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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/cdrtools

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Mon Oct 10 13:54:47 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/cdrtools: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 3.01a06:


-       A new rule RULES/profiled.lnk allows to call:

        smake COPTX=-pg LDOPTX=-pg LINKMODE=profiled

        to create binaries that use gprof.

-       The Makefile System is now able to switch gmake-3.82 into a more POSIX
        compliant mode to tell the shell to report problems back to gmake.

-       New autocof tests on whether printf supoorts %lld and %jd

-       Fixed the vc9-setup files to make VC9 work.

-       Newer Cygwin "tail" versions do no longer support UNIX syntax.
        change tail +2 to tail -n +2 in RULES/cc-mcs.rul to allow to use
        the Microsoft compiler again

-       A new environment variable MKLINKS_COPY allows to tell all
        MKLINS scripts to generate file copies rather than symlinks.
                export MKLINKS_COPY
        to enable this feature

-       Run an additional test -h command in MKLNKS to verify whether mingw
        supports symlinks

-       MKLINKS now creates copies instead of symlink when we use MSC
        as MSC does not support to read symlinks files

-       Fixed a typo in include/schily/libport.h (group functions have been
        defined to return struct passwd* instead of struct group*

-       Fixed wrong bracketing for C++ in include/schily/stdlib.h

-       Fixed wrong bracketing for C++ in include/schily/utypes.h

-       Added a workaround for MSC to include/schily/utypes.h
        MSC believes that a 32 bit int and a 32 bit long are incompatible
        and cannot even be casted, so we need to make uint32_t a n unsigned long

-       Let include/schily/archdefs.h define the standard processor #defines
        when compiling with MSC.

-       New include file include/schily/windows.h works around the oddities
        from the MSC include file windows.h

-       include/schily/stdio.h now defines popen()/pclose() to 
        if on WIN-DOS

-       include/schily/limits.h now defines PIPE_BUF

-       include/schily/utsname.h now defines struct utsname for our MSC uname()

-       The setup for the PATHs needed by Visual Studio 9 has been

-       autoconf has been modified to avoid optimizing away code that
        is intended for testing. This help to work against a problem
        with detecting mbrtowc() on MinGW

-       autoconf now tests for mbtowc() and wctomb()

-       RULES/i*86-mingw32_nt-gcc.rul now link against -lmingw32 instead
        of -lmgw32.

-       include/schily/stat.h now defines S_IREAD/S_IWRITE/S_IEXEC
        These macros are available on typical UNIX systems but not
        on Android. The definition comes from UNIX V7 and is not in
        POSIX. Needed by SCCS and the Bourne Shell

-       include/schily/wait.h now defines WIFCONTINUED() if needed

-       include/schily/wchar.h now defines mbtowc() to mbrtowc() if
        needed (e.g. on Android)

-       include/schily/ccomdefs.h now correctly knows about the GCC
        release that introduced __attribute__ (used).

-       Android is not POSIX (by not defining various functions as functions
        in libc as required by POSIX) because it tries to define many
        functions that are part of the standard as inline macros in
        include files only. This breaks autoconf, so we needed to rewrite
        some tests (e.g for getpagesize, tcgetpgrp, tcsetpgrp)

-       The Schily autoconf system has been enhanced to support cross
        compilation. Schily autoconf is based on GNU autoconf and
        GNU autoconf does not support cross compilation because it needs
        to run scripts on the target system for some of the tests.

        The "configure" script that is delivered with the Schily makefile
        system runs 718 tests and 68 of them need to be run on the target

        The Schily autoconf system now supports a method to run these 65
        tests natively on a target system. You either need a machine with
        remote login features or you need an emulator with a method to
        copy files into the emulated system and to run binaries on the
        emulated system as e.g. the Android emulator.

        We currently deliver three scripts for "remote" execution of
        programs on the target system:

        runrmt_ssh              runs the commands remove via ssh
        runrmt_rsh              runs the commands remove via rsh
        runrmt_android          runs the commands remove via the debug bridge

        If you need to remotely run programs on a system that is not
        supported by one of there three scripts, you need to modify one
        of them to match your needs.

        To enable Cross Compilation use the following environment variables:

        CONFIG_RMTCALL=         Set up to point to a script that does
                                the remote execution, e.g.:


        CONFIG_RMTHOST=         Set up to point to your remote host, e.g.:


                                use a dummy if you like to use something
                                like to the Android emulator.

        CONFIG_RMTDEBUG=        Set to something non-null in order to
                                let the remote execution script mark
                                remote comands. This will result in
                                configure messages like:

                                checking bits in minor device number... REMOTE 8

        Note that smake includes automake features that automatically
        retrieve system ID information. For this reason, you need to overwrite
        related macros from the command line if you like to do a
        cross compilation.

        Related make macros:

        K_ARCH=                 # (sun4v) Kernel ARCH filled from uname -m / 
arch -k
        M_ARCH=                 # (sun4)  Machine filled from arch
        P_ARCH=                 # (sparc) CPU ARCH filled from uname -p / mach
        OSNAME=                 # sunos, linux, ....
        OSREL=                  # 5.11
        OSVERSION=              # snv_130
        CCOM=                   # generic compiler name (e.g. "gcc")
        CC_COM=                 # compiler to call (name + basic args)

        ARCH=                   overwrites M_ARCH and P_ARCH

        It is usually suffucient to set ARCH and OSNAME.

        In order to use a cross compiler environment instead of a native 
        set the make macro CC_COM to something different than "cc".

        If you are on Linux and like to compile for Android, do the following:

        1)      set up CC acording to the instructions from the cross compiler
                tool chain

        2)      set environment variables CONFIG_RMTCALL / CONFIG_RMTHOST, e.g.:
                setenv CONFIG_RMTCALL `pwd`/conf/runrmt_android
                setenv CONFIG_RMTHOST NONE

        3)      call smake:

                smake ARCH=armv5 OSNAME=linux CCOM=gcc "CC_COM=$CC"

-       Several programs no longer test for HAVE_DEV_* but for HAVE__DEV_*
        as we did switch from hand written tests for /dev/tty, /dev/null
        and similar to  AC_CHECK_FILES(/dev/tty /dev/null /dev/zero)

-       The Makefile system now links dynamic libraries on Mac OS X against
        libgcc_s.1 instead of libgcc.


-       New function permtostr() in libschily allows to convert a
        mode_t like stat.st_mode into a chmod compliant string like:


        that is accepted by libschily::getperm() to allow a  conversion
        back to a mode_t variable.

-       libschily::rename() now uses mktemp() to temorarily save the
        rename target file.

-       comerr() now maps exit codes that would fold to '0' to EX_CLASH
        which is -64

-       New functions zerobytes() and cmpmbytes() added to libschily.

-       New functions strstr() and wcsstr() added to libschily.

-       libschily/fexec.c moved the workaround against the Mac OS X linker
        for "environ" upwards to cover the new code also.

-       Fixed libschily/gettimeofday.c to compile with MSC

-       Fixed libschily/sleep.c to compile with MSC

-       Fixed libschily/usleep.c to be empty with MSC as sleep.c includes
        a working usleep()

-       libschily/gethostname.c enhanced to support Win-DOS with cl.exe

-       libschily/uname.c New function to support Win-DOS with cl.exe

-       libschily/dirent.c New functions: opendir()/closedir()/readdir()
                                to support Win-DOS with cl.exe

-       libschily/kill.c New function to support Win-DOS with cl.exe

-       libschily/stdio/fgetline.c 64 bit speedup by calling fgets() in
        case that getc() is not a macro.

-       libschily/stdio/fgetstr.c 64 bit speedup by calling fgets() in
        case that getc() is not a macro.

-       libschily/chown.c new to support Win-DOS with cl.exe


-       libfind/find.c disables -exec in case there is no fork().
        This is in order to support MINGW


-       libscg::scsi-aix.c was updated with some experimental code to support
        two new SCSI kernel interfaces on AIX.

-       Allow to disable the SCSI low level transport adoption layer
        from libscg by adding -DNO_SCSI_IMPL

-       libscg/scsihack.c now supports the MSC compiler

-       Several small changes to work around oddoties fount in MS include files

-       Trying to better support AIX again.


-       Several changes to support mingw and MSC

Cdda2wav (Maintained/enhanced by Jörg Schilling, originated by Heiko Eißfeldt

-       Several changes to support mingw and MSC


-       Better algorithm for -edc-corr


-       Several changes to support mingw and MSC

Mkisofs (Maintained/enhanced by Jörg Schilling since 1997, originated by Eric 

-       The mkisofs diagnostic tools now support MSC that does not support
        POSIX terminal handling.

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