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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-mechanize

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Sat Nov 26 09:18:26 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/py-mechanize: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update py-mechanize to 0.2.5.
(added test target)

2011-03-31 John J Lee <>
        * 0.2.5 release.
        * This is essentially a no-changes release to fix easy_install
          breakage caused by a SourceForge issue
        * Sourceforge is returning invalid HTTP responses, make download
          links point to PyPI instead
        * Include cookietest.cgi in source distribution
        * Note new IETF cookie standardisation effort

2010-10-28 John J Lee <>
        * 0.2.4 release.
        * Fix IndexError on empty Content-type header value. (GH-18)
        * Fall back to another encoding if an unknown one is declared.
          Fixes traceback on unknoqn encoding in Content-type header.

2010-10-16 John J Lee <>
        * 0.2.3 release.
        * Fix str(ParseError()) traceback. (GH-25)
        * Add equality methods to mechanize.Cookie . (GH-29)

2010-07-17 John J Lee <>
        * 0.2.2 release.
        * Officially support Python 2.7 (no changes were required)
        * Fix TypeError on .open()ing ftp: URL (only affects Python 2.4
          and 2.5)
        * Don't include HTTPSHandler in __all__ if it's not available

2010-05-16 John J Lee <>
        * 0.2.1 release.
        * API change: Change argument order of
          HTTPRedirectHandler.redirect_request() to match urllib2.
        * Fix failure to use bundled BeautifulSoup for forms. (GH-15)
        * Fix default cookie path where request path has query containing
          / character. (
        * Fix failure to raise on click for nonexistent label. (GH-16)
        * Documentation fixes.

2010-04-22 John J Lee <>
        * 0.2.0 release.
        * Behaviour change: merged upstream urllib2 change (allegedly a
          "bug fix") to return a response for all 2** HTTP responses (e.g.
          206 Partial Content).  Previously, only 200 caused a response
          object to be returned.  All other HTTP response codes resulted
          in a response object being raised as an exception.
        * Behaviour change: Use of mechanize classes with `urllib2` (and
          vice-versa) is no longer supported.  However, existing classes
          implementing the urllib2 Handler interface are likely to work
          unchanged with mechanize.  Removed RequestUpgradeProcessor,
          ResponseUpgradeProcessor, SeekableProcessor.
        * ClientForm has been merged into mechanize.  This means that
          mechanize has no dependencies other than Python itself.  The
          ClientForm API is still available -- to switch from ClientForm to
          mechanize, just s/ClientForm/mechanize in your source code, and
          ensure any use of the module logging logger named "ClientForm" is
          updated to use the new logger name "mechanize.forms".  I probably
          won't do further standalone releases of ClientForm.
        * Stop monkey-patching Python stdlib.
        * Merge fixes from urllib2 trunk
        * Close file objects on .read() failure in .retrieve()
        * Fix a python 2.4 bug due to buggy urllib.splithost
        * Fix Python 2.4 syntax error in _firefox3cookiejar
        * Fix typo that hid mechanize.seek_wrapped_response and
          mechanize.str2time.  Fixes

        * Fix an obvious bug with experimental firefox 3 cookiejar support.
          It's still experimental and not properly tested.
        * Change documentation to not require a .port attribute on request
          objects, since that's unused.
        * Doc fixes
        * Added mechanize.urljoin (RFC 3986 compliant function for joining
          a base URI with a URI reference)
        * Merge of ClientForm (see above).
        * Moved to git (from SVN)
        * Created an issue tracker
        * Docs are now in markdown format (thanks John Gabriele).
        * Website rearranged.  The old website has been archived at
 .  The new website is
          essentially just the mechanize pages, rearranged and cleaned up a
        * Source code rearranged for easier merging with upstream urllib2
        * Fully automated release process.
        * New test runner.  Single test suite; tests create their own HTTP
          server fixtures (server fixtures are cached where possible for

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/www/py-mechanize/PLIST \

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