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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/aria2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Thu Oct 20 13:24:47 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/aria2: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.13.0

aria2 1.13.0

Release Note

This release fixed libgcrypt version check error. Several command line
options were added. For details of each new option, read changes
below.  aria2 now returns error response if RPC request parameter has
wrong type.  For MinGW32 build, Unicode filenames support was added.

>From this release, aria2 uses libnettle and libgmp by default instead
of libgcrypt.  If you want to use libgcrypt, use configure options
--without-libnettle --with-libgcrypt.


 * Check libgcrypt version is greater or equal to required version.
   This will fixes Debian bug#642989.

 * Added --piece-length option.  This option sets a piece length for
   HTTP/FTP downloads. This is the boundary when aria2 splits a
   file. All splits occur at multiple of this length. This option will
   be ignored in BitTorrent downloads.  It will be also ignored if
   Metalink file contains piece hashes.

 * Throw exception if parameter has wrong type in RPC method.
   Formally, depending on the method implementation, this kind of
   error is just ignored and parameter is skipped. Now aria2 responds
   error for these cases. The required parameter checking is also
   reworked along with this change.

 * Cleanup log message for binding server socket.

 * Recognize tab as white space before option in -i list.

 * Added geom parameter to --stream-piece-selector option.  If 'geom'
   is given, at the beginning aria2 selects piece which has minimum
   index like 'inorder', but it exponentially increasingly keeps space
   from previously selected piece. This will reduce the number of
   establishing connection and at the same time it will download the
   beginning part of the file first. This will be useful to view movie
   while downloading it.

 * Added completedLength response key in aria2.getFiles RPC method

 * Added #checksum help tag.

 * Added --checksum option.  Added --checksum=TYPE=DIGEST option. This
   option sets checksum. TYPE is hash type. The supported hash type is
   listed in "Hash Algorithms" in "aria2c -v". DIGEST is hex digest.
   For example, setting sha-1 digest looks like this:
   sha-1=0192ba11326fe2298c8cb4de616f4d4140213838 This option applies
   only to HTTP(S)/FTP downloads.

 * Added --hash-check-only opiton.  Added --hash-check-only opiton.
   If true is given, after hash check using --check-integrity option,
   abort download whether or not download is complete. The default
   value is false.

 * Added --download-result option.  Added --download-result=OPT
   option.  This option changes the way "Download Results" is
   formatted. If OPT is 'default', print GID, status, average download
   speed and path/URI. If multiple files are involved, path/URI of
   first requested file is printed and remaining ones are omitted.  If
   OPT is 'full', print GID, status, average download speed,
   percentage of progress and path/URI. The percentage of progress and
   path/URI are printed for each requested file in each row.

 * Added --rpc-allow-origin-all option.  This option adds
   Access-Control-Allow-Origin header field with value '*' to the RPC

 * Ignore --out option supplied in command-line if -i is used.  You
   can still use out option in the text file specified in -i.

 * Disable SSLv2 by default and optimize memory usage.
   Patch from Cristian Rodríguez.

 * Added libnettle and libgmp support.  libnettle and libgmp is used
   by default. Old implementation uses libgcrypt as default. If more
   and more Linux distributions offer libnettle linked GnuTLS, then
   this change decrease library dependency against libgcrypt and
   libgpg-error.  The current library detection for libnettle and
   libgmp is very simple, just use AC_SEARCH_LIBS.
   util::generateRandomData() was written using SimpleRandomizer, thus
   no external library dependency from this function.

 * In MinGW32, open file with UNICODE filename and print them in ANSI.

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