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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Catalyst-Devel

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   hiramatsu
Date:           Thu Oct  6 12:42:42 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/p5-Catalyst-Devel: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-Catalyst-Devel to 1.34.

Changes from previous:
1.34 2011-09-16 09:02:00
        - Bump required version of Catalyst to 5.9
        - Merge psgi support. will now generate a default
          myapp.psgi file with the default middlewares applied.
        - Fix scripts being generated mode 0700, rather than 0755
        - Fix duplicate 'use Test::More' statement in generated components.
        - Fix Pod for catalyst_ignore function in Module::Install::Catalyst

1.33 2011-03-24 15:10:00
        - Fix a regression introduced in 1.32 that caused Catalyst::Restarter
          to not work at all.

1.32 2011-03-22 09:17:00
        - Fix RT#65907: missing build require: Test::Exception
        - Fix RT#57019: Fix bundling of File::Copy::Recursive in inc/
          by Module::Install::Catalyst

1.31 2011-01-20 01:08:00
        - Fix for copying generated files into installed apps + tests
          to ensure it keeps working. abraxxa++
        - Make Pod tests author only

1.30 2011-01-11 23:54:00
        - Increased Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader dependency to 0.30
        - Include File::Copy::Recursive in inc/ when building a dist of an

1.29 2011-01-11 23:51:00
        - Add documentation for the --proc_title option to the generated
          fastcgi scripts
        - Don't bother with the BEGIN { use_ok dance for created tests
          - the test will fail to compile (and ergo fail) using just use,
          and that's less typing (and less copy-pasting)
        - Split method for creating tests into multiple methods to allow
          subclasses to override the generation of some tests.
        - Allow the author to be defined in the call to ->new to help things
          which want to call Catalyst::Helper programatically.
        - Remove $VERSION = eval $VERSION handwave in generated code as:
          - Gives a perl critic violation.
          - If you're shipping a dev release, best practice is you should do
            it by renaming the tarball, rather than having a _ in the VERSION.
        - Allow . to work for already created applications
          when in the application's directory.
        - Note that plugin order is important in the generated skeleton.
        - Don't pollute M::I plugin detector with GetOptions symbol from
        - Fix typo in share/script/ (RT #58475)

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.17 -r1.18 pkgsrc/www/p5-Catalyst-Devel/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.13 pkgsrc/www/p5-Catalyst-Devel/distinfo

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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