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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/calibre

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gls
Date:           Sat Jan 21 17:53:32 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/calibre: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Updated misc/calibre to 0.8.36

pkgsrc changes:
- upstream archive to .tar.xz, modify Makefile accordingly.
- Rely on pkgsrc libraries when possible (py-html5lib and py-chardet).

Upstream changes:
- version: 0.8.36 date: 2011-01-20

  new features: - title: "Decrease startup time for large libraries with at
  least one composite custom column by reading format info on demand"

    - title: "When automatically deleting news older than x days, from the
    calibre library, only delete the book if it both has the tag News and the
    author calibre. This prevents accidental deletion of books tagged with News
    by the user."

    - title: "Driver for Infibeam Pi 2"

    - title: "Add a Tag Editor for tags like custom columns to the edit
    metadata dialog"

  bug fixes: - title: "E-book viewer: Fix regression in 0.8.35 that caused
  viewer to raise an error on books that did not define a language"

    - title: "Content server: Fix grouping for categories based on custom
    columns." tickets: [919011]

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: When setting the series from a format or
    via metadata download, ensure that the series index is not automatically
    changed, when closing the dialog." tickets: [918751]

    - title: "When reading metadata from Topaz (azw1) files, handle non ascii
    metadata correctly." tickets: [917419]

    - title: "CHM Input: Do not choke on CHM files with non ascii internal
    filenames on windows." tickets: [917696]

    - title: "Fix reading metadata from CHM files with non-ascii titles"

    - title: "Fix HTML 5 parser choking on comments"

    - title: "If calibre is started from a directory that does not exist,
    automatically use the home directory as the working directory, instead of

    - title: "Fix iriver story HD Wi-Fi device and external SD card swapped"
    tickets: [916364]

    - title: "Content server: Fix ugly URLs for specific format download in the
    book details and permalink panels"

    - title: "When adding FB2 files do not set the date field from the metadata
    in the file"

  improved recipes: - OReilly Premuim - Variety - Blic - New Journal of Physics
  - Der Tagesspiegel

  new recipes: - title: author: Roedi06

    - title: Village Voice author: Barty

    - title: Conversations author: levien

    - title: Novi list - printed edition author: Darko Miletic

- version: 0.8.35 date: 2011-01-13

  new features: - title: "Metadata plugboards: Allow creation of plugboards for
  email delivery." tickets: [914012]

    - title: "Tweak EPUB: Also allow tweaking of HTMLZ files (when both EPUB
    and HTMLZ are present, EPUB is preferred, this can be changed via

    - title: "TXT Input: Support direct conversion of files with extensions
    .md, .markdown and .textile." tickets: [912931]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Speed up the optional hyphenation algorithm by
    upgrading the hyphenator library calibre uses"

    - title: "Drivers for PocketBook 611, Motorola Razr Droid and Onyx Boox

  bug fixes: - title: "MOBI Output: When converting a paragraph that contains
  only a non-breaking space into a line break, ignore paragraphs with height
  less than 2pt." tickets: [915150]

    - title: "MOBI Input: Handle MOBI files that specify anchor point exactly
    at pagebreaks. These are apparently produced by John Wiley and Sons."
    tickets: [914036]

    - title: "Fetch news dialog: The Download now button is no longer scrolled
    out of view on OS X for news sources that require credentials"

    - title: "Fix commas being removed from author names when generating
    filenames in the calibre library"

    - title: "ODT Input: Dont crash on empty links"

    - title: "ebook-convert: Allow use of leading ./ when specifying output
    file names." tickets: [913954]

    - title: "Fix deleting of hierarchical searches broken in Tag Browser"
    tickets: [912345]

    - title: "Metadata search and replace: Fix rendering error when choosing
    {template}" tickets: [913154]

    - title: "Fix calibre not starting when stray .po files are present in the
    working directory" tickets: [913054]

    - title: "Do not error out when getting metadata for authors if the author
    name has either ::: or :#: in it." tickets: [912713]

  improved recipes: - Pagina 12 - USA Today - LWN Weekly - Seattle Times - San
  Jose Mercury -

  new recipes: - title: Lega Nerd and Pambianco author: faber1971

    - title: Various Turkish news sources author: asalet_r

    - title: Microwave Journal author: Kiavash

    - title: OReilly Premium author: TechnoCat

    - title: Hamilton Spectator and Tillsonburg/Norfolk County author: Eric

    - title: Opinion Bolivia author: Piet van Oostrum

    - title: author: Josemi Liebana

    - title: Novilist Portal author: Darko Miletic

- version: 0.8.34 date: 2012-01-06

  new features: - title: "Apple driver: Set the year field in iTunes based on
  the published date in calibre." tickets: [909050]

    - title: "EPUB Input: When converting a file that has entries in the
    manifest that do no exist, remove them, instead of aborting the
    conversion." tickets: [910933]

    - title: "Kindle driver: Ensure page counts are correctly sent to the
    device when connecting to Kindle 4/Touch." tickets: [910279]

    - title: "Allow user to set the number of recently viewed books shown in
    the dropdown menu of the view button, via a tweak in Preferences->Tweaks."
    tickets: [910292]

  bug fixes: - title: "Fix regression in 0.8.33 that caused calibre to crash
  when starting the Content Server, if the port the content server is trying to
  listen on is blocked/busy." tickets: [910512]

    - title: "MOBI Input: Fix regression that caused a mixup of images when the
    MOBI file header contains an incorrect first image index pointer." tickets:

    - title: "Do not remove leading and trailing spaces from the replace fields
    in the Search and Replace conversion options" tickets: [910523]

    - title: "Conversion pipeline: Fix regression in 0.8.31 that broke parsing
    of documents containing a self closing <title/> tag." tickets: [910325]

  improved recipes: - Kopalnia Wiedzy - Alternet - Tagesspiegel - Philadelphia
  Inquirer - Seattle Times - La Razon

  new recipes: - title: Various Italian news sources author: faber1971

    - title: author: intromatyk

    - title: Diario Rio Negro author: Darko Miletic.

    - title: FHM UK author: Dave Asbury

- version: 0.8.33 date: 2011-12-30

  new features: - title: "LIT Input: Switch to non-recursive algorithm, to
  allow conversion of files with deeply nested markup." tickets: [909535]

    - title: "Content server: Do not show the original_* formats in the mobile
    interface. Also upgrade to the latest CherryPy release."

    - title: "E-book viewer: Add option in viewer preferences to control how
    much the font size is changed when you click the make fonts bigger/smaller
    buttons." tickets: [908980]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Allow changing font size via Ctrl+Mouse wheel"
    tickets: [908975]

    - title: "Kobo driver: Hide previews and recommendations from the book
    list. You can customize the Kobo plugin if you would like to see them via

  bug fixes: - title: "Copy to library: Fix title sort not being copied"

    - title: "PDF Output: Add custom size conversion option to the GUI (it was
    only present on the command line before)"

    - title: "Add missing --keep-ligatures option to the ebook-convert command
    line" tickets: [909182]

    - title: "Fix rendering of non ascii characters in generated masthead
    images when downloading news for the Kindle"

    - title: "Linux binary: Disable qt-sp-api as it causes crashes/performance
    issues on various distros"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Ensure that reference mode highlighting is removed
    from the book when reference mode is closed." tickets: [908982]

    - title: "Fix unable to load plugins from files on GNOME/XFCE desktops"

    - title: "Fix regression that broke customizing toolbars on non English
    calibre installs"

    - title: "Conversion pipeline: Disable HTML 5 parsing if it results in
    deeply nested trees." tickets: [908818]

    - title: "Do not loose position in book list on device connection/sync, if
    a search is active." tickets: [908553]

    - title: "Fix regression in 0.8.32 that broke deleting books if the path to
    the library contained non-ascii characters on linux" tickets: [908068]

  improved recipes: - Echo Online - La Razon

  new recipes: - title: NYTimes Global author: Krittika Goyal

    - title: Grantland author: Barty

- version: 0.8.32 date: 2011-12-23

  new features: - title: "Linux: When deleting books, send them to the recycle
  bin, instead of permanently deleting. This is the same behavior as on Windows
  and OS X."

    - title: "Add a checkbox to allow users to disable the popup that asks if
    books should be auto-converted before sending to device"

    - title: "Drivers for Droid Razr, Samsung GT-I9003 and Bookeen Odyssey"
    tickets: [906356, 906056, 905862]

    - title: "Allow passing multiple filenames as command line arguments to
    calibre, to add multiple books." tickets: [907968]

  bug fixes: - title: "MOBI Output: Fix regression in 0.8.30 that caused the
  use of hidden heading elements for the TOC to generate links in the wrong
  place." tickets: [907156]

    - title: "EPUB Output: Ensure directories have the correct permissions bits
    set when unzipping an epub with unzip on Unix"

    - title: "Fix bottom most shortcuts in keyboard shortcuts for viewer not

    - title: "EPUB Output: Fix handling of self closing <audio> tags." tickets:

    - title: "MOBI Input: Map invalid <o:p> tags to <p> tags before parsing, to
    handle broken nesting." tickets: [905715]

    - title: "Conversion pipeline: HTML5 parsing: Fix handling of XML
    namespaces. Fixes regression in 0.8.30 that caused some articles in some
    news downloads to appear blank when viewed in Adobe Digital Editions based

    - title: "Get Books: Gandalf store, fix price and cover detection"

    - title: "EPUB Output: Fix the Flatten filenames option in EPUB Output
    causing duplicated manifest ids in rare cases." tickets: [905692]

    - title: "When adding books via ISBN, show the user the list of invalid
    ISBNs that will be ignored, if any, before starting the add operation."
    tickets: [905690]

    - title: "Fix unsmarten punctuation conversion option broken in 0.8.31."
    tickets: [905596]

    - title: "Fix broken evaluation of composite columns in save-to-disk"

  improved recipes: - Cosmopolitan UK - Hindustan Times - HVG - -
  Ming Pao - Glasgow Herald - Times of India - Focus Magazine - Hacker News -
  Independent - Sueddeutsche

  new recipes: - title: Prospect Magazine UK author: Barty and duoloz

    - title: Elet es Irodalom and NOL author: Bigpapa

    - title: Salonica Press News author: SteliosGero

    - title: Echo Online author: Armin Geller

    - title: Various Polish news sources author: fenuks

    - title: Various Italian news sources author: faber1971

- version: 0.8.31 date: 2011-12-16

  new features: - title: "Conversion engine: When parsing invalid XHTML use the
  HTML 5 algorithm, for greater robustness." tickets: [901466]

    - title: "Driver for PocketBook 611 and Lenovo IdeaPad"

    - title: "Allow customization of the order in which custom column editing
    is performed in the edit metadata dialog. Setting is available via
    Preferences->Tweaks." tickets: [902731]

    - title: "MOBI news download: Allow recipes to set a thumbnail for entries
    in the periodical table of contents. Currently used by the NYTimes, WSJ,
    Independent, GUardian and Globe and Mail recipes" tickets: [900130]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Add an option to the right click menu to search
    for the currently selected word"

    - title: "Automatically hide the no internet connection available error
    message if the connection is restored before the user clicks OK"

  bug fixes: - title: "Fix comments not hidden in Book details panel when they
  are turned off via Preferences->Look & Feel->Book Details"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Do not popup an error message if the user tries to
    use the mouse wheel to scroll before a document is loaded." tickets:

    - title: "Add docx to the list of ebook extensions." tickets: [903452]

    - title: "When downloading metadata from non-English Amazon websites, do
    not correct the case of book titles."

    - title: "Fix regression in 0.8.30 that broke bulk conversion of a single
    book." tickets: [902506]

    - title: "When minimized to system tray do not display the no internet
    connection error as a dialog box, instead use a system tray notification"

    - title: "Catalog generation: Include the series_index field for custom
    series columns as well"

    - title: "Comic Input: Do not rescale images when using the Tablet output
    profile (or any output profile with a screen size larger than 3000x3000)"

    - title: "HTML Input: Ignore unparseable URLs instead of crashing on them."
    tickets: [902372]

  improved recipes: - La Republica - CND - Berliner Zeitung - Zaman Gazetesi

  new recipes: - title: CND Weekly author: Derek Liang

    - title: author: Marius Ignatescu

    - title: Rynek Zdrowia author: spi630

- version: 0.8.30 date: 2011-12-09

  new features: - title: "Get Books: Add and"

    - title: "Bulk convert dialog: Disable the Use saved conversion settings
    checkbox when none of the books being converted has saved conversion

    - title: "ebook-viewer: And a command line switch to specify the position
    at which the file should be opened." tickets: [899325]

    - title: "Distribute calibre source code compressed with xz instead of gzip
    for a 40% reduction in size"

  bug fixes: - title: "Get Books: Fix and Fix cover
  display in Diesel ebooks store."

    - title: "HTML Input: Fix regression that broke processing of a small
    fraction of HTML files encoded in a multi-byte character encoding."
    tickets: [899691]

    - title: "Greatly reduce the delay at the end of a bulk metadata edit
    operation that operates on a very large number (thousands) of books"

    - title: "Template language: Fix the subitems formatter function to split
    only when the period is surrounded by non-white space and not another

    - title: "Fix ampersands in titles not displaying in the Cover Browser"

    - title: "MOBI Output: Do not ignore an empty anchor at the end of a block

    - title: "MOBI Output: Handle links to inline anchors placed inside large
    blocks of text correctly, i.e. the link should not point to the start of
    the block." tickets: [899831]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix searching for text that is represented as
    entities in the underlying HTML." tickets: [899573]

    - title: "Have the Esc shortcut perform exactly the same set of actions as
    clicking the clear button." tickets: [900048]

    - title: "Prevent the adding books dialog from becoming too wide"

    - title: "Fix custom column editing not behaving correctly with the
    Previous button in the edit metadata dialog." tickets: [899836]

    - title: "T1 driver. More fixes to datetime handling to try to convince the
    T1's buggy firmware to not rescan metadata." tickets: [899514]

    - title: "Only allow searching via non accented author names if the user
    interface language in calibre is set to English." tickets: [899227]

  improved recipes: - Die Zeit subscription - Metro UK -

  new recipes: - title: Blues News author: Oskar Kunicki

    - title: "TVXS" author: Hargikas

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