyEvent::Handle::push_read (line => did pass $1 directly, so
          regex-matching inside the callback would change the parameter, despite
          $1 being dynamically scoped per-block. this perl bug is now being
          worked around (testcase by Cindy Wang).

6.12 Mon Dec 12 13:21:10 CET 2011
        - $! was clobbered by subsequent calls in tcp_connect, due to
          the postpone not saving/restoring it (analyzed by Richard Garnish).

6.11 Tue Nov 22 10:36:05 CET 2011
        - Tk cannot create windows when tainted unless you set a title, so
          set a dummy title for AnyEvent's dummy mainwindow. How dummy.
        - escape any nonprintable/nonascii characters when stringifying
        - log the reason loading an interface module fails to load at level 

6.1  Tue Oct  4 19:44:30 CEST 2011
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the default log level is now "4" (error
          and above), and some messages inside AnyEvent have been elevated
          to higher log levels to print by default.
        - AnyEvent::log, unlike AnyEvent::Log::log, did not always exit on 
        - work around yet another signal race bug, newly introduced by POE. My
          how that module sucks.
        - add google public ipv6 dns as fallback servers, so AE::DNS can finally
          support ipv6-only operation even with defaults (also use ::1 instead
        - give better guidelines on how to chose a logging level.
        - AnyEvent::Log can now cap (limit) log message priority by context.
        - AE::log will now save and restore $! and $@, so callers don't have to.
        - AE::Strict now checks that registered fds are still valid at regular
        - skip frequently called 'require' calls if the module appears loaded.
        - increase signal latency test timer considerably for poor little osx,
          which can't be bothered with basic posix functionality such as signal
        - mention some debugging aids in the tutorial.
        - new env variable PERL_ANYEVENT_MAX_SIGNAL_LATENCY.
        - private (%namespace) log contexts in PERL_ANYEVENT_LOG now have the 
          of the context as title.
        - AnyEvent::Strict would not restore read-write access to $_ when a 
          died - this is a user bug, but since AE::Strict exists to help 
        - detect the extremely evil IO::Async::Loop::AnyEvent module and refuse
          to work with it - the author is well aware of the issues but refuses
          to fix them. This extreme step has been taken because the module 
          attacks the goals of AnyEvent and makes it harder for module authors 
to use

6.02  Fri Aug 26 20:08:31 CEST 2011
        - log_to_syslog now accepts facility strings.
        - log_to_syslog would not allow facilities - "$facility|$level"
          *literally* means that string. sheesh.
        - the CPAN parser got confused and thought we provide Sys::Syslog, try
          to work around.
        - renamed AnyEvent::Impl::FLTK2 to FLTK.

6.01  Fri Aug 26 07:04:11 CEST 2011
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: AnyEvent::DNS resource records now include
          the TTL as fourth element - this affects ->resolve, ->request
          and ->dns_unpack indirectly. Convenience functions such as
          AnyEvent::DNS::{a,txt,mx,srv} are not affected, neither is
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: backend authors now should not implement
          one_event or loop, but instead the AnyEvent::CondVar::_wait and _poll
        - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: verbosity levels have been redefined, see
          AnyEvent (PERL_ANYEVENT_VERBOSE) and AnyEvent::Log for details.
        - DEPRECIATION: please change
          "use AnyEvent::Impl::Perl" to "use AnyEvent::Loop" and
          "AnyEvent::Impl::Perl::loop" to "AnyEvent::Loop::run"
          in your programs, for future compatibility.
        - *blush* idle watcher emulation was borked.
        - AnyEvent::Strict now checks the AE::xxx functions as well.
        - querying too long domain names would barf deep inside AnyEvent::DNS - 
          this is hard to avoid for applications, AnyEvent:.DNS::request now 
checks for
          for too long domain names explicitly and passes an undef to the 
          instead (reported by James Bromberger).
        - make AnyEvent::Util more robust against EINTR (analyzed by Andrew 
        - new functions: AnyEvent::postpone, AnyEvent::log.
        - new module: AnyEvent::Log, for simple logging needs.
        - new env variable, PERL_ANYEVENT_LOG, for fine-grained logging config.
        - new env variable, PERL_ANYEVENT_DEBUG_SHELL, to automatically start
          a debug shell.
        - new env variable, PERL_ANYEVENT_DEBUG_WRAP, to automatically enable
          watcher instrumentation/wrapping (see AnyEvent::Debug::wrap).
        - new env variable, PERL_ANYEVENT_HOSTS, to override the place where
          /etc/hosts can be found.
        - an empty PERL_ANYEVENT_RESOLV_CONF now selects the default
        - env variables can now be specified using AE_xyz instead of
          PERL_ANYEVENT_xyz, subject to some rules.
        - lots of new AnyEvent::Debug functionality.
        - AnyEvent::Strict now checks for modifications $_ by the callback
          (by setting it to readonly while executing the callback, if possible).
        - IO::Async sometimes cancels the wrong timer when you call 
          Invest extra overhead to work around this peculiar behaviour.
        - split the pure perl backend into a loop module and an impl
          module (AnyEvent::Loop and AnyEvent::Impl::Perl).
        - some read types (regex, netstring, json, storable) could
          errornously keep an AE::Handle object alive on their own
          (reported by Mohammad Toossi).
        - AnyEvent::Socket::resolve_sockaddr and all functions using it now
          supports /etc/hosts overrides.
        - add more workarounds around child watcher bugs in IO::Async
          and (newly introduced) in POE.
        - use glib child watchers and try to work around its limitations,
          if possible (based on a patch by Kevin Ryde).
        - add support for FLTK (fltk2), via AnyEvent::Impl::FLTK2.
        - many read types in AnyEvent::Handle would malfunction during
          transitions to TLS because of a "delete $self->{rbuf}".
          (reported by Gerald Galster).
        - improve condvar blocking wait performance (probably only noticable
          with faster backends), also make it easier for event loops that
          do not support blocking waits.
        - PERL_ANYEVENT_MODEL now also allows full module names, although
          the usefulness of this feature is not yet clear.
        - add tests for all supported event loops, conditional on 
        - add t/80_ssltext.t.
        - no longer use AUTOLOAD for the initial loading (for no very good 
        - tcp_server now tries to unlink unix domain sockets when it gets 
        - do not run event loop detection multiple times when programs call 
their cached
          copies of AnyEvent::detect.
        - parse_hostport now accepts absolute paths als unix domain sockets.
        - suppress the idiotic warning inside POE by patching the POE::Kernel
          run flags instead of asking the user to jump through contortions.
        - add Task::Weaken as dependency (as recommends only at this time).
        - replace PF_UNSPEC by 0, for good old minix.

6.0 (not officially released, but was on CPAN for about 15 minutes :/)

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