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CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/dgen

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Jan  8 15:10:50 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/emulators/dgen: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/emulators/dgen/patches: patch-aa patch-ab

Log Message:
Update to 1.28, provided by Opolo Remo <>.

v1.28 <- v1.27
 * ROM loader can now use libarchive when available for decompression. This
   replaces the previous system()-based implementation.
 * "tobin" has been renamed "dgen_tobin" and no longer has dependencies on
   SDL and other unnecessary libraries.
 * CZ80: fixed emulation bug ("weird sound") introduced just before the 1.27
 * Improved CZ80/MZ80 switching.
 * Improved save file handling. Z80 context and other important things are now
   stored. The format is mostly compatible with Gens v5 and save states can be
   exchanged between both emulators. Old save files are still supported.
 * YM2612: upgraded from version 0.35f to 1.4b, as found in Final Burn Alpha.
   Sound quality has improved as a result.
 * Improved sound buffer management again, a single buffer is now used with
   both channels instead of two separate buffers.
 * Removed 8-bit sound output format since it was useless and annoying to
   support with the new buffer.
 * Removed superfluous window resizing messages.
 * Game Genie codes can now be entered while in stopped mode to avoid crashes
   when more than one is needed at once. Also, DGen now supports RAM patching.
 * Corrected clock frequencies for YM2612 and SN76496, sound is pitched a bit
   higher than before.
 * Added region selection command-line option. This option reuses "-R"
   (realtime priority). In case this option isn't given, the default region
   used by DGen is now the first found in the ROM header. This option has no
   effect on PAL (50Hz) mode which needs to be enabled separately.
 * OpenGL: a single OpenGL texture (and subtexture) is now used instead of two
   smaller ones, thus removing some of the complexity.
 * Usual batch of miscellaneous bugfixes.

v1.27 <- v1.26
 * Documentation clean-up, sample.dgenrc update.
 * Compilation fixes for MZ80.
 * When both Musashi and StarScream are available, default to Musashi since
   it provides better emulation.
 * Imported CZ80 0.91. This Z80 emulator is pure C and works better than the C
   version of MZ80. This means that on non-x86/32 bit hardware, games that
   previously didn't have sound now work properly (Sonic 2 for instance).
   Thanks to DGen PSP which implemented CZ80 first.
 * Modified CZ80 to work properly on big-endian machines.
 * When both CZ80 and MZ80 are available, CZ80 is now the default.
 * DGen can now be compiled without any external modules. MZ80, CZ80, Musashi
   and StarScream can all be disabled.
 * There's now a toggle key (F10 by default) to switch between MZ80, CZ80 or
 * The Musashi/StarScream toggle key can now disable them both.
 * New rc variables for selecting default emulators.
 * FPS are now calculated every second for a more accurate message at exit.
 * Implemented bool_show_carthead.
 * Game Genie codes can now be entered interactively by pressing F9. They can
   also be disabled by re-entering them.
 * Various other fixes.

v1.26 <- v1.25
 * Upgraded Musashi from 2.0 to 3.3.1. This version solves various emulation
 * Reworked autoconf and automake scripts to improve readability and
 * Added support for MinGW. DGen can now run in Windows.
 * Fixed messy border again, this time for all video color depths.
 * OpenGL: added bool_opengl_aspect to keep the original aspect ratio during
   resizing. This option is enabled by default.
 * Added support for 24 bpp (3 Bpp) mode.
 * Made Crap TV filters available for all architectures, color depths and
 * OpenGL: fixed GL_LINEAR support so it can be used again instead of
   GL_NEAREST, one can switch between them with bool_opengl_linear
   (enabled by default).
 * Refactored the main loop and SDL code for a smooth frame rate with an
   improved sound synchronization.
 * Made a wrapper to open and create files relative to user's home directory
   in a system-independant manner.
 * Fixed Z80 speed in NTSC mode, sound effects were abnormally high pitched.
 * Improved FPS counter.
 * Removed SIGALRM for improved portability.
 * OpenGL: now enabled by default when available.
 * MZ80: fixed segfault on reset.
 * OpenGL: use 16 bpp mode internally instead of 32, allow textures to be 16
   (default) or 32 bit with bool_opengl_32bit.
 * OpenGL: added bool_opengl_swap to byte-swap colors when the host computer
   endianness is not the same as the ouptut (possible with X11 sessions).
 * Screenshots are now generated from the internal video buffer as TARGA files
   so they are available in all modes (OpenGL or not) and depths (except 8 bpp,
   as usual). Their output directory is ~/.dgen/screenshots.
 * OpenGL: the message bar now spans both textures.
 * Improved stopped mode to be less easily unstopped and to avoid dropping
   frames. Also, it now accepts resizes and refreshes.
 * Added the -H option to tweak emulation speed. Can be used to run 50Hz games
   at 60Hz.

v1.25 <- v1.24
 * Added 64 bits targets support, DGen can now run on those.
 * Minor fix for joystick/joypad when sizeof(int) != sizeof(long).
 * Fixed messy border issue (garbage on the right of the screen).
 * OpenGL: worked around the vertical dark line between textures.
 * OpenGL: the visible area now takes the entire window (except for the
   status line). No more borders.
 * OpenGL: the window can now be resized/rescaled at runtime.
 * Fixed bug in which SDL-specific fields in dgenrc were not taken into
   account when no command-line option was given.
 * Replaced dgenrc parser with a better one. It breaks compatibility a
   little with the previous version because special characters now need to
   be escaped or put between quotation marks.
 * Improved configure and Makefiles for proper SDL/OpenGL detection,
   better dependencies in parallel builds, NASM's presence on x86 targets
   which shouldn't be mandatory and various other things.
 * Fixed many crashes.
 * Removed many compilation warnings.

v1.24 <- v1.23
 * Fixed compilation on GCC 4.

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