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CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   hiramatsu
Date:           Mon Nov 14 08:17:22 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-p5-POE-Component-IRC to 6.75.

Changes from previous:
6.75  Sun Nov 13 14:24:50 UTC 2011
    - Win32 fixes to the DCC plugin and netsplit test
    - You couldn't specify a localaddr without a localport. Fixed.

6.74  Sun Oct 9 20:16:13 GMT 2011
    - Disable authentication in t/01_base/04_pocosi.t. Fixes test failure.

6.73  Sat Oct 8 04:40:18 GMT 2011
    - Add missing dependencies to t/inc needed by poco-server-irc

6.72  Fri Oct 7 15:41:53 UTC 2011
    - Skip IPv6 tests on systems which don't have inet_pton()
    - Fix regression in t/03_subclasses/01_state.t
    - Update the poco-server-irc in t/inc to version 1.53

6.71  Sun Sep 18 16:07:33 GMT 2011
    - Make the component easier to use with dynamic IP interfaces
    - Fix race condition in 06_state_nick_sync.t
    - Silence warning due to incorrect use of length() instead of defined()
    - Add a parameter to irc_topic containing the old topic

6.70  Tue Aug 2 03:38:52 GMT 2011
    - Support multiple modes in NAMES replies (NAMESX, multi-prefix)
    - Support nick!user@host in NAMES replies (UHNAMES)
    - Added channel_url()
    - Fixed a race condition in 06_state_nick_sync.t

6.69  Fri Jul 29 01:52:38 GMT 2011
    - Collect info from numerics 307 and 310
    - Removed the 'account' key and have the 'identified' key
      do its thing instead, so that there is one generic way to check if
      a user is identified, regardless of the network.

6.68  Sun May 22 17:01:21 GMT 2011
    - REALLY fix it to work with the latest IRC::Utils

6.67  Sun May 22 16:43:27 GMT 2011
    - Add missing documentation for irc_plugin_(add|del|error) events
    - Improved the layout of the documentation
    - Fix to work with latest IRC::Utils

6.66  Thu May 19 22:32:07 GMT 2011
    - Allow commands to be \S+, not just \w+

6.65  Thu May 19 01:54:21 GMT 2011
    - Quote the 'Prefix' before using it in a regex, and add
      'Bare_private' to allow commands in private without a prefix

6.64  Sun May 15 09:59:12 GMT 2011
    - Fix incorrect amount of tests skipped in 04_ipv6.t when IPv6 is not

6.63  Sun May 15 05:06:57 GMT 2011
    - Remove vestigial 'unregister' event handler, poco-syndicator handles
      that now. The latest poco-syndicator release croaks if we try to
      override its handler, so this was causing failures.

6.62  Tue May 3 10:58:45 GMT 2011
    - Make use of IPv6 functions from Socket (instead of Socket6) if
      they are available, and skip the IPv6 test if we don't have an
      implementation of getaddrinfo(). Thanks to Apocalypse for this.
    - Add a parameter to irc_snotice which contains the target of the
      message (usually '*' or 'AUTH' or something).
    - Qnet/ Forgot to import parse_user() from IRC::Utils.
    - Document the Bitmode parameter and make it 8 (+i) by default.
    - Remove a sizable chunk of the code and inherit from
      POE::Component::Syndicator instead. Got rid of an old backwards
      compatability workaround in the process: sessions will no longer
      receive irc_connected/irc_disconnected/irc_shutdown events if they
      didn't register for them.
    - Avoid custom stringifications when dumping objects
    - nick_info() was failing when a nick was known but unsynced
    - Decode all arguments before printing them

6.61  Tue Apr 19 17:02:54 GMT 2011
    - The changes to the filter test were causing failures on <5.12 due to
      C<values(ARRAY)>. Fixed it.
    - Make it so that irc_shutdown is always the last event to be sent
    - Depend on POE 1.310 to fix failing socket error test on Windows
    - Improve event queue ordering to make it more predictable. Add new
      methods, send_event_next() and send_event_now(), to bypass the
      event queue in different ways.
    - Replace the functions in with wrappers around equivalents
      from IRC::Utils.
    - Add server() and port() accessors.

6.60  Fri Apr 15 06:12:28 GMT 2011
    - Fix failure (RT #67465) related to the recent irc_snotice change.
      Added a test for it as well.

6.59  Mon Apr 4 20:22:38 GMT 2011
    - FollowTail, Logger & DCC: Use rel2abs instead of abs_path to
      preserve symlinks while still being unaffected by chdir()

6.58  Mon Apr 4 17:48:59 GMT 2011
    - Fix FollowTail test to work in case /tmp is a symlink

6.57  Sat Apr 2 03:34:04 GMT 2011
    - FollowTail, Logger & DCC plugins: Expand '~' in filename arguments,
      and resolve them to absolute paths, in case the process will chdir().

6.56  Fri Apr 1 20:05:14 GMT 2011
    - irc_snotice has been used for server NOTICEs which do not have a sender
      prefix. NOTICEs which have a server name as the sender prefix are now
      irc_snotice too, leaving irc_notice only for notices with a proper
      nick!user@host sender.

6.55  Fri Apr 1 18:37:49 GMT 2011
    - Store the real nicks of channel members after receiving a
      NAMES reply. Fixes the issue of undefined nicks being returned by
      channel_list() before the channel has been synced.
    - Check all arguments for definedness in public methods for
      easier debugging

6.54  Thu Mar 10 18:20:47 GMT 2011
    - Fixed all the trailing space 'errors'
    - Resolve an issue with irc_nick_sync in poco-irc-state, added test

6.52  Fri Nov 5 18:27:16 CET 2010
    - Fixed typo in shutdown code and added a test to confirm

6.51  Fri Nov 5 12:28:14 CET 2010
    - Make the t/02_behavior/06_online.t test a TODO, since we can't work
      around problems such as the user being K-lined from FreeNode
    - Save the sender id on shutdown, not the sender's reference, avoids
      a crash when a sender disappears before we complete the shutdown

6.50  Wed Nov 3 02:05:56 GMT 2010
    - Fix race condition causing a duplicated test in
    - Dump hashes and arrays recursively
    - Enable all debugging messages if $ENV{POCOIRC_DEBUG} is true
    - Make the 'shutdown' event do more work for us, such as forcibly
      disconnecting after a timeout if the server doesn't disconnect us
      following a QUIT command
    - Add an irc_raw_out event, corollary to irc_raw
    - Don't require the component to be ::State

6.49  Sat Oct 16 19:05:25 GMT 2010
    - Add draft-mitchell-irc-capabilities-02.html to docs/
    - Fix incorrect number of skipped tests in 06_online.t in some cases
    - Allow IRC server passwords which evaluate to false (e.g. '0')
    - Prevent possible race conditions in a few tests

6.48  Sun Oct 3 19:49:20 GMT 2010
    - Don't send an undefined value with irc_chan_mode when the
      mode has no argument
    - Improve the readability of the output, and show undef
    - Deliver irc_plugin_error immediately, bypassing the event queue

6.47  Sun Oct 3 15:28:50 GMT 2010
    - Join arguments to the 'quote' command with spaces. This allows us to
      send commands with multiple arguments through the Console plugin.
    - Add support for CAP command/replies. We use it to enable the server's
      identify-msg feature when we connect.
    - In disconnected/error/socketerr events when no info is
      available, make ARG1 an empty hash reference instead of undef.
    - Don't send events to client before they're authed
    - Pretty-print hash references

6.46  Wed Sep 29 04:57:42 UTC 2010
    - Document the 'debug' parameter.
    - Use Object::Pluggable instead of POE::Component::Pluggable. This smooths
      out an inconsistency between plugins and normal sessions with regard to
      events where extra arguments have been added.

6.45  Sun Sep 26 03:41:48 GMT 2010
    - Don't create a POE::Component::Client::DNS object if the user has
      supplied one. This fixes a regression introduced by yours truly a
      couple of years ago.

6.44  Sat Sep 25 23:34:11 GMT 2010
    - Don't fail on IRC servers where a whole class of channel modes is
      unsupported (e.g. Bitlbee).

6.43  Sat Sep 25 21:30:36 GMT 2010
    - Don't forget to call's implementation of S_disconnected
      before our own. Due to this, the logged_in() method was reporting
      incorrect information after disconnecting.

6.42  Sat Sep 25 09:40:21 UTC 2010
    - Don't send a premature irc_isupport event on networks
      which send us numerics higher than 005 before the actual 005 (e.g Rizon)
    - Send an 'irc_identified' event when we've identified with
      NickServ. In addition, be a little more permissive when determining if
      we have identified. Works with Rizon now.

6.41  Thu Sep 23 21:33:17 UTC 2010
    - Don't use qw() as parentheses, it's deprecated in 5.13.4
    - Drop CTCPs which don't have a closing delimiter

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