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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/flickcurl

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Fri Jan 20 12:36:26 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/flickcurl: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/net/flickcurl/patches: patch-src_flickcurl__internal.h

Log Message:
Update to 1.22:

2011-11-11  Dave Beckett <>

        * Snapshotted flickcurl_1_22 for 1.22 release (GIT

        * utils/oauth-test.c:
        Update flickcurl_oauth_prepare_common call

        * NEWS.html, src/common.c, src/flickcurl_internal.h: Disable
        mtwist unless building experimental OAuth

        * src/ Do not use libmtwist without oauth

        *, src/, src/common.c,
        src/flickcurl_internal.h, utils/ Add --enable-oauth
        default disabled

        * src/common.c:
        (flickcurl_free): Free OAuth urls

        * src/oauth.c:
        (test_signature_calc): Test free

        * src/oauth.c: Make oauth test work again

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c: Remove is_request arg -
        just use od->callback

        * src/common.c, src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c,
        utils/oauth-test.c: Move flickcurl_oauth_data into flickcurl

        * docs/flickcurl-docs.xml, docs/tmpl/section-config.sgml: Add
        config section to docs

        *, docs/tmpl/section-auth.sgml,
        docs/tmpl/section-core.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-misc.sgml,
        docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-upload.sgml,
        libmtwist: Fix submodule checkouts

        * Init and update any git submodules

2011-11-09  Dave Beckett <>

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c:
        Reduce visibility of oauth
        internal functions These are internal to the library now because the
        flickcurl_oauth_data is an internal structure.

2011-11-01  Dave Beckett <>

        * src/common.c: Return method details with curl errors

        * src/ Clean tests

2011-10-30  Dave Beckett <>

        * utils/oauth-test.c: code style

        * utils/oauth-test.c: casts

        * src/oauth.c: docs

        * src/oauth.c: consts

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt: add oauth urls

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c: fix const char keys

        * src/oauth.c: docs

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_access_token): Delete request token after success.

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_build_key): Build sign key from request OR access

        * utils/oauth-test.c: docs

        * src/, src/oauth.c, utils/oauth-test.c: Add oauth
        checksum test

        * src/.gitignore: ignore *_test

2011-10-29  Dave Beckett <>

        * utils/oauth-test.c: Report request token

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_prepare_common): docs and send all oauth params
        except callback to requests

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c, utils/oauth-test.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_access_token): Pass in verifier

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c: request_token* fields
        renamed from tmp_token*

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt, src/auth-api.c, src/flickcurl.h:
        Added flickr.auth.oauth.getAccessToken partial support

        (flickcurl_auth_oauth_getAccessToken): Added for
        flickr.auth.oauth.getAccessToken - right now it exchanges the old
        tokens for OAuth ones and drops them both.

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, utils/oauth-test.c: oauth field
        client_key_len renamed from client_len

        * utils/oauth-test.c: FLICKCURL_MAX_OAUTH_PARAM_COUNT

        * src/oauth.c: is_oauth_method fix

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c:

        * src/flickcurl.h, src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c,
        utils/oauth-test.c: Compute authorize URI after getting back oauth
        request token (flickcurl_oauth_get_authorize_uri): Added.

        * src/common.c, src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c: Add utility
        functions for oauth responses as HTTP forms

        (flickcurl_invoke_get_form_content): Added to get content as k/v
        array of strings.

        (flickcurl_free_form): Added to free the above.

        (flickcurl_oauth_request_token), flickcurl_oauth_access_token):
        Use above.

        * src/common.c, src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c,
        utils/, utils/oauth-test.c: Move OAuth test code into
        oauth.c and refactor a little

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_prepare_common): Do not use oath method name in

        * libmtwist: Update to libmtwist head

        * utils/oauth-test.c: Pass in (fake) flickr method for

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_prepare_common): Use http method not flickr method

        * utils/oauth-test.c: remove unused srand()

        * src/common.c, src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c,
        utils/oauth-test.c: Use libmtwist for PRNG for nonce

        * libmtwist: Update to libmtwist head

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt: Add symbols

        * src/
        Add mtwist_config.h

        * NEWS.html, docs/flickcurl-sections.txt:

        * README.html: libmtwist submodule

2011-10-28  Dave Beckett <>

        * .gitmodules,, libmtwist, src/,
        src/mtwist_config.h: Add libmtwist as a git submodule

2011-10-16  Dave Beckett <>

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_compute_signature): Simplify greatly.

        * src/config.c, src/flickcurl.h, utils/flickcurl.c:
        (flickcurl_config_write_ini): Now writes to a filename

        * utils/codegen.c, utils/flickcurl.c, utils/flickrdf.c,
        utils/list-methods.c, utils/oauth-test.c: Update the utilities to
        use flickcurl_config_ functions

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt, src/common.c, src/config.c,
        src/flickcurl.h: Update flickcurl config file reading and writing
        support Move ini reading and writing into the library.

        (flickcurl_config_read_ini): Added, deprecating read_ini_config()
        and adding a flickcurl* param.  Reads in library configuration.

        (flickcurl_config_var_handler): Added as standard handler for

        (flickcurl_config_write_ini): Added to write an ini file for
        library configuration.

        * src/oauth.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_compute_signature): Docs and error path.

        * Fix libcurl version check to actually check curl
        not libxml twice

        * Remove unused libcurl_min_vernum

        * NEWS.html: Tim Harder is 'radhermit' on GitHub.

2011-10-15  Dave Beckett <>

        * NEWS.html: 1.22

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Tidy help output; describe all upload params

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt: Add flickcurl_get_hidden_label,

        * src/common.c, src/flickcurl.h, src/upload-api.c,
        utils/flickcurl.c: Add support for upload field 'hidden'

        flickcurl_upload_params gains int param hidden with values 1 for
        global and 2 for hidden.

        (flickcurl_get_hidden_label, flickcurl_get_hidden_from_string):
        Added utility functions to turn the int to a label and vice versa

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Document upload params safety_level and

        * docs/, docs/tmpl/section-favorite.sgml: Update tmpls

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt:
        Add flickcurl_favorites_getContext

        * src/favorites-api.c, src/flickcurl.h, utils/flickcurl.c:
        Implement API favorites.getContext

        (flickcurl_favorites_getContext): Added returning an array of two
        photo lists for previous and next photos.  flickcurl utility adds
        new command favorites.getContext to call above.

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/photo.c:
        (flickcurl_new_photos_list): Added to construct a photos list

        *, src/common.c, utils/flickrdf.c: Support Raptor V2
        only.  Raptor V1 was last supported in January 2010

        * src/panda-api.c: extras docs

2011-09-02  Dave Beckett <>

        * utils/oauth-test.c: access token testing

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h: Add verifier field

2011-08-15  Dave Beckett <>

        * Merge pull request #13 from kumanna/help-without-auth (below)
        Help without authentication

2011-08-14  Kumar Appaiah <>

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Use stdout for non-error user output

        Since users usually expect any non-error output to come to stdout,
        this commit changes all output except error reports to be directed
        to stdout.

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Fix indentation

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Provision for help message even when not

        Even when not authenticated, the user might desire to see the list
        of API calls available. This commit facilitates the display of
        that message.

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Move printing help details to a function.

        This commit moves printing the help message to a function, viz.
        print_help_string, so that it can be called from multiple places
        without having to duplicate code. In addition, displays an extra
        newline at the end for neater output.

2011-08-14  Dave Beckett <>

        * Merge pull request #12 from kumanna/kumar (below)
        Fix man page and documentation quirks reported at Debian.

        Debian bug

2011-08-14  Kumar Appaiah <>

        * utils/flickcurl.c: Fix grammatical error in description of

        * docs/flickrdf.1: Fix incorrect spacing in flickrdf man page
        Fixes an incorrect space in the reference to the flickcurl man

        * docs/flickrdf.1: Remove reference to missing README for flickrdf
        This removes the reference to a missing README file for flickrdf.
        This fixes Debian bug 637196 in flickcurl.

2011-07-28  Dave Beckett <>

        * Merge pull request #10 from radhermit/curl-headers (below)
        Remove old curl header include

2011-06-25  Dave Beckett <>

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c, utils/oauth-test.c: Test
        code calls Flickr OAuth endpoint with correctly signed call

2011-06-23  Dave Beckett <>

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h: ws

        * src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c, utils/oauth-test.c:
        (flickcurl_oauth_build_key_data): Added internal call with API
        that will change

        * utils/oauth-test.c:
        (oauth_build_key_data): Added

        * utils/oauth-test.c:
        Add a structure oauth_data

        * utils/oauth-test.c:
        Do URI encoding and concatenating

        * src/, src/flickcurl_internal.h, src/oauth.c,
        src/sha1.c, utils/.gitignore, utils/, utils/oauth-test.c:
        OAuth test code

2011-05-08  Dave Beckett <>

        * src/galleries-api.c, src/method.c, src/photosets-api.c,
        src/prefs-api.c, src/test-api.c, src/upload-api.c: code style

        * src/person.c:
        (flickcurl_build_persons): Do not zap any existing data if a field
        is not found.

2011-03-31  Dave Beckett <>

        * NEWS.html: 1.22

2011-03-31  Dave Beckett <>

        * utils/ Add raptor_fake.h to sources and

2011-03-30  Dave Beckett <>

        * NEWS.html,
        Bumped version to 1.22

        * docs/tmpl/section-tag.sgml:
        Added flickcurl_free_tags to doc tmpls

        * docs/flickcurl-sections.txt:
        (flickcurl_free_tags): Added

2011-03-30  Naruto TAKAHASHI <>

        * src/flickcurl.h, src/photo.c, src/tags.c: add

        * docs/tmpl/section-photoset.sgml, src/flickcurl.h,
        src/photoset.c: move owner filed to the end of the structure.

2011-03-29  Naruto TAKAHASHI <>

        * docs/tmpl/section-photoset.sgml, src/flickcurl.h,
        src/photoset.c: add owner to flickcurl_photoset

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