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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-gdata

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sat Oct  8 14:11:22 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/py-gdata: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.0.14:

=== 2.0.14 ===
7 Mar 2011

 - Bug Fixes:
  * 491. 302 redirect on some gsessionids
  * 501. Remove support for deprecated Maps Data API.
  * 462. Bug in samples/analytics/ (using segments)
  * 482. String exception in
  * 414. http proxy url containing properly formatted user-name and password 
not accepted
 - Turn on SSL for Codesearch, Photos, Project Hosting, Analytics,
    Contacts, Marketplace Licensing, and Docs.
 - Add batch default URL to the Contacts API and clean the sample code. 
 - Added support for Content API for Shopping
 - Added Calendar V2 API support
 - Add Google Marketplace Licensing API to the Gdata Python Client
 - Added patch from Alexandre Vivien that fixes calendar resource email support 
that somehow went missing in a previous release.

=== 2.0.13 ===
16 Nov 2010 (revision 902:73f3fbb5ea88)

 - Bug Fixes:
   * Issue 315: Correctly constructs queries based on categories for Blogger 
   * Issue 323: YouTubeUserQuery constructor passes incorrect overridden 
parameter to base class.
 - Accept proxy username and password in http(s)_proxy environment variables.
 - Adding support for specifying URI to v3 docs client.
 - Adding tests for revisions for arbitrary file types in Documents List API.
 - Google Base, added bucket node to attributes.
 - Adding ContainsSampledData XML Element to Analytics Data Feed and updating 

=== 2.0.12 ===
17 Sep 2010 (revision 892:e949a7cf9a31)

 - Bug Fixes:
   * Issue 437: PATCH request generates incorrect Content-Type
   * Issue 428: get_blog_name() does not correctly handle blog URLs containing 
   * Issue 443: Packages should contain gdata.apps.audit in
   * Issue 430: Lots of memory usage when uploading big video files
   * Issue 423: gdata.contacts.client.ContactsClient.get_profiles_feed() broken
  - Turn on SSL be default for the spreadsheet API
  - Added support for new Analytics feeds
  - All V3 code and development has been out of this project and into
  - Added partial support for the YouTube API in v2

=== 2.0.11 ===
Jul 29, 2010 (revision fa49231cc8)

 - Added the following new APIs:
   * Apps Audit APIs from Jay Lee
   * Apps Organization from Alexandre Vivien
   * Added Email Settings API client library v2.0 from Claudio Cherubino
 - Fixes to file permissions for samples.
 - Fixing a broken calendar resource client from r983, removing a superfluous 
call to MakeResourceFeedUri(), adding regression tests for edit links.
 - Abstracting out AppsProperty so that it's usable by other libs.  Thanks to 
Claudio Cherubino <> for this change.
 - Added optional change_password parameter to AppsService.CreateUser
 - Fixing minor bugs in analytics samples
 - Switch default connection type back to 
non-SSL connections.
 - Switch the repository from subversion to mercurial
 - Added OAuth test cases thanks Samuel Cyprian
 - Many APIs now use SSL, and some require it, so the following APIs now 
default to using HTTPS:
   * Spreadsheets
   * Sites
   * Calendar Resource

=== 2.0.10 ===
May 12, 2010 (revision 980)

 - Add check for liveness of proxy in live tests. Also add in 
to make using easier.
 - Patch from Alexandre Vivien adds the ResourceEmail attribute to 
 - Adding new single page methods to apps.groups.service. Thanks Jeremy Selier!
 - Cleanup in service GetWithRetries. Thanks Will Charles!
 - Adding much more test coverage for calendar_resource.client.
 - Fixing Calendar Resource get_resource to use correct feed URI generator.  
Thanks to Alexandre Vivien for reporting.
 - Adds support for Blogger Pages. Thanks Wiktor Gworek!

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