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CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/xapian

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   schmonz
Date:           Tue Jan 10 01:03:29 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/textproc/xapian: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/textproc/xapian/patches: patch-common_safeuuid.h

Log Message:
Update to 1.2.8. From the changelog:

* Add support to TermGenerator and QueryParser for indexing and searching CJK
  text using n-grams.  Currently this is only enabled when the environmental
  variable XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM is set to a non-empty value.
+ Some fixes for warnings when cross-compiling to mingw.
* tests/soaktest/ With Sun's compiler, random() and srandom()
  aren't in <cstdlib> so we need to use <stdlib.h> instead.

* Document objects now track whether any document positions have been modified
  so that replacing a modified document can completely skip considering
  updating positions if none have changed.  Currently the flint, chert, and
  brass backends implement this optimisation.  A common case this speeds up is
  adding and/or removing boolean filter terms to/from existing documents - for
  example this gives an 18% speedup for adding tags in notmuch.
* Fix -Wshadow warnings from GCC 4.6.
* Fix warning from GCC 3.3.

* QueryParser:
  + Add new set_max_wildcard_expansion() method to allow limiting the number of
    terms a wildcard can expand to.  (ticket#350)
  + If default_op is OP_NEAR or OP_PHRASE then disable stemming of the terms,
    since we don't index positional information for stemmed terms by default.
* Spelling correction was failing to correctly handle words which had the same
  trigram in an even number of times.
* Fix to build for mingw.

* Enquire::get_eset() now accepts a min_wt argument to allow the minimum wanted
  weight to be specified.  Default is 0, which gives the previous behaviour.
* QueryParser: Handle NEAR/<offset> and ADJ/<offset> where offset isn't an
  integer the same way at the end of the query as in the middle.
* Replication:
  + Only keep $XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS changeset files when generating a new one
    (previously this variable only controlled if we generated changesets or
    not).  Closes ticket#278.
  + $XAPIAN_MAX_CHANGESETS is reread each time, rather than only when the
    database is opened.
  + If you build Xapian with DANGEROUS mode enabled, changeset files now
    actually have the appropriate flag set (the reader will currently throw an
    exception, but that's better than quietly handling them incorrectly).
* api/ Add missing header <ctime> for time() (ticket#530).
* api/ Use msvc_posix_rename() under __WIN32__ to atomically
  update stub file after compaction (ticket#525).
* Fix uninitialised variable warnings with gcc -O3.
* Eliminate std::string member of global static object used when compiled with
  --enable-log which was causes problems on Mac OS X.
* Fix some issues highlighted by clang++ warnings.

* QueryParser:
  + Avoid a double free if Query construction throws an exception in a
    particular case.  Fixes ticket#515.
  + Allow phrase generators between a probabilistic prefix and the term itself
    (e.g. path:/usr/local).
  + The correct window size wasn't being set in some cases when default_op was
    set to OP_PHRASE.
* Enquire::get_mset():
  + Avoid pointlessly trying to allocate lots of memory if the first document
    requested is larger than the size of the database.
  + An empty query now returns an MSet with firstitem set correctly -
    previously firstitem was always 0 in this case.
* Document: Initialise docid to 0 when creating a document from
  scratch, as documented.
* Compactor:
  + Move the database compaction and merging functionality into this new class,
    and make xapian-compact a simple wrapper around this class.  (ticket#175)
  + Inputs can now be stub database directories or files, in which case the
    databases in the stub are used as inputs.
  + Add support for compacting to a stub database, which can be one of the
    inputs (for atomic update).
  + If spellings and/or synonyms were only present in some source databases,
    they weren't copied to the output database, but now they are.
* configure: Add support for --enable-sse=sse and --enable-sse=sse2 to allow
  control of which SSE instructions to use.
* configure: Enable use of SSE maths on x86 by default with Sun's compiler.
* configure: Beef up the test for whether -lm is required and add a special
  case to force it to be for Sun's C++ compiler - there's some interaction with
  libtool and/or shared objects which means that the previous configure test
  didn't think -lm is needed here when it is.
* Fix to build on OpenBSD 4.5 with GCC 3.3.5.
* Need to avoid excess precision on m68k when targeting models 68010, 68020,
  68030 as well as 68000.
* Fix compilation with Sun's C++ compiler.
* Fix testsuite to build on Solaris < 10.

* Database::get_spelling_suggestion() will now suggest a correction even if the
  passed word is in the dictionary, provided the correction has at least the
  same frequency.  Partly addresses #225.
* QueryParser:
  + Fix handling of groups of terms which are all stopwords - in situations
    where this causes a problem we now disable stopword checks for such groups.
  + Fix to be smarter about handling a boolean filter term containing ".." in
    the presence of valuerangeprocessors.
* configure: Don't pass -mtune=generic unless GCC >= 4.2 is in use
* Fix handling of some obscure cases of resolving relative paths on Microsoft
  Windows.  (ticket#243).
* Optimise closing of all unwanted file descriptors after forking by using
  closefrom() if available, and otherwise providing our own implementation
  (optimised to some extent for many platforms).
* Fix test harness to build under Microsoft Windows (ticket#495).

* Revert 1.2.1 change to visibility of Xapian::Weight's copy constructor as
  it making it private broke compilation with GCC 4.1 (which seems to be a
  bug in this compiler version).
* tests/harness/ Need <cstdio> for sprintf().  Fixes compilation
  error which was masked if valgrind was installed.  (ticket#489)

pkgsrc changes:
* Remove options (the "quartz" backend was unrelated to Darwin and
  no longer exists).
* Unconditionally buildlink libuuid. If that's overzealous, improve
  its builtin detection.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/textproc/xapian/
cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 pkgsrc/textproc/xapian/distinfo
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