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CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/p5-Pod-Simple

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   hiramatsu
Date:           Fri Oct 28 01:12:49 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/textproc/p5-Pod-Simple: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-Pod-Simple to 3.19.

Changes from previous:
2011-08-23   David E. Wheeler <>
        * Release 3.19

        Fixed occasional test failure when tests are run in parallel
        (HARNESS_OPTIONS=j6:c). Thanks to Alexei Znamensky for the report and
        Marc Green for the fix.

        Added "pod_handler" option. This is a callback that can be used to
        inspect the content on a "=pod" line. Marc Green/Google Summer of

        Added tests for proper line-ending parsing from the previous
        release. The tests were in the repository, but didn't make it into
        the MANIFEST or, therefore, the release. Reported by Marc Green.

        Added the "parse_empty_lists" option. When enabled, Pod::Simple
        will recognize empty lists (that is, a blocks with '=over' and
        '=back' but nothing in between). Disabled by default. Marc
        Green/Google Summer of Code.

        Added the "whiteline_handler" attribute. It's much like
        "code_handler", "cut_handler", and "pod_handler", except it's
        triggered on lines that contain only whitespace characters. Marc
        Green/Google Summer of Code.

        Added "raw" attribute to L<> treelet that contains the L<>'s raw
        contents. Marc Green/Google Summer of Code.

        Pod directives autoclosed by Pod::Simple are now denoted as such
        by the new "fake_closer" attribue. Marc Green/Google Summer of

        Fixed incompatibility with Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch in
        Pod::Simple::XHTML. Patch by Eric Johnson.

2011-07-16   David E. Wheeler <>
        * Release 3.18

        Pod::Simple now properly parses Pod files using Mac OS Classic line-
        endings (\r). Marc Green/Google Summer of Code.

        Fixed test failure in 't/search50.t when the test finds a .pod but
        the module is in a .pm. Thanks to the cpan-testers who reported
        this when the test searched for Capture::Tiny.

2011-07-09   David E. Wheeler <>
        * Release 3.17

        Documented tertiary methods. Patch from Shawn H Corey.

        Added "backlink" option to Pod::Simple::XHTML. Thanks to Marc
        Green/Google Summer of Code for the pull request.

        Typos fixed in Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch. Reported by Shawn H Corey.

        Fixed quoting of value returned by a "strip_verbatim_indent()"
        code reference so that regex meta characters are properly escaped.

        Added "anchor_items" option to Pod::Simple::XHMTL. This allows
        text items (which are output as <dt> elements) to have IDs that
        can be referenced in the "#" part of a URL. Marc Green/Google
        Summer of Code.

        Added "recurse" option to Pod::Simple::Search. It's enabled by
        default; disable it to turn off recursion into subdirectories.
        Marc Green/Google Summer of Code.

        Added documentation to clarify the behavior of the "content_seen"
        method. Thanks to Olaf Alders for the pull request.

2011-03-14   David E. Wheeler <>
        * Release 3.16

        Fixed invalid HTML generated for nested lists by Pod::Simple::XHTML
        (Fitz Elliott).

        Replaced the invalid "<nobr>" tag -- created for "S<>" -- with
        '<span style="white-space: nowrap;">' (Fitz Elliott).

        Fixed some nerbles in our own Pod (Michael Stevens)

        Improved the "Minimal code" example in Pod::Simple::HTML. The key
        is to use pase_file(), not parse_from_file() (which should
        otherwise be undocumented, and is just there for Pod::Parser

        Added the html_charset() and html_encode_chars() attributes to
        Pod::Simple::XHTML. Inspired by a bug report from Agent Zhang
        (RT #29587).

        Added "Minimal code" example to the Pod::Simple::XHTML documentation.

        Fixed mispelling of the "=encoding" markup in the parser (it was
        spelled "=encode"). Thanks to "TTY" for the patch. (RT #24820).

2010-11-11   David E. Wheeler <>
        * Release 3.15

        Removed "perlpod.pod" and "perlpodspec.pod". These now just live
        in the Perl core.

        Fixed stylesheet names output by HTMLBatch to match the names of
        the actual stylesheet files (broken in 3.09). Thanks to Kevin Ryde
        for the report (RT #56725).

        Added missing closing slash to the CSS links in the XHTML output.
        Thanks to HarleyPig for the patch!

        Added parens around bar "qw(...)" in t/xhtml05.t. Thanks to Jerry
        D. Hedden for the patch.

        Improved the Pod::Simple::HTML docs. Thanks to Gabor Szabo for the

        Pod::Simple::XHTML now properly encodes entities in URLs in the
        anchor tag. Thanks to John McNamara for the report (RT-60249).

        Pod::Simple::HTML and XHTML now strip whitespace from the end of
        section names that appear as anchor names for headers (in HTML)
        and IDs (in XHTML). Such whitespace appeared when "X<>" entities
        were stripped out but not the space between them (RT-56572).

        Make test "t/search50.t" always pass on case-insensitive file
        systems rather than just skip VMS.

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